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The Mystery of the Blue Book

Years ago, Betty Andreasson Luca was given a little blue book, which she put on a closet shelf. It later disappeared. Early last October, when I was suffering through a health crisis, I came into contact with a little blue book. In a comment made after publication of my October 5 journal entry, I said that I would publish what I remembered of its contents. Subsequently, though, things got much worse and I did not keep my promise as quickly as I had thought I would.

These are the contents of the book as I remember them:

15,000 years ago prior to planetary cataclysm  injection of concepts: soul survival, deity, afterlife.

10,000 years ago establishment of construction sphinx expressing path to being harmony. Washing in planetary waters to bind.

5,000 years ago, injection of resurrection concept.

3,000 years ago, injection of single deity concept.

2,500 years ago, transmission of single deity concept to grouping prone to dispersal.

2,000 years ago, resolution of resurrection concept.

1,000 years ago, surfacing of soul-coherence methodology.

That was all it said, and I have added the estimated times the events happened. Here is what I think they mean:

Injection of concepts soul survival, deity, afterlife.

Around this time, burials began to appear suggesting that the survivors believed that the departed was going on a journey. At the same time, there was a tremendous planetary upheaval that almost obliterated the human species, and did render it extinct in North America. Gobekli Tepi was buried at this time.

Construction of sphinx.

If the geologists are right, the sphinx was built during the time of Leo, and if Graham Hancock is right, the stars of Leo rose behind it during that era. The sphinx is a fundamental expression of energetic harmony: what has the strength of the bull, the courage of the lion, the wings of the eagle and the intelligence of the man is the transcendent being, which is re-figured in the 21st card of the Tarot, the World, which shows the four beasts of the sphinx surrounding a figure that is both male and female. The active and passive energies have come to energetic balance in this objective being that can look down on the world from the broad view of the eagle, and understand with its human intelligence what the view means, and face the truth with a lion's courage and a bulls determination.

Injection of single deity concept.

This is probably the appearance of Akhenaten with his idea of the worship of the Aten, the solar deity, as the only god. After he died, his religion was suppressed. Moses was probably a priest of Aten, who took the idea of the single god into exile with him in the Sinai, and also the ethical tenets of the Coffin Texts, which became distilled into the Ten Commandments.

Transmission of single deity concept to group prone to dispersal.

Biblical authors then changed the Aten into the fiery cloud of Yahweh, and the concept of the single god was exported from Egypt into Israel, where it gradually supplanted the old nature gods and is now the core concept of western religion and Islam. Israel was a vulnerable place, and the Babylonian Captivity and then, in Roman times, the Diaspora, spread the Jews across the Mediterranean, and their unique concept of a single god with them.

Resolution of the resurrection concept.

Among the earliest of human religious ideas is that the body may die and be resurrected. It is first expressed in the story of Isis and Osiris. Their ego-bound brother Set kills Osiris, whereupon Isis puts his body back together again and he is resurrected. Along with this idea comes the notion that there is a process in the afterlife that involves weighing the soul to determine whether or not it can enter ecstasy or must return to the physical plane. 'Lightness' is determined by weighing its acts of goodness and compassion against those of cruelty and indifference.

The story of Christ is a repeat of the story of Osiris, with Isis becoming his mother Mary instead of his sister. The idea that the body will one day be used again is an extension of the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification, which in the Christian tradition became preservation in a coffin, then later, the addition of embalming, so that the body will be 'held incorruptible' for the eventual resurrection of all.

Surfacing of soul-coherence methodology.

I interpret this to mean the appearance of the Tarot of Marseilles somewhere around the 10th Century AD. The Tarot synthesizes the ancient way of the soul and shows how to manage the energies of life in order to become a sphinx, or transcendent being.

Anyway, that's what I remember.

Thank you Whitley,
I was hoping you would be able to get around to this.

Would love for Whitley to expound upon this.
Is this a real book? Who wrote it? How did he come upon this book? (needs further explaining beyond his previous journal post).

I'm glad this finally came up but i've had too many scotches therefore and going to have to read this important information (when i'm sober thankyou), because I know it's important and relevant! This was an extremly interesting ufo case, (the Andreasson case) that is, and it seems to confer with so many cases nowadays reported.

ok I will now have to look into the tarrot cards,,, did not know there was so much significance! thanks.

Ways to keep the soul containers from destroying themselves perhaps. This has come up before. Reason given in this one: 'transmission of single deity concept to grouping prone to dispersal.'
Wouldn't the Tarot be one, not the one and only?

Awesome, Whitley! I was looking at the timeline you posted. Are we about to receive another Paradigm Shift courtesy of 'The Visitors'? Also, you may want to check out a recent book 'Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls' by Robert Feather. His thesis about the Essenes at Qumran and the cult of Akenaten ties together a lot of stuff about the Israelites in Egypt and the Temple of Solomon.

Sounds like a very sophisticated computer game, and we are the Avatars. If you think of your soul as the 'controller', you can be playing this game on different levels, timelines, and various dimensions all at the same 'time'.

"Let's insert a new element to make it really interesting and challenging...Hey, this time I want to be the hot babe!".

"Well, ok. But only if I get to to be the Emperor of China this time."

"Do I have to be the little Gray Dude again? I think Larry should be the little Gray Dude this time. I want to be human, any human, so I can experience some different things this time around. They have such cool bodies and great senses and sensuality!And they get to smile too. It's only fair."

"Let's see what happens when we are totally ignorant, and a horrific disease is inserted some time around the fall of 'The Roman Empire'. It's getting a little boring, and we can always repeat a similar Empire later, since we get amnesia and repeat the same scenario over and over again anyway."

"Well, I want some payback for that period as a slave. Larry, I think you should be the slave this time, and I'll be the master."

" I am not coming back as a woman this time. Larry, you be the woman, and I'll be her father who trades her for some oxen and a sturdy cart."

"I think we should all stop picking on Larry."

Speaking of tarot cards, it seems to me that the answer to the long term question of the 'what and who' that this 'blue book' leans on, is best understood through the 7th key called 'the chariot'.
I think maybe the driver is the Light that symbolically comes from the East, and the chariot itself, which is the body incarnate in this life, might well be called Larry.
Our truth lies between "I, and the Father, are One." and "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."
...and after writing this, I look back and give it a maybe.
a Larry
P.S. If your name happens to actually be Larry, do not despair. Just like the rest of us, only your chariot is named Larry. The chariot (or the Larry) is actually being driven by the Light that arises in the East. I know, I know, it's hard to let go of the wheel.
I'm still trying myself.
...but dammit, I'm not going to give up!

a Larry---You got it!

If you have ever read The Bhagavad Gita, the metaphor of the chariot is important.

For those of you scratching your heads over my posting above, there are times when I just channel whatever comes to mind and let it fly. As Whitley mentions often, "Have joy". In the moments as I posted, I was having joy. Maybe it is because at least part of the truth is making its way into our consciousness despite all of the secrecy in this world.

"That was all it said, and I have added the estimated times the events happened." Were the estimated times not originally in the book then? (makes it seem like humanity's diary, :) )

Again, wow.

... this really adds more encouragement for weight loss, I'm thinking. Darn that I missed chat, as I am sure this entry would have been covered! I'm haunting the chat board Friday evening to get the lowdown.

Cosmic Librarian, I think we're on the same page. I was having a 'Joy' moment as well. I'm working on making them more permanent. Your great posts are uplifting in that direction.
I personally love the quote from 'the Key': An elemental body is a mechanism filled with millions of nerve endings that directs the attention of God into the physical."
When we experience JOY, we live that statement.
...and I swear to you all, the entities that fight over this earth/us will not have it! They will have to see us free or go home!

Yes, I'm with Cosmic on this too. Choices made for us or by us can all seem to quietly interconnect on levels usually so hidden that one only stumbles on them by accident or by having trodden similar paths before, over and over.

I've been quite down lately, and have come to accept that I'm at some of my headiest and most joyously intoxicating moments when melancholic. The perspective that endless scenario interaction can allow, seems to cast a poignant effervescence on all these highs and lows and hopefully makes it all worthwhile, poetically.

Von Hausenberg …..I believe any EXTREME in our emotions whether it be JOY or DEPRESSION, alters our state of consciousness (temporarily). I also think it can for that short period of time change/bring new insights. ANYWAY, this is what I believe.

Certain events, people,and situations may be hard-wired into our lives via programming. However, the key is how we respond and react. Do we allow sadness, anger, what-have-you to suck us back into our programming, or do we examine ourselves, take the high road, and, eventually, become self-actualized, fully conscious beings? However we react and respond ripples out to those around us, and also up and down our perceived' timeline' and even into other dimensions. Do you want to heal that person sacrificed to the lions in the Coliseum hundreds of years ago? Heal that personality that is yourself in the here and 'now'. This goes both ways, in all directions, and between all worlds and dimensions. Now wrap your mind around that.

We do not have to stay on the wheel forever.

I'm going to assume here that the contents of the blue book were inspired by or somehow received from the visitors. If that's reasonable, then I have to ask myself: Do the contents sound truthful? Excepting the supernaturally-sounding "injection," the timeline seems roughly OK and consistent with history. But now factor in the word "injection." Clearly this sounds like someone, visitors perhaps, were intentionally shaping this aspect of human history & consciousness.

One of my questions is, "What about this blue book is true in an objective sense?" Of that, we will probably know little. I do know that my own visitor experiences over the years have been many, many moments of frustrating lies and disinformation. Most of that was still very important to experience, but the constant untruths were annoying to put it generously.

Perhaps the question to Whitley I'd like to ask is: If you don't believe the contents of this blue book, or if you are very uncertain of it, if it was given by the visitors or if its source was supernatural, do you still consider it to be important? If so, why?

I can answer this , no I,m not Whitley--- yes it is a matrix! , no nobody has the answers but gladly, hey take a deep breath we all got a part.

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