Whitley's Journal

The Mudfish of Destiny

Beginning in March of 2011, people began posting videos on YouTube of odd sounds that seemed to have no source. I first became aware of them about a month ago, when Anne and I briefly heard one filling the air, a great roaring that died away as suddenly as it had begun. It was just enough to cause us to take notice, but we thought no more of it. A few days later, there was a reporter here interviewing me about Solving the Communion Enigma. The moment he came into the apartment, he asked what the strange noise was. He described it as a sound like a glass harp. We couldn't hear it at all. He adjusted his equipment, determined that it wasn't being picked up by his recorder, and completed the interview. Later, he wrote me that "the moment you closed the door behind me, the sound ceased."

About that time, Linda Moulton Howe brought other instances of strange sounds to my attention, and began researching them. We have quite a good group of professionals to draw on, and they soon determined that, while some of the sounds were indeed unidentified, most of them were simply copies made by hoaxers. The unidentified sounds appeared to be mechanical in origin, but they came from so many different places in the world that it was hard to think that they would all have the same origin.

Because some of the recordings had a weird trumpet-like sound, they soon began to be called 'sounds of the apocalypse,' and I sensed a wave of real hysteria emerging. I well remember the horror of what happened as the Hale-Bopp Comet passed Earth, and the cynical attempt last year to induce the same sort of hysteria with Comet Elenin. Linda and I did a Dreamland that attempted to separate truth from fiction, and the truth was this: some of the sounds were of unknown origin, but most of the videos being posted were simply dubs of those sounds, or clumsy fakes.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the strange sounds fad faded away. While a few videos are still cropping up, we have stopped getting emails about the at whitley@strieber.com. The hoaxes have done, in this case, an excellent job of quieting what looked for a short time there like a real panic. Not that the average person would have been affected, but some people are not average. Some people are fragile and foolish and easily duped. These are the ones who are liable to do things like jump off buildings in anticipation of the Apocalypse.

Personally, I don't see the end of the world as being any more likely in 2012 than it was in 2011, or, for that matter, in 1011. It's always possible that another gigantic comet could strike earth, or some other great disaster befall our planet. But it probably won't happen tomorrow, and there isn't any clear evidence that it will happen in 2012.

However, that doesn't mean that great and sudden change couldn't take place, nor does it mean that the sounds are without significance. They might be explainable as the engine-note of some sort of classified aircraft; despite their seemingly mechanical origin, they might be natural sounds; they might represent an escalation of the UFO phenomenon.

If they do, then it's worth asking what might happen if our visitors suddenly appear openly in our midst. For reasons that I detail in Solving the Communion Enigma, I consider this extremely unlikely, but not impossible. So, what if it did happen, what would it be like?

First, forget the fantasy that it would involve some sort of diplomatic mission from another planet. Our visitors are not like us. They will not be sending an ambassador or discussing hyperspace drives with Stephen Hawking. They are more different from us, almost, than it is possible to imagine.

My chief concern is that we may not just be behind them in terms of our knowledge and spiritual evolution, but that we may be organically incapable of seeing the world clearly enough to engage with them in any meaningful way. By comparison, while a chimpanzee can become used to human presence, as Jane Goodall has demonstrated, absolutely nothing you can say or do can ever explain even the simplest human artifact to one of these creatures. They will never read books, understand automobiles, know history, know science. They will never understand the greater world that they inhabit, nor the ways in which it threatens them, nor the ways in which they are dependent on it.

Let me assure you: we are in exactly the same position with our visitors. And they do not all have our best interests at heart, no more than everybody in Africa has the best interests of chimpanzees at heart. It should not be forgotten that there are butcher shops in London and Paris where bush meat is sold, albeit illegally, as a delicacy. I can assure you, as well, that there are things that are done with some of us that are as deletarious and incomprehensible to us as the notion that he might end up cooked over a gas ring in Montparnasse or Wapping would be to a chimp.

Those are hard words, I know, but also true ones, and true as well is that there are Jane Goodalls out there, and they have a notion that we will be able to evolve into higher realms, or they would not be here seeking communion with us. The extraordinary intimacy of our relationship with them simply would not be as it is if they did not know for certain that, on some level, we have the potential to be their equals.

They are already here. They are already among us. The world is filled with them and has been for generations. We filter our reality, though, just as the chimps do. A chimp can see a house or a car or a glorious painting and, quite simply, never integrate it into his reality. He simply does not see what is really there. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, though, only that he cannot apprehend its existence.

So maybe these sounds represent some sort of experiment of theirs, or even the arrival or deployment of some new sort of technology. Whatever their origin, if the visitors had anything to do with it, you can be sure that a major part of their purpose was sociological. They wanted to see how we would react. Would we address the matter with fear and the potential for violence that attends it, or would we show some increased capability to deal with the unknown?

The videos frightened people, with the result that the comments sections on YouTube were exceptionally vituperative. The average man was startled and afraid, and he was howling like a monkey lost in a shopping mall. But not everybody reacted badly. Linda Moulton Howe undertook an efficient and reasoned investigation. Careful analysis was done, and a reality was discovered and accepted: there was an element of the unknown involved, drowned in a flood of hoaxes. So, along with the hysteria and the banal stupidity, there was also rational analysis.

Did that mean anything to them? Will it bring any change? Will anything bring change? Well, I certainly hope that something will. I know pretty clearly at this point what will happen to us if the visitors do put in an unimpeachable public appearance. We will at once become aware of the fact that both the secular and religious enterprises of mankind are fallacious. We will become aware that we have failed to understand the world, and that all of our narratives are invalid. As we realize that all of our gods and all of our ideologies are nonsense, the human mind will take a terrific blow. An extraordinary shock.

This shock will rend the veil between the worlds as certainly as the veil was rent in the temple. From a religious standpoint, a prophecy will be fulfilled: "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." And that is exactly how it will unfold: one moment, we will be one species with one way of looking at the world; in the next, we will be another species with an entirely different perception. The living and the dead will come face to face and the idea of death will itself die. A devastation of conscience will plunge the living into a fire of insight that for many will be agonizing. But we will come through it, we will survive, and on the other side, we will be made anew.

That is the change the visitors will bring, and that is why they are so careful in their stealthy in their approach to us. They need the energy of surprise if this is to work correctly, and the stakes are high. If we attempt instead to view them through the lens of reality as we see it now, there will be only one outcome: the human mind will be plunged into chaos and madness, and great fear will induce great violence.

The reason that the visitors continued to work with me back in 1986 was that I went out into the woods in order to face my own fears, and therefore stepped beyond the cycle of violence that makes wild creatures dangerous. I was like a dog of thirty thousand years ago, willing, in the end, to be drawn by my curiosity and my hunger for a new kind of love, rather than rendered impotent by my fear. I ceased to be a wild animal in their eyes, and became something that could be communicated with, that could be worked with, that could present them with a soul in its full meaning. So they took an interest in me, and educated me, and I have become what I am today: an outsider with an insider's knowledge and a voice therefore that can be heard by only a few, but a very important few, for it is on their shoulders that the future of our species rests.

We are like mudfish, this little band, tossed up onto a Permian shore, gasping and struggling in the last of the muck that has always given us life, while the sun burns our backs and our eyes return a blurry vision of a vast and incomprehensible new world, and we struggle alone toward a destiny that will, in the end, be the destiny of all our kind.

"we may be organically incapable of seeing the world clearly enough to engage with them in any meaningful way."

Ay, there's the rub. They are orders of magnitude intellectually superior to us. We are biologically incapable of receiving, synthesizing and correlating the incalculable amount of stimuli needed to understand them, let alone see the world as they do. Admittedly, it is only just matters of magnitude and not quality; correlation is correlation just the same, which leads to my next line of reasoning.

So what's the deal here? What's really interesting about us? Does our species possess a special kind of "emotional genius"? Is it a something that is differentiated more by quality than quantity? Are we the lucky few to fully develop emotionally and spiritually long before we'd mastered intellect. Maybe there's a special kind of magic in this? If we had rapidly progressed intellectually wouldn't it be more likely that emotion become vestigial and completely lost to ancestral memory? My god, if this is the case you could understand their utter fascination with even our most base of emotions (i.e. fear and sex). Such things would be true miracles to them.

Perhaps we've something they've never owned despite their incomprehensible superiority: the simple visceral warmth of love. If true I weep for them.

If we will be shorn of our illusions, Whitley, what is it that will enable the few who can carry on in the face of the ontological universe-quake? If it is love, as you suggest, what is the nature of this love? For truth? Will that fuel us? In your earlier book about the Tarot, I believe you indicated that there was a transpersonal element in its archetypes. How much, if any, of the transpersonal data (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.) will survive the shift? Is that all monkey-mind delusion as well?

I am not disagreeing, but accepting your premise leaves some loose ends in the human experience. Even the chimps have a subset of reality they can occupy and manipulate and perceive. What are we to make of our perceptions that the universe does have inherent meaning and will, and means well by us? The fellow that beamed the image of the coffin to you would probably disagree, but is there some consensus about this, or was he just an aberration?

I have had experiences that belong to the class of your encounter with the Blond where your soul was so attracted that it rushed out of your body to her. In my case, what I was seeing was so profound that I suddenly became aware that every living cell in my body had "awakened" from its humble metabolic life and "turned" to gaze at the same phenomenon. As Nietzsche says in Zarathustra, "The mind says 'I', but the body performs 'I'". If there are such experiences out there that perhaps masquerade as perceptions of God, how will we learn the difference?

Sorry to pepper you with questions, but if opening these ideas is itself a bad idea, or beyond the scope of what we can talk about meaningfully - is there any prep we can possibly do, besides meditation? Not that I want to discount the value of that practice.

Bryce: You've hit the nail on the head. From my time dealing with the Grey, I've come to realize that they've missed something in their experience that they no longer have access to, but we do. As you put it, they went ahead with one aspect of their evolution, but forgot to resolve their relationship with the physical, and are now stuck in a sort of limbo regarding that. Their fate is very much entwined with ours in that regard, so if we fail, they're screwed too. I could be completely wrong, but that's what I've come to understand.
Msml: You have to bear in mind that Whitley isn't talking about an abject dropping of ALL illusion, but rather the dissolving of certain key delusions that keep us from being aware of our inherent connectiveness. We will still be physical beings, living very physical lives, but we will have the added awareness of our underlying selves, even if it's only a rudimentary awareness. In the grand scheme of things, it's won't really be much of a leap, but to those that would go through such a process, they'd certainly think they'd have become a new species, this new-found awareness of themselves would seem that dramatic.
We will still be chimpanzees. But we will realize that we were chimp-gods all along, here to experience the joy of eating a banana in a tree.

I'm not so sure that the issue is organic intelligence, although I do feel a concern that this could be part of it, always, and if it is, then we're just going to have to live with that. But if we are inherently less intelligent, then why even bother with us they way they have? We might train a parrot or a dog, sure, but what is happening here is much more profound than that. We are being challenged in ways that suggest that they know--and some of them, perhaps, fear--that we have the ability to respond. I think that the issue is really that we live exclusively inside the time stream, and that they do not. They look down on the flow of time. We swim in it. Once we emerge from it, we're going to turn out, I suspect, to have a more than adequate level of intelligence to cope with what is going to be a very much deeper, more subtle and more complex life. And radically different from this, in that we will know what is referred to in Ecclesiastes as the 'long home' of the soul, that shadow of its journey that follows it as does the wind's shadow. To rise out of time is to come to know one's wholeness, the cycles of years and all the lives we have lived, and more than that, conditions of being that are beyond linguistic description. And we can know all of this. We can know the truth in all of its immeasurable, complex detail, and its simplicity.

Several years ago, during one of Whitley's meditations, I became aware of three little Greys in my consciousness...Although their presence took me by surprise, I also sensed that they cringed as soon as they were aware that I was aware of them. I had taken them by surprise! While they weren't exactly cuddly, I felt weird because of their reaction to me that almost bordered on fear. I did not understand it, but found myself wanting to keep them from being fearful, in much the same way as I would comfort a child in distress. I reached out and touched them, and told them they had nothing to fear. I felt love for them. They finally quit backing away, began to relax, but still acted surprised that I did not harm them. I have had no conscious experience of these beings since that time.

Was it real? Was it a product of my imagination? I do not know, but at the moment the connection felt authentic to to me. I feel we should get past what they may offer for us, and recognize that we may have much to offer them. Maybe the best we can offer them is acceptance and love, no more or less than we should offer to anyone or anything else in this reality.

Several years ago, Whitley interviewed Peter Novak, author of "The Lost Secret of Death", which addressed the binary-soul doctrine. This book had a huge impact on me, and helped me to understand so many things as relates to our souls, and the seemingly never-ending splits of the soul that began eons ago. These splits can cross timelines and even into other dimensions resulting in dysfunction in our physical 'lives'. In some aspects, our souls are seeking those other parts of ourselves so that we may consolidate, heal, and become one again. Of course, this also means the ultimate annihilation of the ego. Yep, scary stuff, no doubt. At times I am aware of these other parts of myself, and I feel certain that some of them are also aware of me. The good news is the ripple effect. If we can pull it together in this reality, achieve some balance, and learn to love and forgive ourselves and also overcome our fears, it will cross over all those other timelines and dimensions and bring those other parts of ourselves closer to healing, and home, as well.

Thanks, Whitley, for that moving description of experience outside the time stream. I am reminded of Kathleen Raine's gorgeous poem:


A hundred years I slept beneath a thorn,
Until the tree was root and branches of my thought,
Until white petals blossomed in my crown.

A thousand years I floated in a lake
Until my brimful eye could hold
The scattered moonlight and the burning cloud.

Mine is the gaze that knows
Eyebright, asphodel, the briar rose.
I have seen the rainbow open, the sun close.

A wind that blows about the land
I have raised temples of snow, castles of sand
And left them empty as a dead hand.

A winged ephemerid I am born
With myriad eyes and glittering wings
That flames must wither or waters drown.

I must live, I must die,
I am the memory of all desire,
I am the world’s ashes, and the kindling fire.

Kathleen Raine

Strada facendo vedrai che non sei più da solo. :) Perché domani sia migliore...


i think this is the most beautiful journal entry I have ever read, Whitley. thank you.

This came in as an email to Whitley@Strieber.com. With the author's permission, I am quoting it here. Provocative and original ideas: "I think that the issue is really that we live exclusively inside the time stream, and that they do not. They look down on the flow of time. We swim in it. Once we emerge from it, we're going to turn out, I suspect, to have a more than adequate level of intelligence to cope with what is going to be a very much deeper, more subtle and more complex life. And radically different from this. I think you've hit upon a very significant key here, I am deeply interested in the nature of time and you describe our current situation perfectly. "The way we view time is an artifact of our technical limitations, and not the base reality as it seems to us "in it" They do indeed look "down on" our time stream, much in the same way we look down from a helicopter at a whale in the ocean, without that chopper we would be down there in in too. But i wonder about a society "outside" of linear time, could organic consciousness form in that place, or do they need linear time hatcheries to breed new members. Consciousness comes from biological existence, which requires linear time environments. Much as a frog as needs must return to the pond in order to generate the next generation of its species. Even post biological consciousness, needs a place to spawn the next generation, without such input its society its collective would stagnate. The earth as a linear time consciousness hatchery, would indeed be a "secret" school........... A place where the basic assembly of "vanilla" consciousness could be created. As always your thoughts on this most important of subjects, delights and inspires me."

Maybe we are unique in that part of us lives in the time-stream (the spirit or personality), whereas our higher self (soul) lives outside of the time-stream. This would explain why many encounters with these other beings also include the dead (Who are living outside the time-stream). If you think in terms of the binary soul doctrine, they may even be another aspect of our soul.

This link expresses it in a way similar to what I mean:


Some part of us has the ability to access these realms the Visitors move back and forth between at will. Humans can usually only move between thees different places when triggered by an NDE or with the use of some substance like DMT, or with some other practice involving some physical deprivation or extremes, some trance like state. Then there are times when people just pop into these existences caught unawares and usually shocked.

The difference may just be that for us it is an anomaly but for them as simple as it is for us to get into a car and driving to the store. They can do it by choice and be in control as much as we might be on that trip to the store. There is a vital difference though, Those who have taken some plant containing DMT for example "return " to this linear time and describe being one with the entire universe, losing all awareness of separation, being in that place for what seemed like 1,000 years thought it was but a few minutes in our linear time. They describe, as do many NDE experiencers, a place humans cannnot travel ffeely to and from even though it is possible to do so under extreme or unusual conditions.

My question is if, for the the Grays , are the tables reversed? Does most of their existence takes place in these other realms? If it is in these other places, then leaving them might be as agonizing for the short time they are here as it is to those who might come back from an NDE and long to return again to that place of pure light and pure love, a place words or the human brain cannot really describe with words? If it is that difficult for them to be with us here in this separation, then their reason for enduring the agony here might be a mission of great importance, a matter we might not even be able to fathom is we tried. Either that or it is a novelty to experience things here, removed from oneness. Fear anger and even disgust may not be able to be experienced in the place where they reside most of the time. Are our emotions, like Matt pointed to, a kind of novelty - like a big amusement park? Ride the roller coaster and experience a controlled fear and exhilaration at the same time...are we like a fun house with distorted mirrors or the arcade games of chance? What common ground do we share with them...what do we want for each other?

Whitley, mention has been made above of Peter Novak, author of "The Lost Secret of Death", which addressed the binary-soul doctrine. Have you read Peter Novak's book prior to this release? I also wonder if William Henry has seen and read "Original Christianity: A New Key to Understanding the Gospel of Thomas and Other Lost Scriptures" by Peter Novak (Sep 29, 2005)

I hope Whitley can continue to be a voice of reason for me personally and all of us unknowncountry fans....the History Channel is full of 2012 Apocolypse showing everything from the Mayan Calender to WEB BOT saying no history after December 21....I know we have done a job on our planet that already seems to be too late to reverse, as some call it fouling up our own nests.....very stupid....I feel helpless, certainly NOT suicidal is any way shape or form but feeling like mortality is looming overhead and we should be able to try to do something about it but at the same time realize like Whitley says that nothing is inevitable or about to happen....The closer we get to Decemeber I know I will be worrying more.
Further I have health concerns also due to my own stupidity, inactivity, diabetes obesity etc....so part of me feels that even if the end of the world is not looming it may be for me and I try to figure out how to help myself better but I have also been out of full time work for almost three years now....economy so bad no one even wants to interview me....I feel too old...too sick and totally not valuable for the first time in my life....never been out of work until my mid fifties....but everything considering feeling helpless right now....I have too much time on my hands to worry and fret....losing my father last year etc.....
Thank you for your continued inspiration and help Whitley and Anne....Recently read The Grays probably one of the best novels I have ever read....Reading Solving the Communion Enigma right now as well and The Key....
We live in Washington State, Tacoma, South of Seattle....will the West Coast Sink into the Ocean? I hope not....but if EARTH CHANGES are coming where do we run? Where CAN we run..NOwhere....?

Sometimes I get sucked away from Unknown Country and then when I finally get back over here, I am overwhelmed with your and Anne's insights and immeasurably deep wisdom. This page is one such moment, I was almost too sleepy to read but BAM, not any more! I will be re-reading this thread tomorrow and perhaps an alarm set-up in my crackberry to remind me how much I love visiting you Whitley and Anne! All that you are sharing sounds like it is coming from inside of me, it is not strange and I am so grateful to know my mudfish tribe is here. Hugs, HS

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