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The Most Important UFO Event Ever

In March of 1997, the Phoenix Lights burst onto the public stage, stunning the city, the country and eventually the world. What was not then known was that a noted local physician, Dr. Lynne Kitei, had been interacting with them for months.

In fact, Dr. Lynne's interest and her deeply positive personal orientation--her spirit of giving and compassion--were responsible for the huge response of what had come there. Had there been no Dr. Lynne, there would have been no Phoenix Lights.

They are the exact form that we need for our own future. The energy they offer will enable us to become more capable of coping with the negative--negative unknown presences as well as human one. We can gain not only positive energy from their presence, if we are lucky enough to see them and open our minds to them, we can gain an ability to function intellectually in higher dimensions.

What is on offer from them is nothing less than the ability to save our world from the negative forces that threaten to literally draw us all, our whole planet, into a state that will be indistinguishable from hell. As our environment deteriorates, our energy situation grows more and more desperate, and religious extremists threaten to overwhelm us with their madness, we stand at a crossroads. And more, on the literal edge of a razor.

Which way are we going to go? Toward spiritual health, emotional freedom and new mental power, or toward the darkness and death offered by the negative forces that had driven their claws so deep into the human soul?

What is needed is not magic. It is not even hard. The positive forces are offering themselves here and now. WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE, and we do that in the simplest possible way: BY SHOWING INTEREST IN THEM.

This is probably the most important Dreamland I have ever done, because this program is about the future of contact, what will happen, and how to begin an orderly process of communication. Whatever is out there has made it clear that developing this depends on our interest. This evolved in Dr. Lynne's life because she showed interest. Now, by reading her book, listening to her words and thinking about this in whatever way we choose, we can draw them back on a larger scale. We can engage in coherent, efficient communication.

It doesn't matter HOW we think about them. We can pray for them to come to us, we can pray that they go away and die, we can open ourselves to them, close ourselves to them, express our hopes and fears however we choose--all that matters is the interest.

But what's on offer? Why should we do this? We already know what's on offer from the dark forces. It's called human history up to now. But the ages long efforts of the good have been noticed, have been respected, and have been found to be of potential value to the process of weaving the tapestry of ecstasy that is the real goal of intelligent life in the physical universe. (And by physical, I do not exclude what we call souls. The Master of the Key eloquently explained how what we now think of as a supernatural enigma is actually part of physical reality, and I won't go into it here. If you don't know about radiant bodies, read the Key.)

Mankind has a very real, very immediate chance to ascend to a higher level, and the life of this Phoenix physican, and another healer, Julie Ryder, who I will discuss in a moment, shows us just how to do it.

Dr. Lynne had devoted her life to work with needful children. She had--and has--a thriving medical practice in this area. Her work is, itself, part of the communication from the other level. It sees us as needful children and offers itself to us just as Dr. Lynne offers herself to our children.

When you listen to her, you will hear how deeply and profoundly positive her soul is. You will hear me challenge this from time to time--and each time, you will hear her turn the conversation back to the positive.

I did this to illustrate how to think in such a way that you will get maximum value from this potential contact. You can bring your fear to it if you wish. No matter if you are some pilot flying in a jet to "assert our rights over our airspace" or a fearful person on the ground, you will still get a little enrichment.

But we, as a species, urgently need those who can gain a LOT of enrichment to have the opportunity to get it. This is why I have encluded, for our subscribers, the testament of Julie Ryder, who has come into contact with this same presence in a completely different way. In her life, it has coalesced as what people call "orbs." They are not specks of dust floating in front of her camera. In fact, they are complex, richly alive representations of another form of being, penetrating into our level of reality in order to bring us energy from the web of ecstasy that surrounds us, and enable us to reach higher--high enough, in fact, to gain the new energies, the new powers, and the new levels of compassion that we need to save our species from the age of agony that threatens it now.

Of course, the dark forces cannot be forgotten. I have tread the cliff's edge of relationship with them for years. I have gained energy from them and offered warnings about them since I wrote Communion. In fact, learning and communicating how to dance with them has been the primary thrust and meaning of my life for the past eighteen years.

In my book the Path, I explain a very ancient method, essentially, of dancing between the energies in order to gain from both the dark and the light. But we are a species out of balance in a dying world: we have embraced the dark.

Now a rescue force from the beyond offers us the chance to connect with the light. And in the fulness of time, this is all as it should be. Look at the great books of knowledge: they all foretell rescue from a darkness, they bring good news, they promise resurrection.

I have seen the terrible drift of my species toward the prison of permanent darkness. I have sat down with masters of that darkness and tasted their jealous hunger for our souls. I have warned, in this journal, about consorting with them in innocence. They appear to offer knowledge: the wonders of the universe revealed, the secrets of heaven presented on a platter.

Actually, the dark forces do offer knowledge, but without really understanding what they offer. A warrior soul, armed with compassion and humbly accepting of grace from man and God, can go among them and not be burned in their fire. But most go there out of greed and are consumed.

That is not true of the presence that Dr. Lynne and Julie Ryder are in contact with. You can revel in it, open to it, let it fly into the darkest cells of your being and it will enrich you beyond anything you can imagine. Listen to Julie's story of what has happened to her and her friends as their interest in this healing, hyperdimensional presence has allowed it to spark their souls with the gift of healing. Listen to Dr. Lynne's story of how her innocent interest in something strange led to a stunning relationship with a living mystery, and how this mystery exploded out into the skies of her city, offering itself naked to millions.

BUT TAKE THE NEXT STEP. Something magnificent is on offer here and now. We can respond. And if you want a meaning, a structure, then listen to my new meditation. It provides an efficient and time-tested means of opening your mind to this energy wherever you are, whether, at that moment, it is visible to you or not.

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