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Meditation and the Dark Side

Over the next couple of years, two things will happen: first, the planetary environment is going to tank; second, a few of us are going to find our way toward the future by using an ancient tool in a very new way.

This tool is meditation, and the new use of it involves simultaneous meditation in groups. These groups do not need to be in the same room. Participants can be physically anywhere. At first, it is most useful for them to meditate together at the same time. Later, this will not matter, as we learn how to engage in meditation outside of time.

Even before beginning, though, it is essential to address the question: when I encounter another presence or presences during meditation, is something real happening or is it my imagination? This is a question of a very different kind from normal questions. The question itself is an essential part of the energy of this experience. It cannot be answered in an objective manner. We have to let it remain within us, and come to peace with it. I have been working with this question for many years, and it has become an inexhaustible source of energy for me. It is not there to be answered, but to be accepted, and living with it in this way is powerfully freeing and transformative.

It is of key importance to leave the question unanswered, because as long as we do, spiritual search can continue. The minute we decide we have the answer, search becomes its dark twin, belief. Better to respect the triad: search is the active state, belief the passive state. Spiritual intelligence enables us to keep the two in energetic balance.

Now, as our meditation group has started up, the most frequent questions I have gotten are two: what about the dark side, and what about the ugly stuff inside me that I don't want to share, or fear that I might hurt others by sharing?

First, the dark side. Let's talk about densities. Think of meditation as having a very light density. Let's imagine that it has the density of air. Evil, obviously, is much heavier. Let's say it has the density of stone. A stone can pass through air, but do nothing to it, and this is why, when you are
meditating, dire imagery or dark feelings may appear. But they have no vitality. When something like that appears, just return to your body. Take your attention away from the thought and replace it on sensation. The stone will fall to the ground. There is no point in lighting candles, doing prayers, incantations, whatever. All these things do is serve our fears, thus adding weight when what we want is to be free.

The dark side is not necessarily evil. Darkness contains secrets, including secret knowledge, and objective work with it is an enormous part of meditation.

The next question is, what about the dark stuff or the private stuff inside me, that I don't want to share?

We all have this, and group meditation can make one feel startlingly naked. However, even if you do not feel it, the only parts of yourself that you are sharing are the best parts. The reason is simple: as you raise the vibration of your consciousness, the heavier material simply stays behind. In fact, you cannot share it. It's unshareable. Group meditation is not, and never can be, group therapy. We can help and support others in this state, but not see into their densities. The level of being that touches others, and can be touched by them, does not contain any of our negative energy. It cannot.

So, how to engage in meditation in such a way that our vibration rises to a level that we will become able to participate in group work of this kind?

Sit in a quiet place at the appointed time. No music, incense, special postures or anything. Sit in a chair or on the floor in a position in which you are comfortable and your spine is straight. Don't lie down or use an easy chair. Shift your attention away from your thoughts and onto your physical sensation. Be aware of how your body feels, but don't think about it. Then imagine that you are smiling. Don't plaster a grin on your face. Just imagine your smile.

This will take you easily and simply to one of the levels in which group meditation is possible.

For the first time, we are beginning to join the great chorus of being that fills not only this universe, but many others as well. It is vast beyond imagining, and directed entirely toward ecstasy. You will find yourself accelerating into the joy that pervades the world, and coming very quickly to see it as your true home.

Later, from this place, we will carry out many actions on behalf of our world, in support of the human future and the welfare of our planet. But that is to come in due time. Right now, we have a task: find our own joy, and connect it to the joy of others and the greater joy that fills the heavens.

Our meditation group is free to join. If you wish to get email about it, you can give us your email address. Or you can just visit the meditation group page on Unknowncountry in order to find the latest material about the community and read the comments of participants.

If you wish a deeper relationship, you can subscribe to the site and post comments of your own and participate in live chats about meditation techniques and experiences.

Our world is at the beginning of a time of great change. There will be a lot of upheaval and suffering. But there will also be an end to suffering, and beyond this time of difficulty, a new life.

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I have known for many years that the time we are entering now would come, and have prepared carefully for it. In another journal, I will discuss the state of constant prayer, which is very little known or understood, but which is both tremendously powerful and essential for the future.

Whitley, once during a very deep meditation, I had an encounter from a being who was from a higher vibrational level (and who I am quite sure was not a creature of my own imagination). I asked him if he had any wisdom to impart to me, and this was his terse reply:

"There is much humor in the Universe. Be aware of how comical you are!"

I have trouble quieting my mind (I have ADD) for meditation or prayers, so to facilitate communication with the spiritual entities which seem to be the Visitors, I try to fully engage my mind. I do this by concentrating on composing a "prayer," which is simply a message or communication I'd like to convey. I write it down and tweak it to my satisfaction. Then, with utter sincerity and heart, I speak it out loud, almost exactly as if a Visitor was with me.

Does it work? Yes, and I believe it works because I've chosen the optimal way of praying or communicating for myself and my needs. In fact, after sending out a recent message requesting a "visit" from Grays, I had a benign physical encounter three days later. I should add that one of my specific requests was that I not be frightened by any contact--and I fully believe they listened.

My point is simply: Meditation is a wonderful tool for many, but if you have trouble doing it, there are other options available that bring interesting results.

I was wondering when this would begin for us. Thank you Whitley for the heads up.
I realize how critically important it is to do this. I will diligently follow through.

@Eddie - You're definitely not alone :) I get that ALL the time. If I ask for an answer to tough issues it eventually comes with a "lighten up" first. Personally I find it very empowering. Gloom and doom cannot be solved with more gloom and doom.

To me this was very counter-intuitive at first. Dealing with something problematic required a serious (read that as "grim) attitude on my part. However, I found that approach amplifies the problem and drives away any people or circumstances that might foster a solution. A sense of humor works wonders on the other hand.

Let us all commit to this endeavor. I know that many here have a calling for some great action during our lifetimes, perhaps now is the time to choose action through no action.

There are people who cannot move their attention away from their thoughts and into physical sensation. If this is the case with you, just sit quietly and attempt to observe your thoughts without going down the paths that they present to you. See if you can let them be at peace with themselves. It's a perfectly good meditative practice, also.

One mental game I used to play as a kid was to, at random, stop and trace my current thought-train back to where that train of thought originated. It wasn't until later in life that it occurred to me that the excercise made me aware of my thought process and how my mind worked, of which can be very useful in developing one's meditative skills.

I`ve been meditating on and off since i was 15 years old.The greatest thing it did for me was to be a tool for self hypnosis which was utilised to correct certain negative things about myself and find substance within when i felt the whole World was against me.
I always lived in an inner city working class crime ridden area of Manchester with high unemployment and little prospects of getting up the ladder or out of the trap you are in.I used meditation to find an escape route.When all seems lost......go within yourself and you'll find the answers.

I was hoping to join but next meditation on the 25th would be 1:00 in the morning eastern time correct?

Lilaclily, I have the same problem as an East Coast resident with early working hours. I would love to take part, and I hope we will begin shuffling up our meeting times before too long.

i'm not looking to meditate, i think i am meditation , and i'll explain- Jesus is our king, but people get bored with all that (I know I do). Jesus would have wanted all the complexities and grey areas to come in and play (That's why he came and revealed himself). HE knew everything that was and is going on. Now, with the triad there is no question, because even in the most fundamental christian sense one cannot stop asking and seeking further, once one stop seeking there is belief (and thats fine), however we must proceed, the beat goes on! We will all be in paradise, but for heartache sense, obey him to avoid all the delay.

I am really looking forward to this experience. Thank you Whitley, for putting this together for us all and the world.

Regarding the appointed time, set a secondary alarm for seven minutes prior to the 1:00am start. This gives you enough time to use the bathroom, and commence the body sensation. When 1:00am hits, you will be well on your way to filling the body with your awareness. As the mediation only lasts fifteen minutes and typically relaxes the brain, you will be back in your bed fast asleep by 1:30am. I have done it with no ill effects the following day as I also reside in the Eastern Time Zone.

Many of your journals inspire much thought and consideration Whitley, but this one inspired a blog post of its own. Thanks so much for doing what you do. Here is the post: http://setkenblog.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/real.html

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