Whitley's Journal

Margot Adler's Passing

As Anne has written in her diary, our friend of 30 years, Margot Adler, has died. She was one of the most alive, delightful and delighted human beings I have ever met. Margot could be serious and go deep, but she could also explode with joy and dancing and wonderful wildness. She was the author of a major work on paganism, Drawing Down the Moon, and also a reporter for NPR for many years. For a time before National Public Radio existed, she was on WBAI radio with a late-late show called Hour of the Wolf. I was on it with her a number of times. I suppose because I'm too much of a pariah for NPR, her occasional efforts to use me on air for the most part failed.

Back in 1984, I was writing a book called Catmagic, and needed direct contact with people in the Wiccan movement. As I am a secular person, I'm indifferent to the various supposed issues surrounding Wicca, and indeed, instead of devil-worshipers, I found a wonderful group of men and women who were more committed to the welfare of the earth and all who live on her than they were involved with the old gods. Although I did participate in some beautiful and moving goddess rituals, it was their earth-centric orientation that really appealed to me.

I called around, and soon found myself talking to Margot. We got to be friends, and I found myself amazed and empowered by her mere presence. She was just so joyous. She was a high priestess of being. And her spouse John Gliedman was equally wonderful. He was one of the two or three most brilliant people I have ever met.

The four of us formed a friendship. I finished Catmagic, which is full of realistic Wiccan rituals thanks to Margot and her friend, Circle Wicca's Selena Fox.

We had known each other about a year when John called me to say that he had some extremely unusual photographs of Mars that had been given to them by Richard Hoagland, who had dated Margot and remained a friend. I went over to their apartment and found myself looking down at the Mars Face as recorded by the Viking Orbiter. I'd had a bestseller in Warday at the time, and was able to finance some imaging work on it done by Dr. Brian O'Leary and Dr. Mark Carlotto. Their work was eventually published in the IEEE Journal, and concluded that the face was not likely to be a natural feature. (I won't even go into the tragic misapprehensions and official lies about this matter that unfolded later. Suffice to say that you can lie with pictures as well as words, and the people promoting these particular lies have neither conscience nor shame.)

In any case, it was shortly after this that the visitors showed up in my life. I saw the face in September of 1985. In October, I began to feel the frightening effects of their approach, even though I had no idea what it was.

When they finally and undeniably appeared in my life, John and Margot were among the first people that I told. Neither of them bought the idea that it was alien contact, no more than I did. Margot called it a 'goddess moment,' and John thought that there must be some explanation congenial to science. As it developed and expanded in my life, John and Margot were among the people we invited to our cabin in hope that they would witness it too. (Many people were witness to the phenomenon there, as I have detailed in my books.)

One morning we all went down to meditate in the stone circle I had created at the spot where I thought I had been 'taken up.' There were six of us there. John, Margot, Dora Ruffner, her partner Peter Frohe, Anne and myself. I was sitting in the middle of the circle when I noticed a change in the light. The world seemed quite a bit clearer than it had just a moment before. In fact, the forest had never seemed so beautiful.

Then Anne said, 'what's that light shining on you?' I held out my hand and realized that a bright light was shining from directly overhead. And yet we could see nothing overhead but blue sky. This went on for a few moments, then the light disappeared as if turned off by a switch.

We had all seen it--all except John, who could not afford to see it without his world view, which was deeply rooted in current scientific notions of reality, being fatally disrupted.

The result of this level of denial was that John got a terrific headache, and Dora, who was an expert massage therapist, worked on his head and neck for hours in order to relieve it.

Looking back, with Margot's passing, everybody who was in that circle that morning is now dead, and all of them before the age of seventy. Peter died of an aortic aneurysm in his forties. Dora died of colon cancer at fifty, John of stomach cancer in his mid sixties, and now Margot in her late sixties, also of cancer. And Anne has a tumor that is generally fatal.

This, basically, is why I have recorded the experience. There were some very special, wonderful people in that circle on that day, and as I think back, I seem to hear them calling me from the beauty of the light, Dora's gentle spirit, Peter's powerful shamanism, John's indomitable spirit and Margot's explosive joy. Calling me and calling Anne.

Beloved friends and fellow adventurers, we shan't be long!

Whitley, you always do such a wonderful and heartfelt portrayal of people who have been important to you and others. You always give much to think about.

I admit, when i read "Calling me and calling Anne." my heart just dropped!

A lot said in few words.

Prayers lifting up each of you - asking for blessings, healing, Light, protection, guidance and ALL that is needed. And same for those who are in your lives...family, friends, co-workers...

Surely also for those who have been "invisible" supporters of you both and are mostly unknown to us except by what they write.

May all / each know the gift you are to so many, and live in the light and love that knows no bounds and brings each to "know" that which is.

Thank God for you 'invisible' supporters! You cannot imagine how you are loved, in faraway halls.

A week or so back, I developed a powerful desire to read Cat Magic and so ordered it from a tiny reseller on ebay, situated in a small Welsh village on the Welsh coast. Magic and ritual still abound in Wales, (my homeland of origin), in various guises, and so it has been this week that I began reading Cat Magic for the first time.

Now, the glory of Cat Magic really comes home to me as I read Mr and Mrs Strieber's heartfelt words for their friend of many years and the dazzling mystery they all shared.

Never before have I read with such clarity of the wonder of release as experienced by the Frog in the opening chapter of Cat Magic and his encounter with his amphibian Goddess. As Mr Strieber has suggested many times, we too in time may be presented with the opportunity faced by Fish, or Frogs, as they look ahead to a changing vista and make new determinations.

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, and friends, but rejoice in the limitlessness of their state. I no longer doubt that they are anything less than marvellously better off than all of us, down here. I'm so sure of this that it makes my head spin.

I know, also, of the truth in what is written in Cat Magic about a Cat appearing out of thin air and prowling the countryside. I live deep in the English countryside and it is well known that there is a Black Leopard (Panther) loose round here. I've seen it myself, early one morning, and occaisionally, as I cycle to work along dark lanes, lined by high hedgerows, I see a light above me, oh, say 100ft up. Then, it's gone.

I know that light is the big black Cat, I just know it. I feel also that she is very old, and wise and also protects me, and she knows that I know. Cat Magic is real.

Blessed Be...

Catmagic is indeed real! It is a vision of the world as it is without the filters of assumption and expectation.

'not so much dreamer' said it so well: ''Whitley, you always do such a wonderful and heartfelt portrayal of people who have been important to you and others. You always give much to think about."
Just wanted to ditto that statement :)
Whitley, you and Anne are SUCH generous spirits in so many ways, always giving to this world to those who will listen.
Life really is 'more fun' when we help each other out with an open heart.

That love is returned right back at 'ya and amplified to the extent that it is indeed greater than the mere sum of its parts!

"Calling me and calling Anne.

Beloved friends and fellow adventurers, we shan't be long!"

So beautiful. Thank you.

A wonderful send off you have written for sure, but Whitley, I do believe that your work here is far from done. Far from done.

may more of those invisible supporters find a home here as i have. the urge to reread cat magic has been in my mind for several weeks. so searching thru my dusty library i found 2 copies a hardback and a paperback, i'll have to read the other one this time. my favorite character is tom. i truly enjoy knowing that no stray or wild thing- animal, plant, mineral dies alone. i knew they had comfort and now thanks to you whitley, a physical happening.

blessed be von hausenberg and to all those who know.

Yes I reinforce all that dreamer has said. My heart sank when I read those words. I found it frightening. For those of us who have had our own experiences over the years we rely on you Whitley to continue steer the ship. I cannot imagine our world without you and Anne in it. It is almost too painful to contemplate so please no more of that talk for a long while. You are such an important part of our lives. You and Anne are family to us.
Heartfelt thanks and warmest regards to you both.

XOXOXOXOXO as ever Whit you have our Hearts... ... .... Bless U and Yours... .... Bless us All.

What a beautiful tribute.Blessings to you both.Om Mani Pedme Hung.

I am sure that Margot was one of many guiding lights for Whitley, as Whitley is much like the (True) North Star for many of us. We must all steer our own ships.

Much love to all, and happy sailing...Margot loves the wind in her sails as she starts her new journey!

We chose our life before we came, to learn the 3D experience and take it back with us.How else would the other realms know.Yes many of us are tired but I for one have decided to stay to help the earth the best way I can ,and a way is beginning to unfold for me and I have waited 40 years.You and Anne have been doing the work for many years and I thank you for all you have taught me you were the first ones that made me understand the connection with other planets and other beings which in truth are us and we only go back home.Thank you and feel glad that Margot has returned.xxxx

Couldn't agree more Dreamer… Whitley & Anne Strieber have been a bigger part of my life than they will ever know!

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