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"Lost" UFO Files Tell a Chilling Truth

Last week, the Australian government announced that it has "lost" its UFO files. Thus it joins the United States, which "lost" all the files relating to the Roswell AFB dating from 1947 through 1952, and the United Kingdom, which recently announced that it has "lost" all the files relating to the Rendlesham Forest UFO Case.

Rendlesham and Roswell are the two most important UFO cases ever to have taken place. Australia is a UFO hotspot, and sightings are frequent in the area of the US's Pine Gap signals intelligence facility.

Recently, many of the Rendlesham witness have spoken frankly about their experiences, and there is no longer any question but that an encounter between base personnel and an unknown presence took place there. Congressman Steven Schiff, who initiated the General Accounting Office's investigation of the Roswell Incident said to me that the files were illegally destroyed--"if they were destroyed." I asked him, "do you think they might not have been destroyed." He said, "We are being told that they were destroyed." So the investigation came to an end.

The absurd notion that the Roswell Incident was sparked by the crash of a secret Soviet reconnaisance plane near the base that contained children who had been disfigured by Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele would be laughable if it hadn't been uncritically accepted by the media. For example, Terri Gross on NPR's Fresh Air did not question it at all when the author of the book in which it appears was interviewed on her program. And yet, General Arthur Exon, who was privy to the Roswell Incident from the beginning and was later Commandant of Wright Patterson Air Force Base where they debris was originally brought, told me "everyone from Truman on down knew that what we had found was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it."

In the unlikely event that I would even be allowed on Fresh Air, Terri Gross would challenge my honesty if I quoted General Exon on her program. In fact, the general media operates as an arm of the government when it comes to the denial of UFO reality.

But what might that reality be? I don't know. Are there visitors here from other planets? I don't know. I do know this, however: these "lost" documents represent a coverup, and it is a chilling one. First, the claims would not be made unless the governments involved were certain that the media would not challenge them. And they're right. I cannot imagine the London Times, the Australian Age or the New York Times even raising the slightest trace of an eyebrow. The media's motive is straightforward: they have committed themselves for 60 years to the idea that UFOs are nonsense. Moral obligations aside, they would rather continue to be able to snicker and ignore than admit the truth: the most important event in human history has been unfolding under their noses for 60 years and they have been completely and utterly wrong about it.

However, the decision on the part of a group of governments to stonewall in this way smacks of desperation. While the established media won't act, the world has changed a great deal, and there are other avenues now. For example, a number of the Rendlesham witnesses have spoken out, considering it their moral duty to do so. Will something similar happen in Australia? It certaintly could. Colonel Jesse Marcel and General Exon spoke out on Roswell, as have many others.

But the question remains: why the secrecy? Because claims that documents have been "lost" are desperate claims, especially when every single important UFO file resource in the world appears to have suffered the same fate. Of course they haven't been lost. Perhaps hidden by some shadowy intelligence entity, and removed from their proper place in official records, but not lost.

Something large is being hidden. There can be no question about this. The established media will not inquire into it. There can be no question about this, either. So we are left to wonder: what is so secret that governments dare not reveal it to the public.

I cannot answer that question, but I can address it, and I will do it by quoting from a letter we received from a close encounter witness in Australia. If there are more such stories in the records of Austrialian intelligence, I can well understand why they might be so afraid to release them that they would call them "lost."

I might mention here that, in all of the documents that have been released, as innocuous as most of them are, there is not a single detailed complaint about an abduction. And yet, since I published Communion 25 years ago, I have not gone ONE DAY without receiving at least one such complaint. You can be sure that letters just like the one you are about to read have been sent to governments in droves--and hidden.

I personally talked to this witness and corresponded with her. There is no question in my mind that she was entirely sincere. What I think you are reading here is an example of why governments claim that their files are lost. There is nothing they or anybody else can do about events such as this. They cannot be prevented. They cannot be understood. To admit them, government must also admit that it is completely helpeless to deal with them or even to explain what they are, and that it will never do.

Here is the letter, which appears with permission in the Communion Letters:

In 1976 I was vacuuming my living room floor at about noon.  Suddenly I felt quite ill and thought I was going to vomit, so I sat down on the couch to see if the sick feeling would subside.  I then saw that I was not alone; there were three strange little people standing alongside the couch, just looking at me.  I froze with fear, as I had never seen anything like them before, not even in the movies. 

  Two of them were short and fat, about four to four and a half feet tall, with broad faces and enormous black eyes, but with only a hint of where a nose or mouth might have been, almost like a pencil drawing.  They had wispy bits of brown hair at the back of their heads, and they didn't have blue suits on like the ones you described in Communion; instead, they were wearing brown shrouds.  These, I knew instinctively, were the workers.  The other was female, thin and about five feet tall.  She wore a black shroud and had black wispy hair at the back of her head.  Her face was very elongated, with huge, dark, piercing eyes, and once again just a hint of where a nose or mouth would have been.

  The tall thin one started to speak to me with her mind, and told me I was to go with them.  I answered with my own mind that I wouldn't go.  Somehow, telepathic communication seemed perfectly normal at the time, and I felt quite comfortable communicating that way.  This doesn't mean that I wasn't frightened--I was beside myself with fear.  She kept saying, 'You must come with us,' and I kept refusing.  She then said I could go free, and I got up off the couch and crawled along my hallway to the front door.  When I got there, they pulled me back with their minds until I was on the couch again.  They let me go again, and the result was identical, except that this time my husband was standing at the front door.  I clung to him, and I will always remember how the sweater he was wearing smelled.

  They pulled me out of his arms and back to the couch and once again told me it was useless to fight, as I had to go with them.  The two workers seemed to be  busy doing something all the time this was  going on, but I have no idea what it was.  The next thing I was aware of was the sound of my husband's car pulling up to the house.  I heard him come through the front door and down the hallway, and at this point, I noticed that the visitors were gone. 

  When my husband walked through the door, I didn't  believe it was  him at first; I thought it was another trick.  It took me about fifteen minutes to really believe that they were gone and that my husband was home.  My next shock came when I found out  it was 5:30 p.m.  It seemed like it should be 1:30 p.m. at the most.  I wonder, where did that time go?

Its very clear, that many governments including our own, are hiding something. But like a picture drawn, by sketching the shadows of an object instead of the object itself, the view of just what they are hiding has become clear. The more shadows that it casts the clearer it becomes. Anyone who has spent any time researching the data, knows this to be true, and shouldn't require government validation of this fact. I doubt if it will ever come. As a child, my parents probably knew what was going on in my room at night. But as long as there was no acknowledgment of this fact by me, things proceeded as if nothing happened. Although, it should have been obvious to anyone, from the odor of Cannabis coming out of my bedroom that I was smoking pot. The same is true here, something stinks to high heaven. And the corporate owned media, is covering it up, with stories that not even a pre schooler would believe. But then, no one really believes much of anything they say about anything anymore. In my own opinion, secrecy is just another, version of Greed. And those that rule our government, are driven by greed more than any other emotion.

Thanks Whitely, for writing this, the number of people who no longer believe what the government says, on this and many other issues is growing. The corporate owned media, hardly even covers basic news stories anymore. Maybe thats why they seem to be disapearing.

Whitley, I have read the Communion Letter several times now and want to thank you as well as the woman that gave her permission to post it. I feel comfortable saying that this letter will touch many souls that have had a similar experience. I also believe it will ease their minds/emotions knowing that…..THEY ARE NOT ALONE and, perhaps, always looking over their shoulder. Again, I thank you for posting this letter.

Mr Whitley Thanks for pointing out what most people do not see ! thay do not want us to see there Greed and control thay have over most people. Its becoming clear that all the missing files mean thay are on the run and soon will have no wear to hide the truth will set us free

I think this is one of those things where you should read between the lines,The Australian government should have done the announcement like this"we've lost all the U.F.O. files-nudge,nudge,wink,wink,say no more,say no more.
Basically an admittance much more than a denial.

How could the perceived "authorities" possibly admit any higher power than themselves? How this will change, like anything else, will be by sane well grounded people speaking out. First to friends & loves ones & then others. Ultimately it is "us" who in theory, is the government. And despite all the hiding factors of the "evidence", it will be so blatant as to be absurd to deny it. Not yet though. Denial of reality for those that have a stake in hiding may go on, but in the phase that most aware people recognize, essentially looking the other way. "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist."

How could the perceived "authorities" possibly admit any higher power than themselves? How this will change, like anything else, will be by sane well grounded people speaking out. First to friends & loves ones & then others. Ultimately it is "us" who in theory, is the government. And despite all the hiding factors of the "evidence", it will be so blatant as to be absurd to deny it. Not yet though. Denial of reality for those that have a stake in hiding may go on, but in the phase that most aware people recognize, essentially looking the other way. "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist."

Here is something interesting to ponder. In Dr. John Lerma's book LESSONS FROM THE LIGHT, he recounts a dying hospice patient's story about Roswell that has never before been told. The patient was Col. Marshall Bradfield, a military particle physicist who was born and raised in Roswell. I would love to hear what Whitley thinks about Bradfield's story. I think he was telling the truth. It is not what has been written about previously. Anyone familiar with the story?

Dear Whit....I need to ask you the 1 thing that has bothered me for all the years that I have been looking into this subject: WHat could the secret knowledge be that forces the govern,ents to act like such FOOLS? I mean at this point is there ANYONE left on the planet that is still of the belief that UFO's are not regularly buzzing around our world? I think NOT, and anyone who claims otherwise has a personal motive to do so !!! Most often I would believe that the motive was $$$, nothing else. Pathetic that the system of capitalism has so many victims-- TRUTH being one of the most painful to swallow.Now then, I repeat my question, directed at YOU Whitley: what could the secret be?? I have many ideas, and I acknowledge that it might simply be the continuation of their RULE, thus the status-quo, BUT...what if it is something truly earth-shattering?? what if it is something that would shock even YOU or I?? Can you hazard a guess as to one possible scenario??

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