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Living with the Big C

Back on May 1, Anne had surgery to remove what was thought to be a benign tumor called a meningioma from the area in her brain where her bleed had taken place in 2004. We were dismayed to be given a far more serious diagnosis once the doctors could actually do studies of the tumor. She has a very, very dangerous cancer called a glioblastoma multiforme and worse, another very rare but dangerous tumor called a gliosarcoma. This second tumor could be a consequence of getting radiation from CT-scans in 2004, or it could be associated with an earlier incident that took place in 1992 or 1993 in our cabin. I think it might also have something to do with Fukushima. Maybe they both do, but so far no statistics have emerged that would suggest this. My problem with that is, would we be told if Fukushima radiation was causing cancer here?

Here is what happened at the cabin: One night, I saw a reddish glow coming from the living room. I ran to the balcony that overlooked it and observed a reddish-orange orb hanging just above the couch. Our Burmese cat Sadie was on the back of the couch and appeared to be moving toward it. By that time, I had a camera ready, but as I ran to the bedroom to grab it, there was a flash of light and when I got back, the orb was gone.

Sadie was curled up in a ball on the couch. When I roused her, she seemed all right, so I went to bed. But the next morning, she came struggling down the hallway yowling. I could see growths in both of her eyes. When we took her to the vet, we found that she had suddenly gotten cancer. She died within a couple of weeks. Two years later the other cat, which had been asleep in our bed upstairs, also died of cancer.

Did Anne and I receive radiation doses then, and is that why she has a gliosarcoma? I was physically closer to the event than Anne was, so if I come down with a radiation-associated tumor also, then we'll know, but there is presently no way to tell. What we do know is that we are facing the most serious crisis of our lives. My wife of 42 years, 66 years old and previously in excellent health, may not survive this.

We are taking a four-pronged approach to the illness. First, we're going with the standard radiation-chemotherapy protocol. This will not cure the cancer, but if it works well, it could give Anne some good years. We have also set up a program of supplements and gone on a ketogenic diet. This last is a very rigorous version of the Atkins diet that eliminates absolutely all sugars and carbs. The reason for the diet is that tumors can only feed on glucose, and this drops your glucose levels to rock bottom, causing most of your normal cells to feed on what are called ketones instead, and leaving the cancer cells to starve.

We are also taking up Qi Gong with a master associated with the UCLA Medical Center who is himself a cancer survivor of many years standing. The energetic approach offered by Qi Gong has been beneficial to many cancer patients.

Unfortunately, Anne's tumor is not accessible to any of the promising therapies now in advanced clinical trials, so we don't have the option to go on a clinical trial. A second round of chemotherapy with a drug called Avastin will be available to us when and if the cancer starts to grow again. Our oncologist is one of the inventors of this treatment, so we can be assure of the best possible management should it become necessary.

However, the truth that we are both facing together is that there is a much greater probability of death here than we had ever expected. As all of you know, I have been on a profound spiritual journey. I know that there is not only an afterlife, but that it is much richer and more varied than this one, where we are inserted into these very dense bodies that prevent us from seeing outside of the time stream. We come into this state in order to be able to act entirely out of our essences, without the enormous knowledge that attaches to 'normal' life, which is life outside of the body and outside of time. Earth, like many other such worlds, is a place of self-testing and self-discovery.

Anne has had very few instances of contact with the outside world, but just enough to make her pretty sure that there is an afterlife, but that our religions and belief systems offer very little real knowledge of it. I'm in a different position. I explored this other reality for years. I know for certain that it is there--that, in fact, physical life is embedded in it, a very small part of a much larger spectrum of consciousness.

Still, facing the next phase is hard. It's scary. Anne is a brave human being, and has nothing to take with her from this life of which she need be in the least ashamed. When she had her NDE in 2004, she saw people sitting and waiting, clutching bundles of things that they could not let go from this life. Anne will step off free of such bundles, and will soar.

If it happens this way, I am going to have a huge personal struggle. We are deeply, profoundly bonded. It is a truly symbiotic marriage. If I must slog on alone in this unforgiving density, I really cannot think how I will bear it.

If I must, though, I will. I am quite certain that we will continue on together in some way. But right now, our focus is on the present and on accomplishing the impossible. We seek to learn to live with this eerie visitor who has insinuated itself into our lives. We know that he will not leave the house of her body, but perhaps we can lull him to sleep there, we hope for a long time.

Do remember us in your prayers.

Peace be with you.

I send you both much love and many blessings, and many prayers.

Dottie Lutz (subscriber)

Whitely & Anne--
My own experiences with my ailing body, and Visitors curious about it, has taught me that Mother Nature is a mercurial entity, and submits to no doctor, no diagnosis and no Visitor. She does submit, however, to hope. Please don't be left blindsided and hopeless by what may appear to be dire and imminent.

It sounds like you and Anne are off on an energetic journey to getting well. I wish you the best and send you love and good thoughts.

Much love and many prayers for strength and healing for you both.

Dear Whitley and Anne, as an admirer of your work from across the Atlantic, I want to express how sorry I am to hear this, and tell you that my thoughts are with both of you! X

Whatever Ann's journey (and yours) through this challenge turns out to be, you know you are both cared for and dearly loved, not just on this level but in other dimensions as well. What blessed lives you have lived, helping each other and so many others face and accept the unknown with truthfulness, grace and optimism. Ann, I do hope that your sojourn here continues until you feel ready to go on the next big adventure. I send waves of love to you both.

Dear Anne and Whitley,
Please watch the video of Bob Proctor , Raw on Life,,it is on you tube. Very informative. Blessings to your family.

our love and prays for both of you

Two mushrooms have shown promise for treatment: Lion's Mane and Turkey-tail mushrooms. For more info, www.fungiperfecti.com. I love you Anne.

You, Anne, Whitley and your son are kept in my daily prayers, meditations and positive energy healing thoughts! You are so loved, admired and greatly appreciated!
Qi Gong is very good - I have found to be so.
My 50 year-old triathlete healthy-living husband of 28 years and father of our three children had three much treasured years by us of extended life after his diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme IV frontal left lobe in 1991. He was exposed to PCBs in his work place five years as an uninformed and unprotected electrical engineer 1965-70. (25-30 years after PCB exposure is linked to brain and liver cancers in lipid cells)
Miracles requested for you!

I am moved to tears, after reading about Anne. I will pray for you. I have enjoyed your website for many years, and recently, became a subscriber again, as I had gone through some financial problems for a few years. As soon as I could afford it again, I became a subscriber. I have several of your books, and I read Communion, right after it came out.
I have learned so much, from you and Anne, and all the people you've interviewed. I am just fascinated with all of it.

You two are a role model, for any couple who goes through anything "close" to what you have experienced. May God be with your whole family.

Sending healing energy. Also look into Fungi therapy. Here's one link:

Paul Stamits has been on Coast2coast AM. Healed his mother's breast cancer with Turkeytail. Worth looking into his site:

Anne and Whitley,

May the treatments and new diet go as smoothly as possible, and may they work in arresting Anne's cancer for a long time! I'm sure that no matter how much we've read about NDEs or even experienced OBEs, that actually facing one's one passing over is a bit more challenging on many levels. May the spirit helpers lend their guidance and may you both find peace in the journey.

Namaste', Mark

My deepest hope that the multi-faceted approach you are both taking will arrest her disease.


Dearest Whitley and Anne....thank you as usual for your unwavering sharing of your lives with us...the good and bad....the fantastic and surreal....Honesty caring and a passion for life and living and communication have been your hallmarks....if the leaders in our world were as caring and honorable as you our world would be so much better.
We will pray for you both and hope that the many many readers and people who know and love you have power in their prayers to help you....Please try to be strong and keep your love and sense of humor and keep sharing with us who care so much about and love you both.....always have always will....JEFF aka Jim Nightshade

Whitley and Anne,
Both of you and I go back many years, even though neither of you have ever met me.
I really consider you family, and though I don't agree with all of your views, I find pleasure in your openness and ability to approach a multitude of subjects from differing viewpoints. I will take this opportunity to thank both of you for long years of patient work keeping Art's Dreamland running and moving it to an entirely new level. Anne thank you for all the compassion and all the support you have given Whitley over the years. Whitley thank you kindly for all the imaginative writing that has kept me entertained, scared stiff, and seriously thinking in wide eyed wonder. We need to put together an intention group for Anne and get rid of this black cloud forever.
My intention has always been and always will be with you,

I am sending prayers and Reiki to Anne and to you, Whitley.

Sad news.
There is a DVD called "Forks over knives" about how animal based foods promote cancer while plant based foods (can) reverse cancer. Other benefits as well. This DVD is well worth buying and watching. The food pyramids are plain wrong.

I feel for both of you. I will send something both your ways. My energy work training can sometimes provide very useful outcomes. Anything can happen! I did always wonder what you both might have been exposed to during your encounters...

My teacher said these words, "These are the threads of your unfolding. Given your full, absorbent attention, they will gather in the eyes of your soul like the faint light of distant stars, until they can be seen and understood, until they can find ways to fully express themselves through you."

I urge Anne to watch all the videos of Dr. Joe Dispenza on GAIAM TV and read his books. I am 100% convinced that he is speaking the truth about how to heal the body.

After coming close to death last November with Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), and then having to have surgery for a Stage IV bedsore, the one book that made a huge mental & physical difference in my life was Ernest Holmes "Science of the Mind." I was told by one of the best surgeons in Mexico that the first surgery for the bedsore was infected and I was in urgent need of a vastly more radical emergency surgery. By that time I was so shaken to the core by all that I had been through, I just decided to put my trust in the "Science of the Mind," and told the surgeon "No." Every day my wife cleaned my wounds lovingly and with care. Those moments were extremely painful for me (and for her), but during them, I would focus intently on the "Spiritual Mind Treatments" of Ernest Holmes, and also chant the Names of God as we do in the Sufi tradition.

From the Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), I had lost most of my memory. I lost my speech, my ability to walk, and my ability to feel. I was in general physical agony from the NMS as well as the open wound in my back from the surgery to repair the Stage IV bed sore. Yet, through earnestly applying myself to hours of "Spiritual Mind Treatments" every day, and repeating specific healing Names of God, I am now 99% healed in every way. My Rheumatologist, who coordinates all my medical treatments and has won awards both here in Mexico and in the United States for his work, is amazed at how quickly and well my wounds healed, and how well I recovered from the NMS. He actually uttered those famous words, "How did you do it?"

If I had elected for that second radical surgery, I would still be in bed, permanently missing a large part of my body. I know my trust in the principles of the Science of Mind, my trust in God, and the love of my wife and dear friends, saved my life.

When I was at my worst in the hospital, and closest to death (the doctors had thrown up their hands as they had tried everything and nothing was working), I realized something deep down inside me. I was far, far away from normal waking consciousness. Yet, very clearly I realized that there is nothing more important than love. All those great books and stories about the great couples, give us only the slightest hint at what real love between two people is. The future may not be easy. However, it will be an expression of the most profound love, in whatever form it takes. You and Anne have that love. I don't believe love is a panacea. Love is much more profound than life or death.

My heart and soul are with you and Anne. God bless you both. I love you both.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love you both, Whitley and Anne, and how much you mean to me. My path in life is immeasurably been evolved since 1996 When I saw "Secret School" on a shelf in a bookstore in Santa Monica. Being a subscriber has allowed me to fully take advantage of the material online. I pray and meditate about you. I have gotten to the point were it is like I am meditating all the time now.
We need you both to be with us for many, many years to come!

My prayers are with you both. Be well and have joy.

Wow Thats terrible news but I do want to add my encouragement. As a very young boy I had a rare form of lukemia and spent bout 5 years in and out of Sanfrancisco Univerisity Hospital whom works with rare blood dis orders. I was not suppose to live. I had a couple of close encounters around that time , at least thats what I believe they were later in life. Not only did I survive I'm now 60 years old. So Anne, never loose your confidence. I have no idea if perhaps the reason I'm still here has anything to do with the encounters but it left me wide open to fact that it may have and also to the fact that there is much more going on around us than most relaize. Anne my prayers are with you and i wish you both strength to,endure.

And then, there is the purpose on all this. Personal, couple's, community, world, and galactic... There is nothing in this universe that happens without a purpose and that is not connected to all other events. It is difficult to think of the death of a dear one, something we know has to happen some day, but we always will want to delay. I know, my mother just passed away, and still I think, she is around the corner and I can call her at any time. I hopefully think, maybe you will find ways to conquer "C" with the help of "the others", with meditation, powerful energetic techniques, and this may be a contribution to the world.... In the space of possibilities, they are infinite.
As for the radiation you both and your cats may have received, why would they do that? No reason I can think of is positive, I don't think so. I have always thought that the entities you have encountered are not positive. It is time to think of and attract others out there in the cosmos which can bring healing, hope, visible results. God bless you.

I feel cheated that Anne has to get cancer. She is a valuable person not only to her family and friends, but to anyone who has had the chance to know her. If she passes, I will miss her greatly and mourn the fact that I have never met this brilliant woman in person. Her value to her family, her friends, this website and the study of the unknown is priceless beyond measure. If she leaves (hopefully very later than sooner), she will soar.

Blessings to you both.

So sorry to hear of your difficulties. I thank you and Anne for all your meaningful work and will keep you in my prayers.

This is sad news. My prayers and thoughts are with you both.

I lve in the same communty as a man in Australia named Ian Gawler who came very, very close to death from cancer but is alive and flourishing many years later, having fathered three children now adults, after 'the bone was pointed at him' by the doctors - only a few weeks to live. He had one of his legs and hip amputated due to the original bone cancer and is known here sometimes as the 'man in the dress' as he always dresses in kaftans.
What I learned from him? the power of the mind. But he always used to ask his cancer patient groups - do you want to live? This might seem an obvious question but for some people it is time, and on some level, they know it. It is not a reflection on the love they hold for this life or loved ones, but simply that they have something else they need to do. If it is your true and deep desire to keep on living in this dimension, you will, Anne - no matter how dire the prognostications of the medicos. Yes miracle do happen, and also sometimes they don't - the fabric of life is beautiful in all its forms and I believe our freedom of choice is much deeper and stronger than we have any idea. Blessings to you both and also the grace to accept whatever path is opening up - I shall be devastated if you do pass - but glad for you as well. I truly believe that you will open to a greater and more astonishing reality, either now or down the road aways. Much love and prayers to you both.

I'm so sorry to hear of this. You both have good will from all around the world, I hope it makes a difference for you.

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