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The Inability to Find Flight 370 is Very Worrisome

I remain extremely concerned that Flight 370 is not being found. I worry that the reason is that it isn't in the Indian Ocean at all, and that the pings that are being heard there are due to some other factor, or even that they are being generated by bogus devices planted by a highly organized and capable terrorist group. And certainly, if such a group hijacked this flight, they are very, very capable.

Such capabilities could have been provided by support from within organizations like Pakistani Intelligence, or, in fact, from any intelligence organization or military that might be inclined to do something to really give the United States a beating.

Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and elements of the Chinese military that are not entirely under the control of the central government all have ambitions to dislodge the US as the world's only superpower. Motives vary. Iran has a religious motive. Syria wishes to survive. North Korea is a paranoid state. China seeks to replace the old Japanese Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere from World War II with Asian domination of its own. Russia is a criminal enterprise and wants to establish its kleptocracy in the sphere of the old Soviet Union.

There is also the possibility that there are disloyal elements within the American system which seek to continue to undermine our democracy with an intensification of the repressive measures that were initiated after 911. If an atomic bomb was detonated over an American city, a military dictatorship would follow, in the form of martial law. There are elements in this country, and in this world, who very much want to see human freedom--what remains of it--come to an end.

All of these elements, in different ways, serve entropy. In seeking their evil dreams, they drive mankind in the direction of destruction, death and finally, silence and the dark. It's where Hitler was going, where Putin is going, where the Iranians and other Islamists are going, where the greedy nihilists of North Korea and Syria are going, and where every other monster that the human species has produced (all too many!) has gone or is going.

My great concern is that nobody is apparently looking for this plane except in the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, with a few modifications, it can be made to carry a 10,000 pound nuclear weapon a distance of 12,000 miles. This is enough for it to reach essentially any major world city from Pakistan, as we have pointed out on this site before. This means that all the great cities of Europe and the US are under threat, and there is simply no question that there is enough nuclear material around to fashion a powerful bomb, or a bomb could be provided by the Pakistanis or the Russians, and both elements of Pakistani intelligence, and Putin, would be happy to do so if they thought there was no risk of detection.

Additionally, as long as Russian radars didn't pick it up, the plane could reach US airspace before its presence was even known. Then US air traffic control would have just a few minutes to identify it and risk a shootdown--which, in fact, would not happen.

I believe that Putin would willingly let such a plane cross Russian territory without interference, then claim that their radars didn't pick it up. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't behind such a plot, and hadn't been from the beginning.

This is a dangerous time, and if western intelligence agencies are not looking for that plane on the ground, that is extremely irresponsible and could well lead to a tragedy of historic proportions.

I think that May 2, which is the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's assassination, might be a very dangerous day for anyone living in a large American city, in Tel Aviv, London, Paris or any number of others. Chief targets: New York and Los Angeles, but, above all, the prize of prizes, Washington DC.

Obama has said that his greatest fear is that Manhattan will be destroyed by a nuclear weapon. I think there is a greater danger: Washington is undoubtedly the prime target.

And blowing up Washington D. C. With all the politicians, lobbyists, SCOTUS would be a bad thing? Why? Oh yea, well maybe the impoverished folks who live their could manage to be on vacation, then would that be ok?

I think they fear that this is generating is a bit of a smoking gun. There is something going on, but i doubt it is anything that has been suggested so far.

Terrorism is the standard go to answer for laying blame with unidentified bogeymen, and for sure is being played here. But I think people are waking up to the fear game, that the bad guys are over there and we need to invade and go and "get them". Invoking tribal fears of those "other guys", as has been the game in politics for a while now.

I'd be more inclined to thing something more pragmatic, something endemic that can cause interference with flight systems, and random inaccuracy of GPS readings. Something such as an endemic increase in the levels of interference to electrical systems. Something like this wont be admitted, as it would undermine peoples confidence in flying.

There is some evidence that we are moving into a region of space, that is more energetic, particle wise, than we have been exposed to in known history. Something more related to our shifting position in the 'verse, as we slowly spin about it's galactic centre, in the great rolling cycle of the equinoxes.

I think we are doing a disservice to writing everything off to terrorists, and not examining this in more detail. Certainly if nothing else, governments depend more and more on electronic systems, and thus should have a vested interest in keeping them secure and interference free. But who knows, certainly we won't, if we don't look.

Thanks for the speculative piece, Whitley. Nice.

@ Blue42...yes, blowing up Washington DC would be a bad thing. Change is badly, badly needed. A nuclear detonation over our capitol is not the kind of change we need. Thinking like what you're articulating is part of the problem: you don't like how something is going, oh, well, just blow it all up! We need much, much less of that kind of thinking if we're going to change this world for the better. Try again?

This has been a strange and disturbing incident, filled with mystery. The fact that we have not located the black box and then the plane, might very well be attributable to the difficulties of scouring the Indian Ocean. So many details are so disturbing, and it is looking more and more that the bulk of the "experts" believe that the plane was intentionally diverted. The Malaysian authorities have been all over the place with their pronouncements, it is clear that they absolutely have no idea what happened here. Hearing the president speak of his biggest fear being a nuclear bomb in Manhattan was not comforting. But still, I am not ready to seriously consider that this plane was hijacked and is in the hands of a terrorist or anti-US group. The manufacturer of the black box that emits"ping" stated on CNN that he believes that what was heard was in fact from his company's product. There is increased optimism that they have located the general area of the box, even though that is still a considerably large space. I keep trying to reconcile the image of the pilot on You Tube with the possiblity that he may have been part of a conspiracy. I just cannot do that. Granted, I probably would have been unable to reconcile the Holocaust with what we thought Germany would do, and we know how that turned out. Nevertheless, if it could happen that the plane was hijacked and any of those international players(Iran, Russia, Syria, etc) was proven to be involved, the consquences would be more than devastating. Chinese citizens would revolt, I believe; Russians would (for the most part)be horrified and fear retaliation(serious retaliation), same for N.Korea and Iran. The risks outweight the rewards. Even if this were a plausible scenario, that a jet could go missing and then be used in a hijack/nuclear attack, I don't see any formal government doing this. I hope that I am right, that we have a bizarre but tragic accident(massive system failure) or intentional but isolated incident(pilot suicide). My mind keeps returning to the fact that the plane appears to have intentionally avoided radar and communication, and I don't like it. But I just cannot make that leap of faith, for me it's just too much of a reach.


I think, Lou, that you are right. I may not have all the facts, but considering that the hijacked airliner could be retro-fitted to hold a nuclear device and flown to a target city, wouldn't that aircraft have to file a flight plan? Otherwise, it would be seen as a rogue flight and intercepted. Richard.

CNN today is reporting that right after the loss-of-contact turn the plane immediately flew to 39,000 feet for 20 minutes. The plane was under control and remained so for several more hours, which to me leaves only one explanation for the climb, which was to kill the passengers. Maybe even to kill everyone including whoever planned this event and then flew on pre-programmed autopilot to the most remote ocean location it could reach where it (presumably) went in.

We also have the reported fact that only the co-pilot's phone was picked up by a cell tower when it flew low enough around Malaysia on its return path. That is a great mystery, and the only explanation I can think of is that everyone on the plane was at some point forced to completely turn off their cell phones, since there is likely to be some percentage of passengers who leave theirs on and not in airplane mode. Even if it was a fluke that any cell phone would be picked up from the flying airplane, what are the odds that the contact was made with the phone of a pilot and only them?

Now add in the news also reported in the last day that there should have been at least 3 automatic beacons that would contact a satellite upon a crash, yet no such signal was ever picked up that we've heard about.

There does not seem to be an obvious answer to all the alleged facts taken together. Right now from what's in the media, I'm estimating: 1) 90% chance the plane is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, as opposed to landed somewhere clandestinely; 2) 99.999% chance all the passengers are dead; 3) 75% chance it was either the pilot or co-pilot who executed whatever happened (as opposed to hijackers); 4) 0.1% chance this was precipitated by some kind of fire or malfunction; 5) >50% chance that U.S. Intelligence knows quite a bit more about the plane's possible whereabouts than the public or Malaysia.

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