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Grace and Prayer

What is grace? It is said to be the kindness of God and the laughter of God, sustaining and freeing. When we pray, we are generally asking for something, but true prayer is an innocent opening of being—and, inevitably, that is an opening to what is called grace.

Grace must fill the universe. It must be extremely energetic, more so even than the neutrinos that race so quickly and at such a high energy level that, from their perception, reality is almost entirely invisible. As they can pass through almost anything, they can react with almost nothing.

Grace is the same, passing us with the paradoxical speed of God, and thus hard to grasp. But we need grace. It is the food of the soul and—as energetic as it is—also a foundation. This racing energy is the foundation of joy.

The Daoists used to make things called soul catchers. Because it was thought that the soul must be very fine, since it is always unseen, they were constructed of the very finest materials. Silk, though, is not going to catch the soul, no matter how fine the strands. Prayer, however, might catch grace.

One can pray for money or a cure or another help, and sometimes to good effect, but prayer that touches grace is surrendered prayer. It is prayer for prayer, expecting nothing, just its own self, its vibrancy.

And herein likes the key. This special kind of prayer is like the vibrating string of a musical instrument. When it vibrates fast enough, passing grace adheres to it. That is to say, the greater consciousness in which the physical world is embedded notices it.

This is an innocent enjoyment, to pray like this. Repetitive prayer is good for this, not heartfelt, not hopeful, simply there. Open. Open prayer.

is this a song? Its like a song you can lay down to.

Spelling error - third last paragraph. 'just is own self'. Not noticeable til second reading, distracting on third reading and will be on further ones if not fixed.Or keep it - its such a gentle flaw that seems to ground it, reminding that you've read it and that one shouldn't keep going back to read it again. Almost.
Please delete this comment if fixed, thanks.

Whitley, your JOURNAL on Grace and Prayer is wonderful. The following youtube stirs my soul every time I hear it. This is an amazing performance of Amazing Grace as performed by II Divo at the Coliseum in Rome.


...this was a pleasure to read. Thank you.

Thank you.

Hi Whitley,

A long time subscriber, this is the first time I've written a comment. Thank you so much for this wonderful contemplation on Grace and Prayer. I am finding this way of prayer to be the most wonderful and beneficial - asking for nothing, but just being present in a sacred space of intention and awareness of divinity all around.

Thanks for ALL you and Anne do!
Kindest regards,

Thanks for this, we need more spiritual stuff. Edgar Cayce has a lot of really good writing on prayer. Please keep more of this kind of information coming.

hi, whitley,
i have never written you either, though i am a huge fan and faithful listener and reader.
this particular journal entry of yours is very inspiring.
i also liked what you said on your last coast appearance: that all of these strange seeming anomolies are undoubtedly interconnected....
like you and many others, i believe that everything is interconnected...
when the fabric of consciousness is punctured, all bleed; likewise when held gently, all can rest...

thank you and anne for the wonderful work you do
keep it up! we need you!
billy bob beamer

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