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Flight 370: Greater Danger than Ever

The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has disappeared from the news cycle, but Malaysian police have announced that the reconstruction of data from the pilot's flight simulator suggests that he flew it into the southern Indian Ocean and may have landed it on a runway on a small island.

If this is true, then that plane is almost certainly in the hands of well financed terrorists and represents a peril of epic proportions. Given the range of a 777--especially on that has been stripped of its seats and fitted with an atomic weapon that would be much lighter than a load of passengers, luggage and cabin equipment--the plane could reach almost any American city from a runway in central Asia or Pakistan.

There has now been enough time for the plane to have been refitted, repainted in the livery of another airline, and loaded with an atomic bomb. Such weapons would be readily available from any number of sources, including North Korea, Russia, Pakistan and conceivably Iran, in addition to off-the-grid sources.

There are a sufficient number of parties out there at this point willing to let the US take an atomic hit that it would not be difficult to carry this out. Russia would like nothing better than to see the US thrown into chaos, so that it could re-establish its empire in eastern Europe. The motives of North Korea and Iran need not even been detailed. The Pakistani intelligence authority, the ONI, bears an extraordinary grudge against the US for the Osama bin Laden raid. In addition, the entire Sunni community around the work perceives the US as favoring the Shiites because of our continued support of the Nuri al Malaki regime in Iraq. The Saudis and the Gulf States live in terror of Iraq becoming an Iranian client state and would like nothing better than to see the US become unable to continue its support of this hated regime.

Admittedly, not all of these parties have parallel interests, but they are all convergent, and that is why the danger is so great. If the plane is not at the bottom of the ocean somewhere, then it is almost certainly in the hands of terrorists, even terrorists working in part within the US military and intelligence apparatus and government.

As I have said before, the three prime target cities are Washington, New York and Los Angeles, in that order. Washington is absolute number one, New York second, and LA a distant third.

My book Critical Mass, a highly researched novel about nuclear terrorism, received practically no reviews. It disappeared without a trace. But it pointed to a very real danger, and since its publication, that danger has only grown.

If Washington is destroyed, the American Republic will fail. What will befall the US and the world is anybody's guess, but it will be a catastrophe of incredible proportions that will lead, in the end, to the suffering and death of billions, and the ruin of the western way of life. The reason is that far too much power has been concentrated in that single place. It is a target too tempting to ignore, and I am very much afraid that the means to destroy it may be at hand.

In the story linked here, the fact that the pilot was aiming toward some island is little remarked, but it is terribly important. I can only hope that America's intelligence community is not asleep at the switch--or worse, intentionally letting this happen, due to the fact that it's riddled with traitors. I am not in a position to know.

I continue to hope that the plane's tragedy ended in the ocean. I fear that it did not.

To read the article that has sparked my concerns, click here.

I'm so glad Whitley continues to discuss this because this is a true enigma, and will become more important as time ticks.

If such an event comes to pass, the sponsor will have been the American "Deep State", not some foreign agency.

I'm not real sure what happened to flight 370, but I do feel that it is more than a coincidence that it is thought to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean, while at the same time the science is showing that a strengthening of the Earth's magnetic field is occurring over the the same area. See earthfiles.com story 'June 20, 2014 - Earth's Core Changes Are Changing Magnetic Fields'. The disappearance of this airplane is highly strange, and it could be about a perfect storm of events coming together that day that led to the plane getting WAY off course.

They've found no debris, no bodies, no oil slicks, no pings or signals. A plane that large just doesn't disappear without a trace, does it? If the pilot lands this plane on a remote island can't we fly over it or land there too and investigate? Somebody, somewhere knows exactly what happened to this jet. And if Whitley is even remotely correct that a terrorist group has this plane, god help us all.

If western intelligence organizations are trying to track this plane to its possible repurposing, then it would make sense to play dumb about the facts, even to the point of allowing expensive and pointless searches to proceed. Because if Whitley's theory is correct, then the web of involvement must be extremely deep and worth tracing to the bottom. Let's hope the right people are on the job!

Although I have stated in the past that I doubt that there was a hijacking, the fact is that we just don't know. The problem is, as Whitley has pointed out, that one scenario involves a sad, tragic accident and the loss of 229 lives. The other could involve a catastrophic attack on Western civilization involving millions if not (ultimately)billions of lives. My wishing for one scenario over another one is not going to influence what has happened or is about to happen. As Bob mentioend above, possibly the Western investigative services are well aware of the fact that there was a hijacking with intent to turn the jet into a nuclear attack device. If so, it might make sense to continue on with the "search" in the ocean, all the while the real search is to find that island. However, didn't the flight simulator also pinpoint the island where he may have flown the jet?(If that is what happened).

This is an excellent point! This is what I would do if I worked for the agencies and had the power to do the monitoring. We have the ability to have a spy satellite anywhere within hours. We know all landing strips big enough for a Jumbo Airliner. I am also aware that the Sr Pilot had been pissed about his friend getting put in prison for ' none of your business sexual behavior ' . He might have tried to make a deal for the man, but they said no. And he was prepared to carry out the threat. He also was in a position to see the rich getting richer and the rest being left in the 3rd world living conditions. He would see all those well to do Chinese in First class every time he used the latrine. All in all his soul will be paying this one off for the next 100 lifetimes. Word!

Remote viewers and influencers of the World are looking into this case of that I am sure.

Whitley this is my same exact fear and to be honest I worry that there are dark forces in THIS country who wouldn't mind this happening so that they could declare martial law and totally crack down on the people if they claim that this was a case of "domestic terrorism". I'm sorry to say that I fear my own government and what they would do in certain situations more than I do any foreign government. In all honesty I believe that our country would run just fine without DC and the state, local, and non DC federal government would keep running. The frightening thing is the REACTION and I fear MASSIVE over reaction if this happened (just like in your wonderful book Critical Mass which I by the way enjoyed very much).

Strange that Diego Garcia is in that region

Transponder Transponder Transponder.....

How can any jet be retooled and flown into a city w/o a legit transponder?

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