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Flight 370: The Beginning of a Terror Attack, not the End

I believe that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was either hijacked or experienced an extremely unusual mechanical problem of some kind. If it was hijacked, which is the more likely probability, then it wasn’t done to destroy the plane but to steal it.

The reason I say this is that the passengers were apparently intentionally killed, and there was no reason to do that if the plan was, for example, to fly the plane into a building in New Delhi or Mumbai.

The plane was flown to 45,000 feet, which, given the fact that the pilots have full control over a 777's pressurization system, would have been high enough to make certain that the oxygen level in the cabin air would drop below the threshold necessary to support life. This would have caused the oxygen masks to deploy, but they last only for 15 minutes. When they ran out, the passengers would have died. The cabin crew's bottles last 30 minutes, and if there was only one pilot left alive, his oxygen would have lasted an hour. This would have been more than enough time to kill everybody on the plane except him. It might also explain the sudden descent to 23,000 feet. As his oxygen ran out, he would have needed to get the compressors up and the plane down fast.

The killing of the passengers and cabin crew would have been intended to get them out of the way so that the plane could be used for other purposes.

If this is what happened, then it probably hasn’t crashed at all. It’s on the ground somewhere, and it is either going to be used in some sort of horrific terrorist act somewhere in the world, or it is going to be broken up for parts, which will be sold into the black market.

It has been assumed that the plane had its recorded fuel load, but stocks at Kuala Lumpur Airport should be checked immediately to determine whether or not the plane might have taken on additional fuel, enough to reach East Africa, the Middle East or North Korea.

A plane of that size with that range is potentially extremely dangerous, because it could carry a primitive but powerful atomic bomb a very long distance. The space inside a jet could also be crammed with radioactive material and high explosives, which would transform it into a massive dirty bomb.

Flown properly and with knowledge of its systems, it could go completely undetected until just prior to reaching its target. The plane could be now be somewhere in Africa, the Middle East or North Korea being fitted with such a weapon. It could then be flown almost anywhere in Europe and to many parts of the Americas, depending on where it is now.

If this is what is planned, then it is going to happen soon, because whoever is responsible will know that it’s only a question of time before the plane is located.

I sincerely hope that a search is being made not only of the oceans for wreckage, but also by satellite of the ground for the plane itself. If I'm right, once it takes off again, it will be headed for a great city somewhere in the world, and will be loaded with some sort of awful weapon.

The most likely scenario that is emerging is that this is the beginning of a dreadful terrorist attack, not the end.

When I wrote my novel about nuclear terrorism, Critical Mass, I learned just how much fissionable material has disappeared from stockpiles over the years. Add to that more such material being made in North Korea and Iran, and there is easily enough to make a massive dirty bomb or an atomic weapon, and a Boeing 777, with its power and long range, is an ideal bomber.

I very much fear that the search operation in the oceans is playing right into the hands of whomever is involved in this terror act, and I urge the various governments involved to look not only in the sea, but also at every airfield capable of landing a 777 in the region, especially in isolated areas, and especially if the tarmac has recently been laid down.

This search should be at least as urgent a priority as the one taking place at sea, and I would also urge an immediate expansion of the crowdsourcing search to include not only known airfields, but also isolated areas where a new strip could have been laid out, perhaps in Africa.

Insightful as always.

My concern is potential for nation state false flag operation as this operation, much like September 11th operation, has the hallmarks of sophisticated planning disguised as a low level implementation.

It is indeed unfortunate that we must cast an eye on 'friendly' government(s), or U.S. based intelligence systems.

I also wondered about that climb. I haven't yet seen a timeline before they descended to supposedly 23,000 feet, which would be critical to your theory. I also wondered if they could do something else to force more dramatic depressurization of the plane; for example, is the plane pressurization system one that can be controlled from the cockpit or elsewhere on board?

I totally reject the hijacker theory that's out there, because it was just *moments* after the last verbal transmission that the transponder was disabled. My main suspicion has been a conspiracy that includes one or more pilots.

But of course, the ultimate question is, "why steal a jet?" The puzzling thing to me is, I would think it's much easier to just purchase a large enough used plane. Like if an organization has the contacts to purchase nuclear material, as posited here, then I'd think they have the connections to get a Lear jet or an old passenger jet, if not a large prop plane of some kind.

The main theory for "why" that comes to mind stretches credibility, but I'd think it's possible with enough expertise it could be done. And in my mind, "enough expertise" just equals money. This theory is that the landed 777 will become a sort of Trojan Horse plane, whose transponder has been altered to impersonate a known flight, let's say one landing in Washington, D.C. That switch could be done in an area of poor radar coverage out in the ocean, where let's say another conspirator pilot switches off the transponder on one plane just as the imposter plane switches theirs on. In this theory, to air traffic controllers a landing plane would look just like any other large passenger jet landing anywhere in the world, with what appear to be correct electronic credentials. Any other large airplane approaching the U.S. would have military jets all over it, likely before it ever reached our waters.

Ultimately, I think we have to be down to 2 possible scenarios: one is pilot suicide and this one just doesn't seem to quite fit that. The other is of course an attempt to secretly steal a plane, which may or may not have made it safely to land regardless of their intentions. Given that possibility, this whole affair should be perhaps the top priority of every U.S. and allied nation on Earth.

"is the plane pressurization system one that can be controlled from the cockpit or elsewhere on board?"

Or remotely.

One would have to be naive to believe the 'authorities' have the limited information they do. You think the manufacturers of these aircraft won't invest $10 in a GPS micro-chip?

These planes are very sophisticated and the paranoia surrounding "terrorism" means all phones and electronic devices can be tracked globally even when turned off.

Listening to the Western media's schizophrenic portrayal of the news is frightening.

What are the chances (considering the Cold War paranoia being spouted on every MSM channel) that this was an Op like something out of Operation Gladio.

I really, really hope whichever aliens are looking at planet Earth realize we don't deserve to be alive and just wipe the ecosystem clean, like in The Day The Earth Stood Still, and re-start without homo-sapiens.

You know, reading this fascinating theory that the plane was depressurized simply to kill off the passengers makes me think that this could simply be nothing more than a mass robbery. Reminds me of the film Die Hard, after all the thoughts of terrorism and hostages, it is revealed at the end that the villain's whole plan was simply to rob some money. So imagine if you will, the perps kill off the passengers, land the plane and then take all the wallets and valuables - and that was simply their goal all along. Actually, as I conclude this thought - its called piracy except with a plane not a boat.

A lot simpler theory than stealing a plane to make some Trojan horse terror weapon, though no less reassuring.

Interesting. It's pretty much impossible to fly a small plane (much less a big one) undetected within the continental US - if the intention was to strike here. Unless, of course, someone in the government allows it. I would like to say that this would be fantasy, but after 911 we all know that the only flights allowed were Saudi nationals and the Bin Laden family. Talk about government priorities.

@ Pssqd: That theory is quite a bit more valid than some.

Aliens come trillions of miles to hijack a plane and have the engines "ping" satellites to "confuse" the authorities. I mean that is one of the most stupid theories I've ever heard.

There is an incredible amount of dis-info being propagated about Ukraine and unless there was hundreds of millions of dollars of assets on that plane, I don't see why anyone would bother to "steal" it.

Perhaps it was an "accident" like the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. o.O

If some government wanted to send a message to the Chinese to stay out of NATO's foreign acquisition department it would be a more subtle action than say --boming the Chinese embassy 5 times with enormous JDAM bombs, like what was done in 1999.

... or we can believe these theories --theories which just undermine the entire alien research field.

"Aliens hijack a plane," sounds like the title of a low budget movie, something akin to "Snakes on a Plane."

Whitley clearly stated to Linda what he believes happened. Then did an excellent job explaining in it his journal entry.
Im sure Im not alone when I say that I would pay a hell of alot more for Whitleys thoughts and feelings on any and every subject he feels comfortable talking about. Its one major reason that Im a subscriber.
Constructive criticism makes us all smarter and helps improve this community we are a part of. Harsh criticism is not helping any of us, and is going to keep future subscribers away. Pay attention to the man youre paying to speak. If youre not happy, stop paying.
Whitley please feel free to think aloud, 99.9% of us are here to hear it.

I respect Linda Moulton Howe's intelligence and reporting work. We expand our intellectual horizons through imagination, coming up with new ideas and questioning the status-quo. I think I worded that previous comment too harshly.

I was just frustrated seeing the enormous amount of dis-info being propagated on the MSM and the lack of any objectivity or even criticism of this blatant propaganda (regarding Ukraine). When I heard the theory of 'aliens' involved in the aircraft disappearance...

There are precedents for a more terrestrial explanation for the aircraft's disappearance. From Boeing's poor safety record, to domestic terrorists to even the more fringe possibilities, for example, espoused in Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio.

IMO the 'West' has lost nearly all of its 'validity' through its recent actions.

Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to last night's show, so I missed some important discusion. However, I have been following this story, like most of the world seems to be doing. One of CNN's aviation experts made the point several days ago that Malaysia Airlines should have immediately shut down their flight operations as it might very well be that their security was breached and they have done nothing since then to rectify the situation. In fact this is truly frightening and (as noted in the story above)could portend an impending disaster. So little is known, or maybe better said so much is in question, so many contradictory theories abound, that just about anything "seems" possible. Hijacking the plane, killing all aboard so that the plane could be used in another attack is more than plausible. If there is any consolation (and there's really not) some experts have stated that although one might have been able to hijack the plane and then land it in one piece, taking off is a lot more difficult. I can only pray for this to end in a less than disasterous fashion.

What scares me is that I have been having the same thoughts as Whitley on this.
The only way to do it would be if the pilots did it (or if the copilot killed the pilot and took control). They would then do what Whitley said and land in Somalia if their co-conspirators totally filled the gas tanks on the plane before takeoff (a loaded 777 can go 8000 miles nonstop).
Now why not use another plane ?? Simple---what types of planes do U.S. domestic airlines use on long haul routes and what type of plane has the range to fly nonstop from Africa to the US ?? The answer is the 747 & 777 (Somalia to Washington DC is 7800 miles) . Now what if Whitley is totally correct and and they put a nuclear bomb on it and it is a suicide mission and the plane is in Somalia right now in a jungle airstrip ?? They repaint the plane in say United Airlines livery with the same tail number as a real United 777. They also reprogram the transponder as that United 777. They take off and in the middle of the Atlantic where there is no radar, fly 1/2 hour behind the real United flight and they take out the United flight somehow mid ocean. The "fake United flight" continues on and until it is ready to land in Washington DC, no one is any wiser. BOOM over the target and no one knows who did it or why to strike back.
Scary but possible.

It reads like a Hollywood script, complete with heinous sociopaths. But, plausible. I can only say that I hope not.

The woman who bagged my groceries today thinks that the passengers were taken to harvest their organs for sale on the black market and that the plane will also be parted out. I have to admit, that isn't a scenario that had occurred to me.

I had assumed that the climb to 45,000 feet was possibly caused by an altercation in the cockpit--I didn't realize that they flew at that altitude for some time. The thought that the plane was intentionally flown that high to kill the passengers is chilling. Everything laid out in Whitley's Journal seems completely plausible.

Just noticed on Red Ice Creations an article that Israel purchased a similar plane in 11/13 and has it in storage for what reason?? Let's hope it is not for some false flag terror plot as Whitley and others have theorized. It is just a shame that innocent lives are being used for one and/other's agendas such as in 911. I just hope we are not being misdirected to the Indian ocean when the plane could be in the South China sea or elsewhere. Makes me remember the folks who lost their lives on the planes from 911 and what possibly could really have happened to them...............

Remote viewers are saying: Suicide Pilot at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

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