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Doorway to Other Worlds

More than ever now, it's possible to enjoy an increase of being, and 2013 has been a year of profound discovery for me.

In the scientific world, it brought four epochal discoveries, the combination of which are causing my mind to change profoundly. Not for me to change it, but for the discoveries themselves to cause me to think in a new way about the world we live in.

The first of these discoveries is that planets are abundant, so abundant, indeed, that there are probably ten billion of them orbiting the habitable zones of stars in our galaxy alone. The second is that 2 planets covered with oceans have been discovered orbiting a star 1,200 light years away, Kepler-62. The third is that wormholes may be far easier to build than previously thought. The fourth is the growing evidence that there are other universes beyond our own.

Taken together, these four discoveries are mind changing and mind boggling, especially the first one.

Twenty years ago, scientists thought that planets might be quite rare, and Drake's Equation, which is a series of assumptions about the galaxy that lead to a quantitative measurement of the probability of intelligence life being present in it, suggested that there might be one or two other intelligence species in the Milky Way.

But now, with ten billion planets in the habitable zones of their stars, that assumption has got to change. Indeed, there could easily be hundreds of thousands or even millions of intelligent species out there, and that's just one galaxy!

Supporting the correctness of the analysis of the data from the Kepler Space Telescope that led to this conclusion is the fact that two water worlds have already been discovered, and this when exoplanetology is still in its infancy.

We are going to discover living planets, inevitably. Intelligent life, though? Once we know that a planet is alive, we will be able to focus things like radiotelescopes on it with much more precision than ever before. So maybe we're about to discover that needle in a haystack.

If somebody is looking at Earth in the same way, the first signals that they are likely to see are the earliest ones to leave the planet's immediate surroundings. These would be television signals, which radiate into deep space. Thirty years ago, they were pouring off planet Earth. Now, there are fewer, because land based and satellite technologies carry most television images.

The first thing that we are likely to see of aliens is their early attempts at television. We've innocently sent them things like 'I Love Lucy, ' 'the Amos and Andy Show' and 'Howdy Doody.' I wonder what we might see of them? If it's not equally absurd, it's going to be most embarrassing.

The next great discovery is that there is something out beyond the edge of our universe that has damaged the field of its microwave background radiation a number of times. The only thing massive enough to do this would be another universe, which has apparently collided with our own, with the collisions leaving these telltale scars.

Now all of this leaves me with a very deep question. If you've read my book Solving the Communion Enigma, you know that I believe in the existence of a soul, and you know why. In the Key, the Master speaks of 'conscious energy,' and I believe that this is an accurate description of the much larger world of consciousness in which we are embedded.

I don't believe the secular proposition, that we are only our bodies, because I've had lots of convincing empirical experience that tells me that this is, simply, not true. Similarly, I don't believe any one of the many religious propositions on offer at any given time. I'm not sure that ancient concepts of God even have much meaning.

The reason is, simply, that the scale of reality is so unimaginably vast that I cannot see it emerging from a single mind. We tell ourselves that the universe started with the big bang, and religionists go on to say that this happened because God made it happen.

But how many times? If there's one additional universe out there, may there not be more, even many, many more?

In short, what if reality doesn't end, but is instead a vastness beyond knowing—any knowing, including God's? One could say, well, if there are many universes, maybe each one has its own God. Or maybe God is a consciousness capable of being aware of an infinite reality. Or maybe God is small, a now distant or even long-dead creative force, that for reasons that will always lie just beyond the realm of understanding, brought reality forth.

When I pray, now, I don't pray to God or any of the totems of any religion. I pray to what I feel around me, a surging, immeasurably complex and insightful presence that appears to be made of many minds, and to be dancing across many, many worlds.

Recently, it has been discovered that travel across the vastness of the galaxy, or even between galaxies, might be a good bit easier than we have thought. It might not require trundling along for millennia in a starship, but rather stepping through a wrinkle in space-time, a wormhole. It's not something we can do as yet, but it seems possible that this ability will become available to us in the future.

However, given the number of planets we are finding in the habitable zones of stars, it is all but inevitable that somebody, or perhaps many somebodies, can already do this. If so, then of course aliens are here. Probably many different types, and from more than just our galaxy. It could be that the difficulties of travel across completely unimaginable distances are simply not as great as we have assumed.

That said, I think that there are yet other ways to travel. It's my belief that machines may not be needed to open up tunnels to other worlds, but that it might be something that can be done with the mind.

I have been meditating regularly for 45 years, and during this time, I have gradually opened my third eye. I can see other worlds—in fact, not just other planets, but other times, other ways of being entirely. I can often see things that I cannot understand well enough even to describe, but I also see more understandable worlds. I see them a lot, and have been returning to some of them at this point for many years.

Previously, I really did not know what the mechanism that makes this possible might be, so I have not spoken much about it. I have a powerful imagination, and I was not willing to make claims that might not be actual journeys to other real places, but journeys into imagination.

However, after what is now more than thirty years of work with this ability, I can say without equivocation that it's real. It is possible to use the third eye to see other worlds, other times, and into other universes entirely. Not only that, it's possible to return to these places again and again, to go to a place, for example, in midday and then again at night, to revisit it over time and watch changes—in short, to use the third eye just as we use the first two, but with longer range seeing. Perhaps with limitless seeing.

Now, I would like to be able to say that I've created some sort of a course that will enable you do to also do this after ten lessons, but I cannot make that claim. In fact, when I'm doing it, there is an element of mystery similar to how it feels to ride a bicycle. One day, without knowing precisely why, you simply can.

I believe that the ability is related to meditation, and that I most certainly can teach, and do, in the site's meditation group. The work I offer there is powerful, true and effective. It is also free for the taking. You do not need to be a supporter of the site to make use of it.

I cannot say that a couple of weeks of using the meditation techniques on offer here will enable you to engage in what are, given our present state of knowledge of the workings or reality, acts of magic. But I can say that patient work on oneself, carried out in an atmosphere of joy, rigor and humor, will advance you in this quest.

Additionally, just like bicycle riding, the more people who do it, the easier it is going to become for the rest of us.

It isn’t just a matter of seeing, either. I have traveled physically a few times. Not for very long and not completely, but I have become physical enough at times to feel grass in which I found myself sitting, and smell a truly strange air, a scent that will haunt me forever.

I have also discovered that it isn't difficult to engage with what we call 'the dead.' But they're not dead. To them, we're the dead. They think of us that way because we're embedded in linear time. We're like this for a reason, and they understand that. But those who love us wait for us in the freedom of being that they enjoy.

There are no boundaries, really, in this universe. That freedom of being is accessible while we are embedded in the organic world. Once we begin to see ourselves in a truly objective manner, the body is reinvisioned as an instrument of search, not as the whole of being.

So I have come to a certain promise. Inner work, if engaged in with patience and love, leads somewhere. It's real. It's effective. The beauty that it discloses is very, very great.

You soon discover that you can look back not just at your own tiny self, but at the whole of reality, at not just this one universe, but at many universes, just as the Master of the Key said back in 1999. Many worlds, spread across space and time.

What you see is a vast garden, filled with colors that dance with conscious energy, all lit from above by the light of ecstasy out of which all things emerge, and to which all things return.

Whitley, your method of meditation (focusing on the body) is the only one that works for me. I've seen flashes of images - as if being in a real moment - using your body-focused technique and just allowing my mind to free up. The best thing is, it cost nothing. Unlike other people who charge X amount of dollars for a simple technique, you very kindly shared it with us. Thank you.

I'm a terrible person for meditating. I really need discipline to just put aside 20 minutes a day to just 'do it' instead of rushing around getting on with life. I'm going to try and make that time in 2014. What time of day would you recommend to meditate? Morning, evening, night? Or is it just discovering it for ourselves?

Thanks again. Ian.

I think we have to unfetter our concept of the universe, and of God, to be something akin to a large divine and infinite evolving consciousness, which we are all a part, which is daring us, challenging us to stand up and be counted, to grow up, and take our place amongst the other divine beings of the universe.

I think the universe is literally waiting to welcome us as evolved beings. Very patiently.

What you say is true but I'd like to tell others who do this sort of work or engage in this type activity that you must cleanse your energetic body after reentering. I was not aware of the need for this for sometime and the debris or different energies I was exposed to being elsewhere was making very sick until it dawned on me what was happening. Anybody that does should clean their energy body. A good a simple method for balancing and strengthening your energy field is to a little earthing. Walk in the grass or on the earth with your shoes off, its so simple but it can save you some grief later. I learned this the hard way. This could be an easy but valuable tool for those working in paranormal fields dealing with energy.

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John14:2 I used the King James version because I like the phrasing here. Jesus told his disciples this. What better way to express something they were not ready to comprehend in those days. Thanks for another great journal that keeps us thinking.

How beautiful. Whitley, you really are reaching for the stars. Since I started doing the meditations, I have had flashes of other worlds like you describe. I did not know what to make of them, now I do. This journal is profoundly enlightening. Thank you for it.

Great journal entry, Whitley!

I find the most interesting things happen when I take walks. It has become my preferred method of meditation. Walking puts your mind on your body through the movement of your legs and arms and your breathing, and just naturally clears out all the 'stuff' from your mind. This morning, for a brief few moments, as I walked I realized that I was no longer 'feeling' my legs, or my body, but actually felt as if I was floating or gliding over the sidewalk! Incredibly weird, but also quite cool! :-)

I've had experiences in other realities, but the most wonderful ones have been when I have felt the gratitude for THIS reality---it is the doorway to all of the others, and the key to opening it is within myself. Whitley, remember the 'Open Doors' crop formation? That was what it was all about, and I stumbled upon it one day while visiting The Alamo of all places. It's been several years, but the understanding is gradually coming into focus.

I had a dream I was discussing this exact topic with you the night before this journal entry appeared. I have never met you and don't even live in the same country as you, I am totally astonished! Was it a dream?

'just like bicycle riding, the more people who do it, the easier it is going to become for the rest of us.'

So, the larger the mediation group, the more effective we will be in the intention of that meditation?

Dear sir,

I am a new subscriber.
I'm wondering where on the site is the meditation group.

Thank you for your wonderful work.

Welcome John.

Click on 'Whitley's Space', then click on 'Meditation Group'.


What a great entry!
It reminded me that John Hogue forecast we would find our first proof of intelligent life in the universe when we find their lights shining on the surface of another planet by looking through a telescope. Looks like we're heading in that direction.

Whitley, I'd love to read/hear descriptions of the other worlds you can see. If not in a book, what about in the 'Whitley's Room' section.

Thank you much for sharing Whitley!

I second "More Light." I'd be very interested in your descriptions of other worlds. This is a subject that I think all us are fascinated with. These worlds may not exist in our physically observed universe, and even if they did, it would be impossible to perceive them--physically. The only way to perceive them is in the way you have.

Incredible! I have no doubt that I've seen into other worlds. I've had a hard time articulating what takes place. Thanks Whitley.

Incredible! I have no doubt that I've seen into other worlds. I've had a hard time articulating what takes place. Thanks Whitley.

Whitley, this entry was thoughtful and thought-provoking. As a monk and meditator (more than 50 years), I share much of the same experience of other worlds and other faces, but I know how little I see and can see. And yet withal, our human spirit is endowed with "potential infinity" for knowing, and above all, for loving. If I see a face in a meditative vision, it is almost always someone I cannot identify, but the knowing is enough that I may love her or him. Love, of course, is the medium of infinity, and love is the ultimate and best reason to meditate. There exists, as said a wise teacher of centuries past in the West, an "actual infinity" beyond all names and all essences, whose best name for our limited minds is "Love". By this love we love. Another thought: if the scientists were logical thinkers, they would never debunk any evidence for life (say, on Mars), since science can neither define nor debunk life as we know it here on Earth. The statistical argument has undeniable weight: it means not only that we "may" be visited ("potential visitation"), but that we are constrained by logic to admit the "actual visitation" of our little world.
Thank you for your site and for your "open-source" meditation practice!

This is so enlightening, real valuable stuff. Thank you Whitley and fellow citizens at The Edge of the World.

Thank you also Whitley. Very thought provoking. Read Communion, working on Transformation. My perception of the world has been changing, seeking to learn more about "the nature of this reality".

"There are no boundaries, really, in this universe. That freedom of being is accessible while we are embedded in the organic world. Once we begin to see ourselves in a truly objective manner, the body is reinvisioned as an instrument of search, not as the whole of being."

Wonderful quotation.

Thank you so much for this, Whitley! I had come to the same conclusions regarding"reality" and "God" through the same scientific discoveries/theories.

The entire prospect of so much that is beyond our field of physical vision (even extended by Hubble et al) is so daunting, intimidating, thrilling and fascinating that I cannot see why world "leaders" can't or won't look outward and concentrate on re-aligning human culture to embrace these unknowns but with a view to advancing our understanding of what it means to how we live on this planet. Human-created problems are inevitably the product of Ego and its appetites (Power over, ownership of, dominating unopposed, etc.). These appetites keep humanity in thrall to itself and, since our physical existence is finite, they keep us focused on immediate concerns that ignore the vastness ( and possibly the eternity) around us. Pathological pragmatism rules the planet when an enlarged vision is needed. It keeps us petty when we need to stretch ourselves magnanimously to embrace a much expanded notion of what matters.

If we took such a view of ourselves and our "place" in the one universe we are getting to know, arrogance would have to give way to a profound humility but also a joyous recogntion that we live at a pivotal point for our species. We need to embrace it but that means acknowledging that paradoxically we have no real power - that belongs to the universe/s but we do have the ability nevertheless to "put away childish things" like Egomania and Dominance in the interest of survival as a species. To do that we have to severely limit our numbers and that entails sacrifice - not for some god or religious objective - but for our collective evolution so that the precious consciousness that we have been given us is not wasted and lost. We have to get beyond the paranoia about "a single world government'. Such a thing is inevitable and we are fighting an effectual rear-guard action against it right now. "Unite or Die" seems to me to be the choice we have engineered for ourselves. And the only thing that we have that can unite us is Consciousness and its application as a creative force within our "reality". Using Consciousness means Meditation - both individual and collective - to move beyond the Ego and its appetites to something much more satisfying: filling ourselves with vastly expanded awareness that lets us see beyond the narrow of choices we have thus far permitted ourselves. More people than ever before are meditating and growing in mindfulness but there also astounding numbers of our species being conceived and delivered every day. No matter how many of us meditate, we cannot reach critical mass if the baseline keeps expanding. To evolve we need huge numbers of individual consciousnesses working in concert but, unless the culture these new humans are born into changes to embrace meditation and mindfulness from early childhood, we are just spinning our wheels.

I have saved your Journal entry, Whitley, and I count it amongst the spiritual gifts that we have been fortunate enough to receive in the present generation.

Whitley, what I have to say here is not directly related to your journal entry, but to your speculations at the end of 2012 and at the end of The Key that I have listened to and read again this week. A friend whom I introduced to the book asked the same questions you asked there about the Master of the Key's intentions, specifically, why he and other visitors did not actively help humanity to save itself, or offer suggestions on how we might save the planet and ourselves. She could not accept that beings that purport to care about our fate and know where we are headed stand back instead of making themselves widely known in order to open our eyes and wake us up before it is too late.

Having given this very question much thought over the years, especially after first reading The Key (one of the most important books ever written, I believe), I shared my own thoughts on it. I am sharing them here in case others, like myself, think that it is time for us to give these matters some serious thought, not as speculation but as dialogue through which we may come to clarify our own ideas about what to do, and help to move humanity along.

I can understand your frustration, and sometimes feel it myself for our need - humanity’s is great. But I have come to trust in the wisdom of cosmic law, that once a species is given the wherewithall to know itself as more than body-mind, and to exercise free will, it becomes responsible for creating its future.

There have been many experiments with intervention, and they remain as guideposts for us ... if we will heed them. Jehova spoke directly to mankind and told it how to live; even demonstrated consequences failing to do so. Various Masters through the ages have told us explicitly how to live, and what can ensue if we don’t. They are among us even now.

So what are they to do?

Protect us from our own wilfulness and weaknesses with threats, warnings or instruction manuals? It’s been done before, and the mass of humanity as refused to listen, or killed the messenger and his/her followers.

Intimidate us with displays of power so that we are scared into obedience, or hail them as saviors that save us also from needing to evolve?

Come as concerned elders to tell us that we are on a dangerous path (which we know already)? We know how the immature treat their elders, with scorn or resentment.

There are more than enough teachers, signs and messages out there to warn and guide us, despite the determination of governments and various forces of evil to silence them.

If we want help, we must first make serious efforts to help ourselves. We must show that we recognise our errors, accept responsibility for them, and are truly committed to learning how to treat earth and each other with respect and care. Talking and blaming are not enough.

As parents, we realise that sometimes we must leave obstinate children to learn their own lessons. If I were watching humanity as a caring observer, had seen it reject prophet after prophet; twist every true teaching and guidance into a reason to hate, judge, hurt and cruelly dominate others; had seen how even the caring and concerned among us remain attached to the comforts of a society that we know is largely built on the suffering of others .... if I knew all this, I would wait for some clear, serious indication of repentance and readiness to take responsibility for the wellbeing of others and the earth before risking a direct encounter with a thus-far savage, morally immature species like us.

Why don’t our observers give humanity a miracle to help us believe them, my friend asks. “Christ fed 5000. It’s time to feed 7 billion”

Why can’t WE feed 7 billion? It is within our means, so why don’t we? We are given a whole planet of riches. Haven’t we yet learned to be our brother’s keeper? Or will we wait for someone else to do what we lack the will to do ourselves?

Hard as it feels to us (and it does), I don’t think that it’s about saving individual lives, even millions of them, but about saving humanity as a viable species, and saving a whole planet. We may need a lot of help along the way, but only we can make those choices and that commitment, and together, generate the kinds of energetic patterns with sufficient power to draw to us the help we need. We must invite help in with an invitation written in humanity’s heart. Hopefully, not too late.

Tosca, this is a wonderful post, well thought out and BEAUTIFULLY written. THANK YOU.

Yes I agree a wonderful and true post and I think there are enough of us now to do that.I am having amazing experiences and am so glad I am here at this time!

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