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The Dog God and the Future of Man

Starfire Tor has sent us some interesting information about dogs and gods. Not only information, but the photo attached, which is quite remarkable for a very specific reason that I’ll get to in a moment.

Anne’s Diary, the Miracle of God as Dog discusses the details of our relationship to God as dog, how it came about and where it has led us.

In ancient Egypt, there was a god called Anubis, who was portrayed as a man with the head of a dog. However, what Starfire has pointed out is that there is another, much less well known deity, called Hermanubis, who is a hermetic version of the original dog god. She also included the image pictured here, from the Vatican Museum, which really astonished me.

One of the things that we are moving toward in our meditation group, and which William Henry has been working on for many years, is how to understand and recreate the method used in ancient times to gain contact with other worlds, and possibly even to travel to them in ways that are very far from involving starships.

I have learned a certain amount about how to do this. The image here would appear to me to be one of the most precise illustrations of the process, at least as I understand it.

Hermanubis was a figure that combined the Graeco-Roman Hermes with the Egyptian Anubis, and was popular in Egypt
during the time it was a Roman colony between the first and fourth centuries AD. The reason that they were combined was that both Hermes and Anubis were involved in conducting souls to the world of the dead.

I am somewhat unusual in having been given proof of an afterlife, in the form of those years I meditated with a remarkable man who could materialize at will, and who identified himself as being from between lives. That, and the completely clean OBE I had in 1987, and so much more has left me with this as a certainty, at a time when almost the entire intellectual community of our species has come to the conclusion that there is no soul.

Now, I do not wish to make an argument here on behalf of the soul and an afterlife, but rather to explain just what this image means. You will notice that the figure’s eye is rolled up into his head, in a way that will cause sensation to appear in the forehead between the eyes. On his forehead, he is wearing a double symbol. The lower part of it is the Djew, which represents the space between two mountains. This was the symbol of the land of Egypt, or, as well, the world. Above it, the circular figure is the Shen, symbolizing eternity. (The two together are also known as the Akhet, but it is in their status as separate symbols being brought together by Hermanubis’ attention that is important here.)

Much esoteric thought has been given to the importance of the triad. It is why the grays so often come in groups of three and why, in my book the Grays, they are portrayed as three.

The three parts of the living triad, or trinity are related to the beasts of the sphinx: strength (in this case, the world), courage (in this case eternity) and intelligence (in this case, Hermanubis himself, who is demonstrating his ability to bring the other two energies into harmonic balance.

To someone with real esoteric knowledge, the image is vibrantly alive and charged with meaning. To meditate in the way that Hermanubis is demonstrating is to open a pathway between oneself and higher dimensions, most particularly the most vividly alive of all worlds, which we call the world of the dead, and to which far too many of our best minds have gone entirely and completely blind.

In this state of meditation, it is literally possible to open the door that the ancients could apparently walk through at will. How ironic that modern science, which could do exactly what the Master of the Key suggested and develop a coherent science of the soul, has gone blind just when it seems possible that tools that could link the two worlds could be devised.

In the evolution of physical worlds, there comes, always, a moment of decision. Some of them develop a soul science and continue to evolve, as the living and the dead come together, travelling to ever more energetic realms, in endless increase of joy. Others go down a different path, endlessly parsing out the details of material reality until they eventually come to the end of that strikingly short path and look about themselves in horror, asking ‘why is there something rather than nothing,’ and coming up with no answer.

Most of our society chooses the second path. Anne and I choose the first, as I am sure most of you do, too. Let’s hope that the rest of the world eventually changes course. Mankind’s adventure is just beginning, as the ancients knew, and it is time to return to the true path.

Those two mountains are very important and sometimes represented as "AA", two snow capped mountains or "twin peaks". I think William Henry may have mentioned them in one of his books.

"AA", when sounded out, is "AEE-AEE" which phonetically is identical to the hebrew word EHIH which is a name of God and means "I am". This is the name of God given to moses when he was atop another "holy mountain". Legendary world mountains are very important with stories regarding the Gods or Angels who descended or "Fell" from heaven to impart civilzation, language and culture to humanity.

The "AA" is the title of a secret magical society known as Astron Argon which is greek for "Silver Star" and that star, I beleive, is Sirius: the brightest star in Canis Major the Dog Constellation and is known as "the Dog Star". This star has been a key in much of the ET mythos such as the Dogon tribe.

According to the ancient art of astrological talismanic magic (in large part) attributed to Hermes and arabic sorcerors who traded knowledge with the Greeks and Egyptians, Sirius was used as a talisman to "control the spirits of Air" sometimes known as elemental spirits, faries, and later as "Demons" by the church. These spirits, some whome we still know the names, are attributed with the power of teleportation, flight, invisibility, the favor of kings, position of power in government and most of all: Knowledge: including detailed knowledge of history and just exactly how those angels fell.

Within the lore of these beings are epithets of "Dog-faced demons".

It keeps going but I'll digress before my brain starts lemniscating.

Some researchers feel that the Sphinx was not originally intended to portray the body of a lion, but that of Anubis. So instead of being affiliated with Leo, perhaps it was really connected to the Dog Star, Sirius.


Whitley, I hope that you took some time to read the responses to Anne's 'Dog God' diary entry. Several of us have had experiences of God as Dog, and mine in particular was from an astounding period in my life a few years back. I happen to have a dog and a cat, and I adore both. My dog is a little min-pin, and it is not lost on me that when she is in her little protective pose, she resembles Anubis a great deal, and I have even considered changing her name to 'Anuba', but Jessie will do. :-)

Ya'll are on to something, and let's not forget Anne's experience with Coe. Cats and dogs evolved along with us and are very much a part of us and who we are. They are also here to guide us towards consciousness and an awareness of true reality as an illusion.

The Universe is the Flesh of doG.

When you were describing the headpiece, the funny thing is I realized the official flag of the city of Denver is a golden sun disk framed between two mountains. Now I'm not going to look at the flag the same way next time I see it. :)

I also highly recommend Robert and Olivia Temple's book:


The Temples' books are some of the most amazing I have read in a long time. Very well researched.


Fascinating. Can you say what's the differences between multidimensions and where the dead are, or is it all the same? If consciousness never dies, can it simply move thru time/space?


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