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Could 2012 be for Real?

We're in the middle of one of the most extraordinary 12 months in the modern history of weather. Right now, a huge solar storm is brewing on the far side of the sun. For the past few years, the number of strong earthquakes has been rising. Due to climate problems, food production is faltering and there is unrest and upheaval in more countries every day.

So I have been asking myself, is 2012 for real? I have had a lot of difficulty believing that some sort of magical event will take place on December 21, 2012, and I still expect to wake up on December 22 more or less unchanged. But I am beginning to think that there might be something in the idea that the year itself has great historical importance. Understand, I think that we will probably still be here in January of 2013, but this world is changing too dramatically in too many different ways right now for the 2012 warning to be considered entirely irrelevant.

It is clear to me from the many remains of extraordinary engineering that are found around the world that somebody in the distant past had knowledge that was far in advance of what we might expect. Just one artifact, the Antikythera Device, displays metal working skills so advanced that they we were not able to duplicate them until about 250 years ago. But the Antikytheria device is at least 2,500 years old. So who made it? What other devices might they have created? And how did they do it?

As I have pointed out in my book the Path, the Marseilles Tarot reveals a very sophisticated and subtle outline of the course of a human life. The mind that created it was also highly sophisticated. In fact, I doubt that any modern intellectual could do it.

I won't discuss in detail the evidence that an advanced level of human thought existed in the deep past, beyond saying that there are too many suggestions of its presence to dismiss it.

But how deep was their understanding? Could somebody in the past have anticipated what is happening now, and communicated this in various ways?

We are moving from one astrological sign to the next at the same time that the 2012 prophecy is approaching. To be specific, we are moving from an orderly sign, Pisces, to a more chaotic one, Aquarius. We are also coming up against the limits of the planet to sustain us, with consequences that we can see all around us, as people react to the threat of starvation with elemental fury.

Where will all this lead? Certainly to great change. Did the past correctly predict the end of our age? Only time will tell, but one would have to be very foolish to ignore the possibility.

To your list we could add the other, possibly apocalyptic events of sudden magnetic pole shift, asteroid impact, and nuclear war. My guess is that if the ancients actually knew humanity would end late in 2012, it was not due to nuclear war, earthquakes or an asteroid strike, or even man-made climate change, but rather something to do with galactic alignment and/or solar and planetary cycles, involving energies that would be hopeless to oppose. If that turns out to come to pass, there's really nothing we can do, other than maybe appeal to the visitors to intervene and evacuate some portion of humanity (but to what kind of future?) None of this means we shouldn't try to fix all our other problems ourselves, including climate change, war, overpopulation, etc., because like you I suspect most of us will still be here ringing in New Years of 2013. Also like you, though, I'm growing less sure about that. The recent, unexplained wildlife deaths are very disturbing, to give a primary example of things making me more uneasy.

I agree! I think it is also very interesting to read prophetic sections of the Bible about
signs of the end times. Daniel, for instance, said that in the end times, knowledge would be "greatly increased" and people would be running to and fro....Newton took that to mean that in the end times, people would be traveling at speeds in
excess of 30 miles an hour---which got a sneering rebuke from Voltaire, the atheist, who said, "Look what a fool Christianity makes of a great mind..." Also interesting in the same
way are the continuing discoveries of the Bible Code and it's predictions. Those
decipherments are being made, not by the religious right (which I have great problems with myself) but by Jewish mathematicians in Israel. Too many unusual
scientific rarities are afoot, to say nothing of the international chaos to say it's just
another day on planet earth.

Could it be something as simple as a pole shift?

A Quick Helpful Guide to You in the Wonderful World (of Unemployment?)

I lost my job on October 28, 2010, a very strange and debilitating day indeed which was followed by many months of despair, anxiety and near mental paralysis. So many of us find ourselves in this ugly realm and on the battlefield of being unemployed. We think we are doomed. We think we have failed everyone. We think we are going to lose everything. We think our egos have been crushed into oblivion. We think how can we find and start a job all over again now. We think we may never be happy again. We think our life is over……

But these thoughts are all wrong. This is the most perfect time in your life. You now have the time to change yourself, reinvent yourself, and create the person you’ve always wanted to be. You have the time to search your true meaning, take a journey deep inside. You have plenty of time to be looking for a job on the side, but realize that that is not who you are. You are meant to be happy every moment you’re alive and you will be once you just slow down, get your head organized, and have a little fun. Heck, go on a little vacation in your head for a few minutes every day. Who’s stopping you? Allow the worry to disappear. Do you know what you truly love? Once you figure that out, everything else will fall into place.

When you hear your inner voice saying, “I should……” fill in the blank with whatever that voice is saying then just do it. Get it over with, otherwise it will just linger and distract you. Trust yourself that you know what’s best for you and what you should be doing at all times.

Make your to-do lists every day, very important and why they were invented, reminders for your mind. Among all your happenings throughout the day, it’s comforting to know you've got your to do list to remind you of what needs to get done to keep your day flowing positively and don’t you get a little tickle of excitement when you cross something off, a small sign of accomplishment.

What a great time to start living frugally, I think if you can embrace that now, you will have learned a powerful habit you don’t ever have to forget. Stop paying with credit cards, wracking those up is not a wise idea; it will only cause you major problems and headaches down the road, unless of course you win the lottery, good luck with that. If you don’t have the cash with you or the cash behind your debit card, then tell yourself you’re just not supposed to have it right now. It’ll still be there when you do have the cash, keep that in mind. You don’t have to have everything you want right now. Know what you want then enjoy your time living with the desire and imagining, try and make that more fun for the time being.

When you get a big idea, enjoy that moment of inspiration. Then allow it to settle in. It needs time to simmer and venture out of your conscious awareness to grow to its full and true potential. It is not going anywhere, don’t worry it’s going to disappear for once you’ve realized it in your head, it is there forever.

I encourage you to learn the magnificent art of meditation and patience. Patience is the true secret behind our entire lives. Be patient every moment of every day, know you are always exactly where you are supposed to be. As soon as you figure this out, you will be amazed with how everything unfolds. It’s like magic.

Start that exercise regime you’ve been putting off for so long. What better time to get over the initial hump of getting started. Remember how good you feel after your exercise is done, that should be telling yourself a lot about how easy it is for you to make yourself feel better. It’s hard for your head to feel bad when you’re body feels so good.

Find the diet that works for you. You can get to the size you want and you will through commitment, desire and hard work. It’s extremely hard work, for some maybe the hardest you will ever face. How many “plans” have you tried and failed? Yep it’s the story of everyone who has been challenged with the battle of the bulge, including myself. But we have to stop making it worse and it starts with you. Seek the assistance of a trainer or dietician if that’s what you need to do, there are so many of them out there and they are there to help you. Work with them and put your own plan together, you can do it on your own, you know you can but if you need that coaching, get it. Then all you have to do is stick to it, make it the strongest commitment to yourself over everything for the time it takes to get to where you want to be. You will get there if you’re patient and persevere and start treating your body like the temple that it is. It’s the only body you’ve got; you can make it the body of your dreams and you will when you grant it the proper focus, time, energy and attention. You know what you should and should not be putting in your mouth, stop making excuses, all you’re doing is disappointing yourself and for what, a silly donut here, a bag of chips there? It does all add up in the end. If you’re feeling tempted, distract your attention on something else or go for a 5 minute walk to help refocus that attention. Be proud of yourself when you’ve beaten that temptation; that feeling of pride and accomplishment will last a lot longer than the short taste of your immediate craving. Most important, drink as much water throughout your day as you possibly can!!! Heck, think of it as your own Holy H20 if it makes you feel better.

Share yourself with those you love which I think should be everybody because the rumor is true, we are all connected. And now there’s a tangible name for it for any of you lingering doubters, a little something called the Internet and even more particular, Facebook; thank you Mark Zuckerberg. It’s too bad the government had to swoop right in and take over control of Mark’s ingenuity. But they do have to control everything now don’t they? Well, let them think that, who cares, at least they can’t control what you’re thinking and what you love and what you are destined to do, these are yours and yours alone. Those quacky officials really don't know what is truly best for you, but I do get the feeling they are slowly learning and things will change.

Smile at everyone you see, if they don’t smile back, don’t get mad, instead feel how lucky you are to even be able to conjure up a smile and pay it forward to someone else, especially someone you don’t know. I think people sometimes resent people who seem happier than they are and they allow this resentment to show. Maybe they are trying to bring you down to their level. Sad but don’t let it. That’s all you have to do, then smile at the next person.

Does it really make you happy when you make someone else feel bad? I don’t think so, at least I sure hope not. Isn’t it so much better and easier when you help someone to feel good? Regardless of the situation, you have that moment of control, a moment to make someone else feel good. Use that power of your control every time you think of it.

When you think of someone who is important to you, reach out to them and give them a quick little nudge to let them know you're thinking about them. Even if it’s just a text message or a poke on Facebook, let them know. Believe me it may just make their day and knowing this, how can you not be happy?

Allow the assistance that is all around you to help you. It’s okay. Acknowledge the signs you see, don’t brush them off, and read from them what makes you happy. And take advantage of them, we all need help for that’s the reason it is there. Just be sure to think it through; the world has turned into one big master manipulator, everything is just one huge marketing campaign. Try to hear only what makes you feel good and is good for you in the long run.

There is not one single person on this planet that has all of the answers, remember that. From as small as utilizing spellcheck, use the aids that are there, they are there for a reason and they are there for you. Read and follow all the directions and instructions that are presented to you; someone else has already figured that one out so why waste your valuable time trying to figure out what has already been solved. Save your time and energy for solving your real problems.

This is your time. And it can be wonderful. Get organized. Put everything in its proper place, what else have you got to do? Getting organized physically will conjure that notion inside you and you will soon find your thoughts are more organized. Clean your surroundings if you feel that is what you are supposed to do. Get rid of the clutter and while you’re doing it, pretend you are ridding your mind of all its clutter. Imagine a clear open mind. Most times going through the motions of the mundane are exactly what we need to be doing in order to get back on top of everything and to clear all the crazy cluttering thoughts that we let consume us. Keep everything in its proper place, put your keys on the hook when you get home, that way you know they will be there next time you need them. Pick a specific spot for your cell phone and always put it there. Next time you need it, it will be right there.

Always remember to do at every moment, what it is you feel you are supposed to be doing. Make it a game, for you know what? That’s really all it is. We are not our jobs; jobs are just the mechanisms which allow us to do the things we really love to do and be with the people we love to be with. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the expectations of society. Honestly, they are all wrong, at least in my opinion. The only expectations you should succumb to are your own. You are the smartest person in your world believe it or not. Tinker with that thought every day. You’ll discover some pretty wonderful and amazing things about yourself.

You have been given a magnificent gift. Consider yourself lucky, remember to remember that. So many of those crazy working folk are so stuck, stuck being so darn busy, stuck filling the mold they think they need to fill. Honestly, I think a lot of them are more lost and miserable than you are. Unless they are filling their days with something they love and are passionate about, they are not really living. Now is your time to figure out what you can do to fill your days with what you really love.

Treat yourself. Get that massage or facial. Buy a book that will inspire you. Go out for a hike, best part about that is, it’s free. Take the dog for a walk on a sunny crisp day; doesn’t your pal deserve that happiness? And guess what, it makes you happy too, remember? Why did you get the dog? Because they can be the best companions ever and we all need companions in life. When you see how happy they can be, you’ll soon discover how happy you already are. Show them your appreciation for their love as much as possible; with them around, you never have to be lonely.

Stop and watch a cat or stair into a fish bowl. I think they have got it figured out pretty well. They are content just being who they are and they can do whatever the heck they feel like at any given time. Imagine you are the cat or one of those fish, completely content with yourself, knowing you can do whatever it is you like at any given moment. You can be anyone. You can be anywhere. It’s all waiting for you right within your own mind. Figure out what it is you want to do, what’s your “calling”, what do you feel passionate about; figure that out then simply imagine you are already doing it. Do that every day, feel it in every minute of every day. I’ll bet you that you will start to feel good again. And if you are true to yourself in all areas of your life, your vision will become your reality.

Always remember you are in complete control of your thoughts and it is those thoughts which are guiding you every second. If they start to get cluttered, well, stop them. Turn your attention on something good, something fun, and something that makes you happy. Whether it’s praying, meditating, reading, painting, listening to your music, playing your music, being outdoors and in nature, whatever it is, you know what it is already, right? So why then do you beat yourself up? You are only beating up your entire world. And in doing so, what if you were contributing to the beating of our planet? Stop it.

Keep yourself productive, productivity is the key. Be productive thinking about what it is you really want to be doing. If unwanted thoughts creep in, delete them like you’re cleaning out your inbox. And keep your body productive and moving. Unless you’re working on the computer or reading an inspiring book or watching an inspiring movie or creating your own something new, you know there is something else you should be doing.

Focus and attention are also critical. First focus your attention on yourself. Then focus your attention on those around you, including the animals, and to include every single living being. I find when I let myself out of my head for a little while and focus on what will make someone around me happy and then do it, well I get probably 10 times happier than they did. It’s weird how that works. But that’s what has gotten me through my lonely months of unemployment. I have totally reevaluated my life. I have changed my entire self, I have changed my entire way of thinking and now truly understand all that is really important. For me, it’s making others happy that is my true calling and every day has turned into magic. I have been given the gift of time to figure that out. And now is your time to figure yourself out. Don’t treat it like a death sentence, treat it with the warmth you know you have inside. Nurture it. No one else can find your true calling but you. Once you figure it out, the world opens up to how it is supposed to be. You weren’t brought into this world to be miserable. It’s only you who makes yourself miserable by your own thoughts and actions or allowing the negative thoughts and actions of others to influence you. Don’t allow their negative influence to persuade you. There are infinite possibilities out there just waiting for you to wake up, put a plan in place and make them happen. You will make them happen once your mind is free and clear.

Be creative. We all have at least one creative outlet we love. Well, take advantage of that; create something new every day if you can. Write, read, paint, sculpt, play, whatever it might be, just get outside and allow your constructive creativity to blossom. Focus only on that creativity for the time it takes to re-center you. Pay attention to what brings you joy. If you have to write it down, write it down and you’ll always have it to look at. Surround yourself with things you love so everywhere you look, all you see is love then all you will feel is love.

Allow the flow of what you love to flow. Sure you’ll make mistakes but mistakes are only created so you may learn from them and move on. Guess what, they are already behind you. You know next time you will do it better and you will do it the right way. The way that’s right for you.

We are thinking and imaginative creatures. Use your imagination every day. If you’re feeling down and out, well imagine someplace you’ve been or someplace you’d like to go and be there for a moment. It’s okay to stop for a second to just get out of your entanglement and be where ever it is you want to be. Go there and have some fun.

Remember it’s not all on your shoulders; it’s not all up to you. Leveraging is another valuable tool. Everyone around you may have something to offer that will help. Seek their help and use it to your advantage, that’s why it is there.

Stop worrying. All worrying does is get in your way. You have to force it out of your way and calm down. Or maybe twist it around, think about what you are worried about. Is the world going to end at that very minute? I don’t think so. Become un-addicted to worrying, it’s amazing how free you will feel because in essence you are freeing your soul to breathe, thrive and prosper.

Put the pieces together; life is one giant puzzle and once you start fitting the pieces together you’ll soon see the beautiful picture that’s right in front of you. I’ve started dabbling in family ancestry, it is phenomenal what you can learn about yourself once you learn about how and from who you got here. Go as far back as you possibly can. I’ve seen that it actually does not have a beginning that I am capable of knowing its so far back; have fun filling in the gaps however you want them to be seen. You are always free to choose.

Remember your passion. Everyone has at least one passion in life and it will never end. Figure out every day what you need to do to meet that passion again. Start small and simple then allow the time necessary for it to build and build.

I remember Ferris Bueller’s famous quote, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” It’s completely true. (That was my high school yearbook quote, guess it’s coming round full circle now)

This is your life, no one else’s; it’s time to start living it so that you love it. Only you can truly make that happen and it is all within your power. Create your own harmony with your life and with those you share it with. Think big, think rich, think you are on top of the world and that’s exactly where you will find yourself. The wealthy only got wealthy because they thought themselves that way. Imagine you’re that movie or rock star, feel yourself as a star for it’s not being the star that’s so great but it’s the feeling it can bring you and it’s the feeling that matters the most. Do you really think you want to be mobbed by the paparazzi every time you step out of the house? Trust me, I don’t think you do. Or if you do, then go for it. And remember, each and every one of those stars out there has got to deal with their own problems too, probably bigger than yours; note to self-they are only human.

Money does not create happiness. Its mere paper and numbers to trade for the things you love. As soon as you learn to love what you already have, love all that is around you, love every being around you, the world will finally make sense and you will walk right into your very own heaven on earth.

That is how it is supposed to be. You know that is how it is supposed to be. So be it. This is one amazingly powerful universe we find ourselves in, I consider myself to be the luckiest person alive knowing this and using it to my advantage. Everything around you is there for you to use to your advantage so stop worrying and take advantage of it but never ever use your advantage with the intention of abusing something or someone else. Honest, truthful and what’s best for the world should be behind every intention you set forth. It took me 41 long years to climb my Mt. Everest, but I succeeded and made it to the top. How long are you going to put off your own personal expedition?

Just think if everyone started to think this way just how much more amazing this planet will be. The amazing is already here my friends, you might want to consider jumping on the bandwagon and start thinking this way.

I’ve seen a world where greed does not exist, war does not exist, aggression does not exist, hunger does not exist, disease does not exist, suffering does not exist, stress does not exist, anxiety does not exist, loneliness does not exist, fear does not exist, anger does not exist, broken does not exist, all negativity does not exist. Hate is a rumor from the past. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine this as your own little world? If you can, then it does exist. This is the world I choose to live in right now. All I know and feel are happiness, joy, gratitude, appreciation and love and I know how smart and lucky I am for allowing myself to feel this way. John Lennon and the Beatles lived in this world too; remember “Love is All You Need?” Really think about all of their songs again, listen to them if you can; all of the necessary messages were in them and check it out, we still have them. I think so many others’ lived in this world too but for whatever reason, their lives here were cut short, at least their messages live on. Really think about this, absorb it, and make it your new addiction. I think the White House could use a good DJ, there is an inspirational song for every situation. Listen to the lyrics of all the music you love, past, present and future; I’m sure you’ve heard them but when you really start listening to them, they are all saying the same thing. And how happy does it make you feel when you are listening to the music you love, I have music on all of the time, just about every kind of music that is out there. It is one of if not the most powerful sources of inspiration and magical awareness; you are allowed to live your life within this inspiration and magical awareness. All you have to do is choose. The choice is yours and the choice is right now. What are we really waiting for? I have chosen to love my life, love what I do, love who I am, share my love with as many living beings as I possibly can, accept the love from everyone I possibly can.

Suddenly my world is now perfect.

Maybe we can pick a day in the near future for everyone to give this a try. I bet it would be one insurmountably happy day. Maybe the day has already been chosen, perhaps December 21, 2012. I’ve been studying a little bit about that and the Mayan calendar and I really think something is going to happen. But I don’t think it is going to be bad, at least it doesn’t have to be. Maybe each and every one of us has a tiny piece of control over whatever that is going to be. Maybe today is the day you reevaluate and start your new thought-training program. Just what if?

How about we join together in discouraging disaster now?

I believe we can. Let’s create something completely new, completely organic and completely good for all of society, a treat for Mother Nature she will never forget. A treat for you for you will be an investor in this new venture. But most of all the best treat for the future of your innocent, loving and wildly imaginative children. They are the future of this planet and we must prepare the way for their true destinies to unravel so they can be what they are truly meant to be.

From what I’ve read and studied over the last 5 months and before, it has already begun, haven’t you started seeing it in the movies? It’s time for everyone to learn and understand and hop on the unstoppable wave that is already in motion. Believe me. I’ve already done a lot of the homework. I’ve worked harder these last few months and have learned more than I think I did in my previous 41 years. I’ve begun dabbling in a lot of the New Age Thought books that are flooding the bookshelves now; I’ve come to understand spirituality and how it operates, and how it coincides with science today and how it must be respected; I even picked up the Bible last time I spent a night in a hotel (and no, sorry, not the Book of Mormon, but maybe next time.) I’ve started exploring quantum physics, now that is the direction we are all headed. Check into it if you haven’t already, it is awesome stuff, or if you don’t have time, rent and watch “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Fantastic documentary that will give you an initial picture of what it’s all about and I promise you it will really make you think. I’m sure you’ve either read, watched or at least heard of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes, and her compilation of philosophers’ input, as well as her latest book, “The Power.” Now don’t you think that stuff is pretty cool and makes so much sense? It is all true. I think I might be living it; well at least I’m giving it my best effort. I’ve reconnected with my study of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam; when you combine the teachings of the three that have already been told, well now talk about making sense. I really hope to meet the Dalai Lama some day and shake that man’s hand. I could go on and on relaying his quotes but here’s one to get you thinking, “If in day to day life you lead a good life, honesty, with love, with compassion, with less selfishness, then automatically it will lead to Nirvana.” Oh, one more, “To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in battle.” If this sounds interesting to you, buy the books that are out there, explore all you can every single day. And remember the man, the human being, who sacrificed his entire self and soul to free you of all of your sins. It’s already been done and you know there is the proof to discourage any disbelief you may still have, so make a fresh new start, completely sin-free and move forward from there, you are living so that when you die, you die regret FREE!

I’m no religious fanatic or spiritual guru by any means, but I did play one on TV once, and I don’t think I’m going crazy, I used to but not anymore. I’m still just me trying to make the world a better place, but aren’t we all? I’ve just been smart enough to take full advantage of the time I’ve been given, take advantage of the abundance of resources that are at all of our fingertips and be as productive as I possibly can every day. You might know me, I just want to be the life of the party, but my astrologist has kicked my butt into gear and apparently this is what I am supposed to be doing right now.

Seize control of your today so you can create your own perfect tomorrow.

Cheers to you for simply one reason, being your own I Am.

Korey E. Yorkin

If Inspired, please continue a little bit longer:

Right around the same time I lost my job in October 2010, my very dear uncle lost something so much greater. I don’t believe in coincidences, there’s a reason these two incidences happened almost simultaneously. I felt a lot of self-pity in the beginning of all of this, not anymore. I have awakened to our true reality and I must share and help my uncle get back on his feet.
But I can’t do it alone.
Late one night while on a weekend getaway with the guys, my Uncle, who chooses to remain anonymous and I totally respect his wishes, took a step that would change his life forever. A step that lead to a fall down a steep staircase that resulted in a broken neck, a near death experience and total body paralysis. He has battled through but his future is forever altered as he now spends his days in a wheelchair but luckily he and his wife were able to gain access to a sweet little cottage of their own on the grounds of the wonderful rehabilitation center where they now spend their days. The medical bills are mounting only to continue to pile higher over the next many years. They must completely renovate their home to accommodate his condition and will probably need regular in-home care assistance to manage even the simplest of daily routine tasks. His wife can’t possibly handle it all on her own. Can you imagine how much all of this is going to cost? Insurance will cover some but we all know how far insurance goes, never far enough unfortunately. Imagine the stress, anxiety, fear and worry they face every single day. If I’ve inspired you today, and I really hope I have, that was my only intention, throw up a high five. Instead of buying me a coffee, lunch or a beer, buy me something that will have true meaning and purpose. Please donate to my cause to give him back a life he can be proud of and not have to worry about so much. Donate whatever you can, donate as often as this message inspires you then keep an eye out; I’ve heard Karma comes back to you ten-fold. Give to a cause that hits close to home. Some day you too might find yourself in a situation where you need the help of others, I promise I will always share all that I can. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your time and I truly appreciate your attention. I haven’t found employment in your world again and hope I don’t have to, it is nothing but a rat-race! Something tells me a penny for my thoughts will make me and you a rich and enlightened soul someday very soon.

With peace and love, always.

Korey Elizabeth Yorkin

Pennies, or whatever you got laying around, may be sent to:

Korey E. Yorkin
733 Browning Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Date of Birth: 10/25/1969
Place of birth: Albany, New York
Twin to my brother Andy
Oh and my right eye is half blue & half brown, since birth….I’ve always wondered what it meant as did all who have ever looked into it. Pretty sure I know what it means now. If you want to see for yourself, I will gladly send you a picture, it will only cost you what you think its worth.

References and resume upon request. “ )

Whitley and Anne, would love to sit down and talk with you two, both Brenna and I would really like that. She is the one who introduced you to me. She has finished Hybrids and has most of your books, including The Master of the Key which I just re-read and finished today, Hybrids is next on the list. Brenna Baer is my Soul-Mate, and well You know the rest of the story. Please let me know when you are free; hope you will accept this personal and engraved invitation to visit us at our happy home. Thanks. Gently and quietly though so as not to wake the neighbors. You know what I mean…
Whit, I think you are the one supposed to write my life story and create the Living Legion for the world whom you have already met and introduced. It’s a doozy. I kinda think I might be that lost child destroyed during the Holocaust here now to let everyone know, we are going to be okay.

12/21/2012 Midnight…..want to plan now where you were when it finally happened?

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