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What the Confirmation of BIgfoot Means

Something very profound has happened. The existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed by a DNA study that appears to have been carried out at a high level of scientific competence. It isn't simply a matter of us having discovered a new species on the Earth. What has been discovered is an intelligent species that is living in a way that is precisely the opposite of the way we live. The potential for a whole new kind of relationship therefore exists, and for both species the chance of embarking on a new journey that is far richer than the ones we have thus far pursued.

We are as different as we can be. In fact, polar opposites. Sasquatch is here to be; Man is here to do. These are two opposite poles of consciousness, and if we can find balance, we can, each of us, find ourselves in a completely new way. This possibility has never existed before, not in all the long years that the two species have spent living on Earth together.

I've had a lifelong interest in the Yeti and Sasquatch. When I was a boy, an acquaintance of my parents, Tom Slick, led the first scientific expedition in search of the Himalayan Yeti. In 2001 his niece, my close friend Catherine Nixon Cooke, retraced his steps. Because of my interest, I have done many interviews on Dreamland with Bigfoot researchers, and I have never doubted that something was out there. For example, Dreamland this week will cover Bigfoot Sounds and will mark my 7th show on the subject since 2007. (All of these shows are available in the Dreamland Archive. Search on Bigfoot and Sasquatch.)

According to the results of a 5 year DNA study that has been done by a team led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum of DNA Diagnostics, Bigfoot indeed exists. This study used hair samples that had been gathered over the years by Sasquatch researchers, and has concluded that "while it has human DNA within its genome, there are also distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape sequences."

This isn't just the DNA of a new species, it is extremely unusual DNA as it is a combination of our DNA with that of an unknown human species. According to DNA Diagnostics' press release, the new species emerged out of sexual contact between males of the unknown species and human females around 15,000 years ago.

It is worth remembering that Planet Earth was in a state of extraordinary chaos during that period, as the last ice age ended with violence that led to the extinction of many species and challenged the existence of the human species as never before or since in its history.

But I want to go beyond discussion of what might have been then and what Sasquatch might be like now, and explore why it is that this species has kept itself so expertly hidden from Homo Sapiens that it was, even among the people of Tibet and the Native American tribes, both highly skilled in the ways of the wilderness, more of a legend than a reality.

From earliest times and throughout our history, Sasquatch has made an extraordinary effort to stay hidden. Not a single skeleton has been found. Very little has been discovered of shelters or habitations or nests. There is only an equivocal photographic record. Few people have ever come face-to-face with Sasquatch, not in modern times and not at any time.

Obviously, Sasquatch is quite intelligent and quite skilled, and seeks--or sought--this concealment. I say 'sought,' because when you hear the sounds on Dreamland this week and learn of the circumstances under which they were recorded, you will conclude, as I did, that they were being made by something that wanted to be heard. Many of the recordings are thirty and more years old, so, if Sasquatch has been making an approach to us, it has been unfolding very slowly.

Perhaps they are intelligent enough to have realized that, with all of our searching and collection of samples, we were inevitably going to discover them, and have been taking steps that they hope will enable them to control their side of the experience, so that we will not, either out of willfulness or an excess of kindness, destroy them.

If they are so intelligent, it is worth asking why they have remained hidden. Of course they must be afraid of us, and the more intelligent they are, the more profound that fear must be. They would be foolish not to fear that some of us will go rushing off into the deep forests seeking the ultimate hunter's trophy.

They are not like us and were not meant to be like us. We are naked and must make our own shelter or die. Nature has clothed them in hair and given them, in their powerful senses, all that they need to thrive. We must make our technology. They are born with theirs.

In fact, they have remained even more primitive than we were fifteen thousand years ago. They are a pre-stone age species, still, in effect, living entirely off the physical assets that nature granted them. We have not been like that for a very long time. Fifteen thousand years ago, we were already working stone and using animal skins to cover ourselves. Gobekli Tepi dates from a time when Sasquatch was a new species, so we were already builders then. Thirty thousand years ago, we were creating art at a high skill level in the caves of France and Spain. Fifty thousand years ago, we were using fire and stone tools, and creating edges in flint.

The study results also show that males of an unknown human species mated with females of our species, which is how the new species was born. Implicit in this finding is the fact that the females of our species must have raised their offspring with the males of the other species. It seems likely, given the chaos of that era, that they were thrown together by necessity, and that, for whatever reason, their offspring were born to take a profoundly different path from that undertaken by genus homo, the species of their mothers. The mothers would not have been hair-covered. The babies were. They would have been clothed or they would have died. The babies did not need clothing. They would have required shelter and fire. The babies would have been like their fathers--they would have required nothing.

Sasquatch is. Man does. This does not mean that they are better or we are better. It only means that we are different. The aim of Sasquatch is to be together. The aim of Mankind is to do together, and thus to understand one another.

When Christ said, "regard the lilies of the field, neither do they reap, nor do they sow," he was speaking of an intentional surrender that is among the most difficult challenges that any searcher can face. Meister Eckhart amplified the meaning of his words when he said that surrender was to become "as a clear glass through which God can shine."

Sasquatch is still living in the state that we were in prior to the beginning of the long struggle to survive that our naked bodies imposed upon us.

In my book the Path, I discuss a way of consciousness that is revealed in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles. The cards are laid out in the shape of a Templar Cross, with the path of life spreading out in four directions from the center of the cross. Two directions, downward and leftward, lead to death, judgment, and being trapped on the wheel of life. The two other directions lead to love, compassion and freedom.

Looked at through the eyes of history, the entire enterprise of Homo Sapiens, from the moment we made our first flint to this moment, is a journey along the left-hand path, that leads down to death and destruction. It isn't our fault. If we'd had hair, nobody on Earth would be taking this path.

At the same time, therefore, there would be no great art, no soaring music, and none of the moments of love and discovery that fill our world every single hour of every single day--or the brutality, the injustice and the evil. Also, there would be no search, for unless you have lost the way, you have no reason to search for it.

While society is trapped on the left-hand path, the individual can choose differently, and take the right-hand path which leads upward and outward, and even, in the case of great mastery of life, enact the search suggested by the cards, in which the searcher finds balance between the two paths, and in that balance, transcendence. But, as a species, ours is a journey from war to war and calamity to calamity, that has left across the face of the planet vast ruins, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and so many more. And at present, yet another civilization is coming to its climax--our own.

Through all of this time, Sasquatch has abided as part of nature, living inside the balance of the world. Above all things, this is what we have to learn from him--not that we should do it, but that it can be done and is being done.

There is a deeper lesson though, which is that there is no blame to be attached to either state. We are as nature made us, each species built as it was built, to express itself in life as it must.

Almost anything we do to Sasquatch now will carry him out of his long journey in balance with nature and into some version of the struggle in which we are ourselves trapped. Our merest touch is likely to unbalance him, causing him to repeat in his own unique way the same fall into knowledge that we have experienced, that is so eloquently recorded in the first chapter of Genesis.

Sasquatch does not know, not yet. Sasquatch abides. And now his fate rests in our hands. How will we treat him? Will we seek to preserve the presence of intelligence in innocence, or will we sweep him along with us into the storms of the left-hand path?

He waits. If we let him, he will wait forever and abide forever. Perhaps seeing him in that state, and letting him be, is for us the beginning of a new journey of relationship that will, in the end, enable the being of Sasquatch and the knowledge of Man, to join together in a new way, that will bring a vibrant new vision to both species.

This journal entry is a prime example of why I have subscribed since UC's inception; a multi-dimensional clarity of spirit coalesced into singular action. I have been struggling to wrest myself from the path of the selfish and direct attention toward the introspective. Beautiful insight like that above provides a mirror for my progress. Let those who remain unknown, stay in the question.

The naysayers who unequivocally deny the existence of an intelligent species living among Homo Sapiens follow in lockstep what science and reason has stated to be as the only truth: there absolutely cannot be a Sasquatch walking this earth regardless of any photographic, video or anecdotal evidence suggesting otherwise.

And as the evidence continues to mount you will see these deniers forced to require more and more extreme proof to the point of demanding a living, breathing example just to entertain the thought, effectively moving the goal post back further and further.

But they will never admit to anything that threatens the currently accepted paradigm, preffering to die within their current state of belief than face the inevitable.

And thus is the great irony. As our very own species progresses in science and technology we become further imprisoned in a limited understanding of the greater reality.

It's clear to me that Sasquatch avoids mankind, because they know full well how violent homo sapiens is, from personal experience.

This is my concern now, that the woods will be filled with hunters wanting to bag one and mount its head on a wall, or put it in a zoo. Since Bigfoot shares human DNA, they should be afforded all the rights that humans enjoy, without being hunted, or hounded to death.

Indeed, its a travesty that any great ape, Orangutang, Gorilla, Chimpanzee... or any intelligent species, including whales and dolphins, have to endure the violence of Man- kind.

They need protection, now.. or many of us will regret that this discovery was ever made.

I recall reading about Saaquatch as a boy in 3rd grade, and now we have some scientific proof, of something that most of us have know all along. They come by many names: Yeti, Sasquatch, Boggy Creek 'Monster' and so forth. What I find fascinating, is several eye witness accounts and recounts of encounters say that the Sasquatch appears out of thin air. Either they understand portals of nature or they have become extermely good at staying queit while running/walking on a forest floor. For anyone who has ever attempted to be quiet while walking on a floor of dry leaf mulch, twigs & underbrush it's near impossibile. So we may have much more to learn from Sasquatch. I fear for them and the ways of man.

This is still in the announcement stage. No data has yet been put out by the lab that made the announcement, although they did say that they will go through the proper scientific validation channels. There is yet another study on Bigfoot waiting to come out from Oxford: http://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/academic/GBFs-v/OLCHP

The implications of meeting another species, especially one that we feel superior to (foolishly or not), cannot be overstated. Looking at history for examples we can see that in the end we seem to find our way and do the right thing... but in the beginning there's always chaos.

I'm curious to see the full peer reviewed study come out. So far mainstream media is keeping a quite a distance from this news.

If this is confirmed and accepted I wonder what the repercussions will be in regards to UFOs, multi-dimensional experiences and other such high strangeness events. It's pretty hard to close the lid on the box once you open it :)

The article sited proposes there was an unknown species of hominid as recently as 15 thousand years ago that cross-bred with human females. This may not have been a natural occurrence but sounds more like a genetic breeding program.
What's that line in the bible that goes -they saw females and were attracted to them so they took them and spawned a race of giants?

The report your mention says: "Ketchum calls on public officials and law enforcement to immediately recognize the Sasquatch as an indigenous people:

“Genetically, the Sasquatch are a human hybrid with unambiguously modern human maternal ancestry. Government at all levels must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a ‘license’ to hunt, trap, or kill them.”

I fear that even such laws would not protect Sasquatch, and that spouting noble ideals and justice, we would still treat them as we have our own indigenous peoples: restrict their freedoms, demolish their cultural systems and get them addicted to our poisons: alcohol, sugar and white-man's foods, that is, if we don't kill them in the name of scientific or medical research.

May Sasquatch ever remain an intriguing and beautiful secret, and out of our reach....until such day as humanity has evolved into something better.

Its very exciting to have this physical evidence of Big Foot. I always assumed they have interdimesional travel capibilities...how else could they remain so elusive in these modern times? I still have a hard time believing they are soley third dimensional beings like us. If they were they could be tracked with dogs, being large and smelly, certainly not faster than a Bear or Cougar. I too wish for them safety from harm. They are a facinating mystery. I got to hear their calls/screeches once at night in the mountains of Oregon, and it was a thrill!

Great insight! Yes they are real physically and I could be wrong but it just seems obvious that where they hide and how they avoid us is through ( I know it sounds cliche's) dimensional change or shifts or something on that order which we doers can't syntax yet.

Sorry but am feeling philisophical, have to post another plug,- what if we humans are the hidden and the creatures (who just want to BE and are more or less the passive state in the triad) are actually the open revealed (maybe devine), reality. Question is how will most handle this veil breaking down if it becomes extremly thin?

I suspect the breaking down of this veil is not time-dependant but is instigated by the being themselves...so until we figure out how to slide between the worlds ourselves, we will be forever at a disadvantage. We are assuming that these Big Foot creatures are vunerable but maybe that is not the case, if they have this ability.

I hope too that they stay beyond our reach - at least until we have evolved.

Not to put a damper on the enthusiasm, but this is just one scientist/researcher. Before the scientific community and the world at large accepts this, it will need to be duplicated and LOTS of questions asked. (Where did the samples come from? Any possibility of cross-contamination? Etc. )

Scientists have been proving things for years without their research being accepted---for instance, crop formations (analyzed by Levengood), the 'Starchild' skull, and even the odd events surrounding Whitley's implant in his ear lobe. Let's not forget Michael Cremo and 'Forbidden Archaeology', as well as physical evidence of UFOs. Scientists by their very nature pick apart the work of other scientists. Right or wrong, it's what they do, and if they can't duplicate it the evidence of this particular research will languish for years, and possibly forever.

Compelling evidence, and I too want to know more. Let's hope that more information is brought forth and that some biologists are curious enough to pursue this further.

I, personally, think this is very cool. :-)

When I read Whitley's headline a shock of pure joy ran up my spine.
Just to know, however limited that knowledge is, that man really is not alone on this wonderful planet is as uplifting to my spirit as nothing else could be. Then, at the same time, I am filled with dread... not for myself or for mankind in general... but for that magnificent being that has, for so long, evaded us, in secret, unspoiled, known only in legend and myth. Contact with this species should, in my opinion, be left to Sasquatch themselves. Suddenly now, the term Big Foot seems like a racial slur.

Is it possible that these creatures are actually a more advanced form of hominids than humans? I'm thinking of the 'beings' who are inside these forms. Appearances aside, if they are inter-dimensional or from 'somewhere else' the bigfoot form seems perfectly adapted to exploring our world. Even at high altitudes in the Himalyas the Yeti is perfectly adapted and naturally suited to it's environment.

Is it not naive to believe that Sasquatch could have remained so anonymous to even ones so present and aware in nature as the Native Americans, and ones so technologically invasive and destructive as Americans, without some interdimensional aspect to their being? They likely just come 'here' to snack. They are doing this themselves or are protected by others. I doubt humans are permitted to approach them - surely that would mean nothing but death for them.

I think you overestimate the issue of hair in one sense. With human 'cleverness', clothing is readily devised in most environments - indigenous cultures demonstrate this. Where is free energy? Solar? Why are we still burning oil? There are far better solutions, why are they not used? Humanity's problems are largely spiritual and social. They are not technological problems at heart - seemingly impossible technological problems are merely symptoms of a disease of the will. But we were probably engineered without hair so that we are more easily controlled and dependent on fuels, and to inhibit sexuality (due to clothing). Sexual expression raises spiritual awareness - hard to control.

Homo sapiens are approaching intelligence. Thus far they have mostly exhibited cleverness, which without growth unavoidably ends in blowing oneself up with a terribly clever bomb. Intelligence dismantles the bomb, doesn't build any more, and enjoys life.

Thanks for a very touching and interesting article. Shamanistically speaking, Sasquatch seems to represent a part of ourselves - a more natural human. The way we interact with the Sasquatch phenomenon says a lot about who we are, and your treatment of it here shows you to be an evolving person of high compassion and deep awareness.

I would appreciate hearing more of your speculations, especially on the weather. You may not have all the facts or science, but you've been reviewing these concepts for a long time and have much insight to share! Same for UFOs - go 'out there' Whitley, rather than catering to fools. Tell us what you think.

"The existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed by a DNA study"

That is not really true yet.

Somewhat implicit in sidestepping the necessity of intellectually mastering the environment for means of survival is the emotional mastering of it. I think our reach for progress is natural and inviolable, resulting from the billion+ years of biological imperative leading to our unlikely emergence. As such, this insatiable urging, coupled with the intelligence we know hominins to be physiologically capable of, even perhaps a million years ago, could produce a very unique conscious -- one exhibiting a complete and profound emotional "understanding" of its environment. Are we looking at a close relative that's developed wholly emotionally instead of intellectually? This is surprisingly plausible. Such polar opposites existing on the same biosphere would probably be the rarest of the rare, I'd expect.

Disregarding how fantastic the hypotheses may sound, if true I would expect any advanced visiting "agency" to do everything in its power to preserve the kind of diversity that maximizes novelty. The stealth attributed to these creatures seems really far fetched, as are the impossibly sci-fi encounters people report. Hairy hyper-dimensional aliens with overactive pituitary glands? C'mon now! But what if we are seeing a native species protected by those who treasure the chance emergence of intelligence more than anything else in the Universe? At our stage of advancement such intellectually "inferior" beings would not be appreciated for the treasure they truly represent, and while extremely unlikely to commit genocide I think we'd still trample the delicate flower that represents their unique worldview, something Whitley rightly portends. I'd also add that it's pretty likely these creatures are dimly aware of the protection the receive, sensing only its benevolence.

Ultimately I don't think we'll be allowed to get close until we're considered ready, they are truly an endangered species. I do think, like the dead, we are being carefully introduced to their reality. I'd really be surprised that, as with the Others, there isn't already some institutional knowledge of their existence. We may find this story and its primary participants buried in a slag of disinformation and disavowals, by multiple agencies, with multiple good reasons. I don't condone censorship, I do condone keeping "presence" wrapped until they can be received as gifts, not curses.

There's a whole lot of academic burden of proof needed to confirm this finding. I bet even this won't happen, which does not disappoint me, I think this is another question best left open...for now.

OMG, the "confirmation of bigfoot?" A bit premature, wouldn't (or shouldn't) you say? I guess we all see what we want to see.
Still, thanks for this article. Now, I can say with certainty that you are a fraud, Mr. Streiber, though I don't know why I couldn't see it earlier with the bogus articles posted on this site.
Really, you do a disservice to any claims of things "out of the ordinary," but I guess it's a good way to make a living, dabbling in all manner of hocus pocus. Sigh.

I believe when Mr. Strieber said Bigfoot's existence was now scientifically confirmed, he was speaking for the consensus of intelligent people still surviving on this planet - those of us who can see and accept reasonable evidence and move forward productively. There will always be those who can deny anything, regardless of any amount of investigation. Nothing factual can touch such denial, but many of the people who enjoy this website have simply moved on from that level of denial.

Personally, I think people who live in such deep denial have a need to control and feel superior to everything in their perception - they are so terrified of the truly unknown that it paralyzes their intellect. If they do not feel they are able to kill something, or control it, or if they feel something is larger than they are or beyond their immediate comprehension, they simply won't see it. If you show them evidence, they will concoct the wildest stories to avoid the most rationally obvious conclusions. Only then can they maintain their delusion of power over life - their perception of themselves as in control. Nothing truly unknown can be admitted to such a world.

Thus despite decades of simply stunning UFO materials and human testimonials, they remain in denial. They deny the power of natural medicine. They deny the power of nature and the importance of respecting it, and instead create human monstrosities. They deny the weather changes blowing their houses down the street. Such people tow the line, and that line is increasingly controlled by those who simply murder to enforce their view of the world. Ridicule is merely a social representation of this desire to murder the unknown.

Fear. But Whitley is not looking at this through your eyes of fear, so he sees something else: an evolution of consensus which he has witnessed before in other areas, such as the UFO and abduction/contact phenomena, Cydonia, and 'superstorms', to name just a few. He has seen ridicule turn to respect, and has seen the unknown revealed to a degree, and thus no longer fears the process as you may.

In fact, I think any clear-headed person should have conluded long, long ago that Bigfoot exists. Even the reliance on some DNA lab for such an obvious conclusion shows that we still give too much power to the high priests and not enough to simple common sense. Even if all the labs said it was fake it would mean nothing - the evidence is overwhelming. As in, "Duh." The really interesting thing here isn't that Bigfoot exists, but that he's part of the human family. Our long lost cousin - how shall we greet distant family? (Run for your life, Bigfoot. Most humans are still murderous, fearful beasts!)

In the one interview Whitley asked, Just how stupid do they think we are? I think the answer is that they know how stupid most of us still are.

I was just wondering why there seems to be the occurrence of Bigfoot in UFO literature, when a thought occurred to me...if the occupants of these craft are interested in human mtDNA, what better place to go to find a pure sample, unchanged by time and undamaged by the pollution of our modern world. And if so, I wonder if that genetic material is taken, or given freely? Might Bigfoot get something in return? Protection? If, as has been suggested by some, the occupants of UFOs are humans from the future, then perhaps the meetings with Bigfoot are the continuation of an ancient friendship-one that started right here, right now. A triad of sorts...the ancient, modern and future humans, in one merry dance.

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