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Change of Being Part Two: Finding Joy

A few weeks ago, I published a journal entry called 'Change of Being.' I would like to return to this subject and describe what has become an ongoing process of inner change. I was on Coast to Coast week before last with George Knapp when I had the first experience of just how much I have changed. He announced that Tony Scott had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. He was the director of my second movie, 'the Hunger,' and I have followed his career with great pleasure ever since. While I did not know him personally, I did know that he had tried to get Warner Brothers to do a remake of the Hunger, wanting to bring the skills he had learned over the years to a re-visioning of the film.

Hearing what had happened shocked me in very much the normal way, but then something else happened, something more. I felt a raw, intense sense of absolute compassion for him and all who loved him, for his wife and children. Their anguish came flooding into me with tremendous power. I could see him. Feel the sudden inner sorrow that overcame him. Could almost hear his wife crying. It was as if all the filters with which I had always lived were gone.

I said nothing of this. The show was about other topics. I was deeply shaken, but I kept on, of course. As I had suggested to him, George got into global warming. Then I had my second surprise. Coast runs on stations that have mostly far right-wing programming. Personally, I am not very ideological. I'm neither a liberal nor a conservative. My preference is always for candidates who express moderation. Although they are harder and harder to find, I do seek them out and vote for them when possible.

Immediately, calls started coming in from people who are profoundly misinformed about global warming. As I listened, something entirely new happened to my mind. I saw a vision of the future, vivid, as if I had been hurled forward in time. I clutched the phone, a lifeline. What I saw was terrible enough, but more than that, I felt the confusion and fear that they will feel, and above all, the hunger that, in their time, will come as never before to define life on Earth.

I also heard the voice of the Master of the Key saying that 'sin is denial of the right to thrive,' and I saw that the false debate that has been generated on this subject is about doing just that: denying the innocent children all around us their right to thrive as we have in our own generation.

Emotions of great power filled me, and I did something that I literally never do in public or private: I raised my voice against the ignorance and the lies that I was hearing. I saw that the far right has already won on global warming. All they wanted was the debate itself, which insures that we will do nothing.

I saw that I am on a mission on behalf of life, on behalf of a new human consciousness and, above all, on behalf of the children. For the first time, I understood this mission clearly, in words, and saw how it has defined my life.

The next morning, I received an appalling telephone call. A dear, old friend had been diagnosed with a terrific cancer. He is in a life and death struggle. Once again, the emotions that exploded within me were not like the quiet, muted response of the other Whitley. They were fearsome and raw and full of a love for my friend that I didn't even know I felt. Over the next couple of hours, they extended to the whole suffering of mankind, to all of the people on all of the desperate beds of the world, and I found myself almost disappearing as an entity, such was the empathy I felt.

My meditation has become more powerful than ever before. 'Whitley' completely disappears when I meditate. I see the earthbound dead all around me. I see into other worlds, lives being lived in realities that are not like our own, and the souls and suffering and joy of the living. Above all, the great, singing joy of being that literally fills the world.

I have discovered that, while we are different because we are intelligent, everything is conscious, and I don't mean just living things. I mean everything. I have understood how the ancients made their temples come to life, by applying images to the stones and shaping them into forms and structures that would allow consciousness to focus there.

A few nights ago, I gave a lecture to a small group at Olander, the home of Leigh and Carla McCloskey. (I rarely do this. Generally, I confine myself to the Dreamland Festival and the one or two things a year that, for whatever reason, I cannot turn down.) Leigh is an actor and artist who began, on 911, painting his studio with what has become, to my eye and mind, one of the great works of our era. We were in a large room below the studio, a group of about fifty of us. (To learn more about Leigh and his work, click here.)

I felt an energy coming through me that was, again, unlike anything I had ever known before. Prior to giving the lecture, I had sat beside a little pond on the property. I had smelled its breath, a scent that was like that of the pond at my cabin and, above all, like the pond on my grandparents' property, beside which I had dreamed the dreams of boyhood. The scent transported brought me to a new kind of sensation: I was not just sensing my body as it was in that moment in that chair, but as it has been all of my life. It was not memory. I was in the long truth of my being.

Then a lady came up and asked me 'what film are they playing tonight?' I said that there were some people giving a lecture. (I am way too shy to have identified myself as the lecturer.) But then, during the lecture, I saw her glaring at me with hate in her eyes. I felt the mistake I had made so profoundly. How my eagerness to preserve my meditative state had pushed this person away, denying her the chance to absorb the energy of the lecture. Denial of the right to thrive, right there. My fault.

Nevertheless, the lecture was unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. A terrific intelligence overtook me. I saw clearly the breath of life and the true extent of consciousness. Then I felt, coming down from the studio above, a focused awareness that was at once watching me and asking me for a certain kind of help. I found myself able to simply open the door of self and let it in. This wonderful artist, without quite realizing what he was doing, has created a temple like the temples of old. It is a place full of imagery that enables transcendent being to focus its attention on the much slower vibration of our level.

When the lecture ended, and we came home, I meditated. During this meditation, I realized that I will never be the person I was even a few months ago, never again. I cannot say with clarity yet what I have become, but I can explain it directionally, in this way: What we call life is a process of breathing in experience. We use physical bodies because they are so richly endowed with sensual receptors and so deeply engulfed in the time stream. We do not see the future, and thus receive all of the energy of life as it impacts us with its surprises. That is the breathing in I have written and spoken about lately.

All of this change, in my opinion, comes from a confluence of three things: the many years of education I received from the visitors; the effects of meditation and inner work; and the moral imperatives explained by the Master of the Key.

I always laugh to myself when people talk to me about the 'good aliens' and the 'bad aliens.' In fact, that question came up during the question and answer period at my lecture. There are two things that people who think this way miss: the first is the issue of complexity. If we could go freely to another world, and religious missionaries, scientists, businessmen, madmen and saints all went, and more, how many different species would the confused targets of our visitation imagine they were dealing with? Many, you can be sure. But what they would really be dealing with is the same thing that we are dealing with: complexity. And in this case, it is compounded by two central facts: we don't know what our visitors are, and we don't know how many different types there are, or how many different motives or ideologies.

The only thing we know for certain is that they are here, and, as my wife Anne discovered after reading many thousands of letters from witnesses, they have something to do with death and the afterlife.

In the state we call "death," which is really another kind of consciousness, we contemplate our lives in extraordinary detail, going instant by instant, and seeing all the resonances and ramifications of everything we did. Each thing that we see, we release, until finally there is nothing left but essence itself, in purest innocence.

Either we are drawn back to life by what we could not reconcile or release, or we ascend from there off the wheel of life and join the ecstatic journey outward. Ecstasy is like heat. It has no upper limit.

So we are, very profoundly, this duality: the active state living in time; and the passive state living in timelessness. However, there is a third state that encompasses the two, sees them both, and seeks to find balance. When we touch the energies of which I am speaking here, we touch this third, greater state of reconciliation.

It is open, compassionate and utterly truthful. It is on a mission to give of itself on behalf of the consciousness of others, and above all, on behalf of the surging joy that is the core meaning of the world. When the visitors said to me, 'have joy,' this is what they meant. In darkness, light.

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The most profound thing I have ever read. Thank you Whitley.

Hate is often wasted on the young.

I spent the Labor Day weekend at an annual meeting of a group of people who have dedicated themselves to living in love and light, people with truly open hearts. For a weekend every year, the outside world vanishes as a few dozen people live as people were intended to live. This is very difficult to describe to someone who has not experienced it; it is almost a fugue state, but I hesitate to use that term because it has a negative connotation. But for a few days we were able to Have Joy.

In the next couple of generations, those whose hearts are not open will fall away and merge with the dust of history; the loving and joyful will inherit the Earth.

"The meek will inherit the earth."
Bearing, could you expand your comment? It's very cryptic, but suggests interesting thought behind it.

A sense of peace and inner focus filled me as I read your statement of awareness. I gasped as a fellow traveller has made significant progress on the road of ascendent being. I endeavor to follow your example.

Thank you for enduring your tribulations.

All of us can resist, with each moment and with each breath...through joy..

Hi Whitley, new journal entries like this by you are among the few things that I look forward to most, I mean that without hyperbole.

Reference to The Key here is particularly strong.

Reading it sparked in me the thought to share something with you that I've been meaning to share for almost 9 months.

It's nothing much, but back in mid January I made the trek alone from MN to Washington DC to essentially participate in Occupy protest there. And to my shock I found there on a sole free standing dry erase board centrally located within a large encampment of tents; just a couple blocks from the White House, someone had written, "Want to know the truth about the world? Read THE KEY: A TRUE ENCOUNTER by Whitley Streiber (sic)". It was the only such book or media recommendation written.

I don't know who wrote the recommendation or how long it had been there, I was only around for a couple nights basically to protest in the streets (I didn't want to cause my family worry and so I went in secret, also an extended vacation would provoke questioning at work which I wanted to avoid), but I can vouch it remained on the board for the time I was there.

I snapped a picture and video recorded it to share with you right after wandering upon it to my shock around 9 PM on the night of January 16th 2012. Conditions were rain and just under 40° F.

The idea of "good aliens" and "bad aliens" is, I agree, rather absurd. So is the idea of "good people" and "bad people." Very few people in the history of the world have done things because they felt they needed to do the wrong thing. While there are exceptions, generally by the emotionally damaged and mentally ill, the majority of people do what they do because they think that it is the "right" thing to do. Sadly, most people live in a vast complex of misconceptions based on the lies told to us by the media, the government, many religious institutions, and every other cultural entity that thinks it knows what is best for the human race and tries to force us into their own model of how the world should be, instead of letting us live in the freedom to pursue our own lives that is the right of every being.

The recent period of time you've written about seems to roughly correspond with when you said you started using the Earthing mat (in June was it?) Do you think there's much relation to that? (I guess I'm asking about your instinct about it, since there's no way to know for sure.)

And on that subject, I've been meaning to go back and read the part of The Key that talks about the quantum field that exists around the body, and having something to do with electron spin. Because I'm wondering if the effect being observed from Earthing has something to so with bringing the body's electrical characteristics into alignment with the Earth's. So to go back to my original question above, could this be a significant part of the "change of being" you're experiencing? A sort of alignment of your quantum skin?

I have my earthing mat on order, and have been trying to spend more time outdoors barefoot, but it's too early to tell anything from my own experiences.

I have tried just sitting down barefoot on the ground...direct to ground. Yes it works.
I remember a story about some Okinawans and some Japanese my wife told me. They would bury their bodies completely in sand up to the neck with wonderful effects. Very similar. That must be why I always felt so good after walking on the beach...energized. I have been experiencing very similar things that Whitley has written about in this series.

As an Architect, I am intrigued and would love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas on the formulation of spaces and buildings for the advancement of consciousness.
It is one of the things that I seek to expand my knowledge of and feel that this could be my mission or my gift. I always try to add a little sacred geometry to a building but feel that with the knowledge, not necessarily academic, more awareness, that we could achieve this. I firmly believe that the early gothic principles were based on Templar knowledge received on journeys in the temple catacombs.The late Lawrence Gardner and Graham Hancock have also been great inspirations in this quest

Whitley: Sin is the sign of youth. If we were truly ancient, we would see beyond sin and avoid it altogether.

As always, thank you for generous sharing of your feelings, experiences ~ all your great work ~ with us.
Many blessings, love ~ and Godspeed ~

Traveller: check out this video:
Secrets in Plain Sight

It ties together sacred geometry, ancient and modern monuments, and mystery school teachings.

(inadvertently posted)

Dear Whitley - This is such a profoundly exquisite and insightful journal entry. It moved me to many places within my soul and around the wheel of life, including moments of heartbreak, especially about the lady at the pond. Peace to both of you.

The whole idea of ascension and getting off this 'wheel of life" is critical I believe... Beautiful, Thanks!

Do we know that, Bearing? Sin, insofar as we understand it, so often emerges out of a sense of desperation. Is it a sin for a starving man to steal a chicken, or for a Nazi to gas Jews so that he himself will not be shot? Where does sin, in the end, really lie? (I don't know which of these acts is a sin, which is the point of my question. To me, the first one seems innocuous and the second evil, but who am I to judge?) It is essential for us to look into our own hearts and not try to see into the hearts of others. That is not our business and we have little time. Seems to me wisest to keep to the business at hand.

Whitley, it's clear why the visitors chose you......because you can articulate that complexity!

I don't post often but thanks for all you do.

Whitley, I am a constant companion and great friend of yours, although you have not met me - I thank you for your gift of words and open insight. I have been here since dial-up, my Communion letter didn't make it to you and dear Anne. I burnt it with the book in a bon fire at Whidbey Island in 1988 - my memories too vivid for my personal journey at the time. I am absourbing The Key, listening to the lessons in the subs. and I weep (Geez - no kidding...I'm frigging doing it now!) - my compassion for our journey and I mean "OUR" (all of us) is edging (consuming) and most of all grand. Please know the importance of the message. It is spreading and gaining all around us.
My last sentance dosen't really speak to my compassion and love for your journey, the wonder and courage. Your endurance toward truth. My words are a speck of my meaning - I wish I could convey more (more better:), ha!). THANK YOU for the meditations - they have been crutial - as I stuggle the balance better here (hear) and there (everywhere).
Only Kindness Matters,

Whitley: When I meant "ancient", I meant seeing beyond time as the visitors and others like them do and beyond our future actions before we actually supposedly made them fact. If we can see the trap before us, then we can avoid it. Should you indulge in arrogance before you see it, that's your decision.

Aloha Whitley,
It's a heart warming article you've written and I send my deep gratitude for your insights. I also appreciate the comments your subscribers contribute & I thank everyone here for your warm, considerate and thoughtful writing.

There are some authors whose books I would like to recommend because their subjects follow along recent subjects and comments. The first is Dr. Ibrahim Karim, scientist & architect from Cairo, Egypt. His book is "Back to a Future for Mankind". He has developed the science of qualitative energy through biogeometry. The U.S. based organization that teaches his work is called Vesica Institute. The information is something that I will refrain from describing, as Dr. Karim's research and articles can do a much better job, and his credentials would fill many pages. This information will help us all to "connect the dots" in terms of where we may be headed in an extremely positive and healthy direction. He has put the Sacred back into the science of architecture, agriculture, health and ecology. I hope you all will be more than pleasantly surprised!

I also want to tell you of a humble little book called "The Secrets of Aloha", by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, an authentic Hawaiian initiated priest of Temple Lomilomi, who shares his knowledge in a humble way, of the traditional mysteries of Hawai'i. He is in the lineage of the namesake Uhane, which can be traced in the Kumulipu, an ancient chant of 4 thousand generations of history, that takes 3 days & 3 nights of speaking.

Each author descends from a lineage from whom contributions continue flowing out into our world. These contributions of sacred gifts, should we decide to open to them, are here to help us in countless ways. It's all very beautiful, helpful, ancient and relevant.

My own spiritual initiation into becoming a doctor of indigenous medicine began in 1987, after repetitive visitations of space craft at my home in Northern California. This is the first time I have written of this in public forum. Although I can not claim to have seen the visitors nor claim to have been taken on board their beautiful, energetically mysterious crafts, the energy the vehicles emitted was strikingly peaceful and opened my heart. My experience is something I hold close to my heart, as the feelings I had with each occurrence was like a promise being kept to me. I had known since I was a child that they would someday return to let me know they hadn't forgotten me as...family. I did not experience any type of trauma from these visits, however I have since seen other craft that are equally spiritually energetic. I hesitate to describe these experiences because I haven't read enough information to know if they are described in your books Whitley. I'm just beginning to do a little research. The one book of yours that I'm most interested in reading is 'The Key'. One day soon I will read it.

I hope you continue on your beautiful path with a great heart of Aloha.

Thanks for all of this! I'll certainly look up both books.

Whitley, I wish that I could experience that kind of meditation. I'm at a not-so-good point in life right now, and it would be such a relief to feel what you feel - i.e. the universe (and beyond) in all its glory.
I'll keep pursuing... THANKS for the guidance!

Focusing your sensation on the third eye in the center of our forehead usually helps a great deal during meditation. I have seen a few images that I believed I could never see, especially one recently of one of the visitors walking down a path. I hope they don't get too frustrated with my attempts to spy on them.

I was by the lake today and it was so beautiful. I started trying to meditate but got the message to "enjoy the moment" It reminded me of Eckhart Tolle"s book "The Power of Now." A thought flashed through my mind: I remembered the last time that I was lucid dreaming. It happens very seldom but when it does the first thing I do is to try to be aware of all around me. It wasnt to wish i was someplace else. We have to be very aware of each day on this planet and try to raise the enegy just by being aware. Its important that we are aware in the present and at the same time realize that the reason we can take each breath is because of grace from above. As always, I look forward to reading about Whitley's journey as it evolves.

You're extremely good at putting abstract feelings into words.I have always struggled with this and have difficulty being understood on such matters.

On climate change,what is the actual sin?Is it that the whole thing has turned into a debate?I see the people debating it are people like Alex Jones but at the same time they are fighting the Evil that is agenda 21 that is useing the enviroment as a tool to steal our wealth off us by tax stealthes(carbon tax) and stop us from growing our own vegetables or own chickens so that if there is a real food crisis people will starve to death by design.Who are the sinners?The New World Order for useing a noble cause to destroy anyone that is not them or the ordinary man for trying to debate the cause as he can see it as a tool to tie him and his children into slavery?
I listened to the coast to coast show and heard you kick off at the guy but i felt he was debating it for that purpose.

Love is what you are.

To me, the sin is denial of climate change and refusal to even try to do what we can about it. If ever there was a situation of 'denial of the right to thrive,' this certainly qualifies. Our inaction is for sure denying the next generation the right to thrive, and the way things are going, probably our own as well. As to who the sinners are, I guess the ones who know the truth but deny it out of greed would certainly be in the wrong. Many, many wealthy people have in the past few years bought land in the plains of central Latin America in Paraguay and Uruguay. These regions will be among the least affected on the planet. So, why did they happen to do that just now?
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