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Are the Visitors About to Land, and if so Should We be Afraid...Maybe VERY Afraid?

On April 25, famed physicist Stephen Hawking warned that aliens, if they came here, might prove to be dangerous. He said, “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”

Then, on June 6 the National Geographic Channel aired a special on alien invasion that essentially repeated this warning. It assembled a team of experts who were uniformly of the opinion that aliens, if they come here, are going to be dangerous and difficult to handle--assuming, that is, that they don't simply kill or enslave us all.

Meanwhile, warnings are appearing all over the internet about a 'false-flag' alien attack that is supposedly going to be faked by parties unknown, presumably the government. Last week, the online prankster group Anonymous was supposed to flood UFO sites with reports of an invasion by triangular craft, but it never materialized due to the fact that we and others were tipped off about it and published warnings.

I have always wondered if the visitors might show up in a more obvious way just before or during the early stages of some great planetary catastrophe, and since we're at that point right now, it's worth asking what it might actually be like if they did.

I don't agree with uninformed doomsayers like Hawking and the National Geographic Channel. They come at this from the standpoint of an intellectual and cultural establishment that is going to be devastatingly challenged by the appearance of aliens with superior science and technology. In fact, they're going to be undercut almost to irrelevance. Think how Stephen Hawking would feel if somebody came along who could instantly and decisively close all the questions he has spent his lifetime studying? He would feel emasculated, that's how he would feel. It would be devastating.

However, that doesn't mean that they are necessarily evil. I spent years involved with them, and when you do that, you find out that they are extremely complex, that their ancient ways are very, very subtle and their approach to reality is very definitely different from ours. They deal with us in much the same way we might deal with primitive tribesmen whose fear makes them dangerous, or lab animals. They are wary, rough and dangerous if threatened. But if you try to engage with them, what you find is a glorious, astonishing presence, filled with wisdom and knowledge and humor, and intellectually far, far beyond our norm.

The true reason that paragons of the existing cultural establishment like Stephen Hawking and the National Georgraphioc Channel fear the visitors is that they sense that, if they do make themselves known, then their cherished world view is going to implode. And they're right. If that happens, the cultures of science and the intellect are going to be challenged in ways as yet undreamed of.

I can see where the powers that run this struggling old world of ours would be appalled by that prospect. But I can also see that a lot of ordinary folks are going to welcome them--as they should, and precisely for the reason that Hawking and his contemporaries and colleagues fear them: they are going to bring profound and powerful change.

From my own experience, I can say that it is going to be as difficult an experience as we have ever known. But it will also be transformative. The chains draped over our shoulders by the establishment that now dominates human life are going to fall away like so much dust.

And perhaps that, more than anything, is what our leaders fear.

The sad reality is that our minds are merely receiving/relaying mechanisms subjective to programming from outside influence. If it is a struggle to seek the truth, then imagine what happens when one is attempting to run from it (with help from others, of course). Our society suffers from an innate fear of the unknown (we don't know ourselves) and so any challenge from elsewhere is indeed terrifyingly alarming. The only thing we have to fear is really ourselves. If we possess a divine spark which grants us connection to immense power, any alien presence would rightly fear us, unless of course, we've been manipulated into believing we're less than what we are.

While waiting for delivery of 'Hybrids', an incredible book which I thoroughly enjoyed, I re-read 'Transformation' which I had not picked up for many years. Within this book you go into great detail about your inner 'fear' in relation to the visitors, confronting your own terrified 'mad dog' when such extraordinary life altering experiences occurred and how facing that fear triggered a paradigm shift in your life. Your profound insight was then and is today priceless. Thank you. We shall all in our own way be faced with the next step. In fear or grace it makes for very interesting times indeed.

The establishment or military industrial complex (as Eisenhower called it) desperately needs a new boogie man to frighten us and get us to spend trillions of dollars a year on weapons and the military. The Nazis, Russians, Chinese, and now terrorists are no longer frightening us and people are waking up. They are starting to ask why are we laying off teachers but paying billions for a new aircraft carrier ?? Why are we putting our noses into the business of every other country and yet have so many problems of our own ?? So what they need is an enemy that will unite people, scare them, and have them agree to spend alot of money on defense. They think "How about if we first secretly have the movie studios churn out a bunch of alien invasion movies. Then we stage a false flag event and maybe put some advanced materials/materials recovered from ufo crashes on the ground to amaze people and scare them. Then we come up with some advanced weapons systems and tell people that these can beat the aliens but we need more money". Of course our government/the Elite would NEVER think of doing something like this....cough..Gulf of Tonkin..cough..Remember the Maine..cough..

Have Joy. :)

Back in May of 1988 when I was a student at NYU's Graduate Film (Motion Picture) program in NYC, I was the way home to my place in Rockland County on the west bank of the Hudson above New Jersey. I was coming from a student film shoot in the ciity that ran late. It was around 2:30 am or so on an unusually warm night and I had the the top down on my Beatle convertible. The Palisides Parkway was as deserted as I'vve ever seen it and mine was the only car in sight. Near the Alpine exit I suddenly caught the glimpse of lights in the sky almost directly over the Parkway. At first I wondered how someone got them up that high and what they were. I pulled over to the shoulder and stood there in amazement staring at this gigantic triangular shaped thing with multiple lights on its underside. It seemed suspended in midair at an altitude of about 1,000 feet or so. There is a microwave relay tower near the parkway and I based the altituude estimate on the fact that it appeared about 10 time higher than the top of the tower. A month or so later, I saw a copy of Whitley's book Communion in an airport bookstore and picked it up. To my amazement, within the first few pages there was an almost exact description of what I had seen that night. If I had read the book first I might have suspected that it was the power of suggestion, but because of the sequence, the book confirmed what I'd suspected I had witnessed. I did not experience any missing time that night. But as I stood there watching this aircraft carrier sized thing with pulsating lights for several minutes, I suddenly felt a Kundilini type rush of energy go up my spine and knew I should get the hell out of there. I jumped in my car and drove back to my place without looking back.

I had never given much thought to aliens or ufo's before that night, but afterward, I became convinced beyond a doubt that they're here. Now the question was "why". That seems to still be the question that everyone who gives creedence to this subject is asking today. The fact is, none of us - not Whitley, not the President, not any of the World's great scientists like Hawkings or religious or spiritual leaders know the answer to this question.

A friend of mine from Arizona, while driving at night in a deserted area on the big island of Hawaii with his wife, had an experience a few years later that may have some relevence to this discussion. It was around 1990. He saw a White Owl fly in front of his slow moving car, almost hitting it. He looked over at his wife and she was fast asleep. A bit shaken from the near miss, he pulled the car over. To his astonishment, the owl was sitting on a large rock staring at him. As he approached it, he felt like he was entering an altered state of consciousness. Then in front of his eyes, the owl transformed into a tall blond haired man who had a shamanic air about him, especially in the way he began to communicate. What this being said to my friend is something that has bothered me ever since. He said that the gray aliens will make their presence known at the time of a great upheaval on earth and they would present themselves as saviors of humanity. Their real agenda, however, is to replace the human race with hybrids that they have been developing over many, many years. The being also said that to avoid this fate, a significant number of humans must become spiritually enlightened. When my friend asked how, the interesting answer he gave is that we must reconnect with the ancient wisdom. I could go on with several other strange occurances that happened after we talked about this and then decided to write a film script based on his and my experience. But for reason's that I won't go into, the screenplay was never finished, even though we had a Hollywood producer very interested and bugging us to get it completed.

You may think - as I sometimes do - that my friend was full of crap. That's a distinct possibility, yet he swore that this is indeed what he experienced back in 1990. I thought this may be a good time and place to relay this story - just in case. Make of it what you will.

Hawkings assessments come entirely from a world view that's programmed into our culture and offer no creative insights or alternative opinions.

Meaning: Anyone with a mind like his would consider multiple possibilities, not simply make unbending assumptions about what would happen based on our own very limited perspective. WHY would a respected scientist make such short-sighted statements? Is this as embarrassing as it seems, or is it perhaps on purpose? (I think the latter).

And if it IS all about ego, it's yet one more example of how our science has become so plagued with pride that it has in many areas halted, or even reversed progress.

No one knows what is going to happen if there is some sort of mass event. A lot of responses can be predicted, but no one will really know what is going on, the purpose or intentions, or perhaps even the reality. If we have people like Hawkings at the helm offering opinions like the ones he's had over the past several years and that people will actually listen to and respect, we're in a world of doo-doo. I think even the biggest of his fans finally find his opinions greatly lacking depth.

One thing we all do seem to understand is that change MUST happen at this point. Things seem SO incredibly bad...the absolutely obnoxious partisan (mutual agenda) political structure, the private debt notes we are literal slaves to and that feed the system instead of US, the new illnesses and pharmaceutical monopoly that kills people and sends others with cures to jail, etc. If all the horrible things that seem to be going on actually are, that are dictated by people behind the scenes and amount to pure insanity, almost ANY change will if not be "welcome," will regardless be "needed." How much WORSE can things get?

It's almost as if things NEED to get much WORSE so people will finally DO something active to change things, or, something has to come in to BREAK the system so that it can be rebuilt. It doesn't have to be hell; it can be a relatively smooth transition, and part of what that is about is definitely the free or nearly-free energy sources/systems that currencies are NOT attached to in any way. Alternative economic systems exist that tie the values of currencies directly into the production base; I can't imagine how this is not the greatest, most beneficial alternative in the world, for absolutely everyone, and that everyone can agree upon. Systems like that change almost nothing about the system except give each a stable competing currency, jobs, social/economic/spiritual stability and evolution, etc. LOTS of options out there.

SO much can easily change but does not. There are reasons why it does not, and those reasons are clearly, CLEARLY not in our best interests if what we seek is freedom, abundance, health and happiness.

Alright just downloaded Hybrids.

Its funny that Whitley drew the picture that way. When I worked on The Djed, I came across the 2nd destruction of Atlantis. The coming "shift" in reality was known by the political priests and the ruling class, but was not widely known by the common man. The world started changing... weather disasters, upheavals, even animals attacks in the cities. These were eventually blamed on angry gods. As the Djeds were erected in a circle as "shield terminators", they were done so to appease. As the natural psychics began to pick up on the changes and speak out, suddenly, the angry gods began to demand sacrifice...human sacrifice. WHY? The ruling class wanted to hold onto control. what would the NEW reality bring?
Would it depose them forever?
Thats what I see. ruling class losing their hold on ....control.
IMHO ... Whitley is spot on.


The current problem with our government is that they are most likely not equipped to handle our problems. Or, if they are, that information is being withheld because it would bring about probing, inconvenient questions that could cause the establishment to collapse. Either way, this leaves us plodding along, with no true solutions in sight. Surpressed technology, and the secrets that have been contained about the existence of aliens lead us nowhere as a race--we need certain elements of key ideas to progress further, yet these are being denied to us. And if there are archiac religious reasons for the secrets to remain in place it is really pathetic. The human race as a whole is not being defended by our governments. Small interests are.

Obama ran on a platform of change, yet what manifested was not enough. The government fears real change, even as it promotes it with one weak hand.

A good poster would show an alien sitting there with the caption "CHANGE"(Obama had his chance).

I'm not sure that we aren't fighting against what has happened over a million years. . a parent species changing us to suit the latest developments in our environment or our spiritual development. If one looks at how slowly we evolved and how quickly we change, a new body format might help us survive as humans in a quickly changing world. I can see that some of this might be self-serving but, I believe our souls belong to God and our bodies- - - well, who knows??? I really feel that if the visitors wanted to hurt us, they could have done it fast and furiously. The take over of a planet doesn't have to take that long. and, it doesn't have to be that complicated. These people are space-faring. they know science. Maybe we are being teenagers and rebelling against something we are too young to understand.

Beautifully said Michelle.....

Whitley and fellows: The real thing that scare the elites is that they are "Part of the Programming" and NOT 'free", us ordinary "Obyvatels" are really free of the things that tie up the elites into recurrance over and over. This bothers them a lot...I think that this aspect of their existance might shed some light into this problem, and at least explain their odd behaviors.


Whitley and friends:
Use discernment in all that you hear, read, and see. This world/Gaia has more surprises up her sleeve. If you are open minded to channelers, read channelings by SaLuSa through Mike Quincy, beginning with his latest today:


Go back for the last few years and read SaLuSa's historical messages; you might arrive at answers near what Whitley describes, but independently so. What you will discover, if you believe the channelings, will amaze and astonish you -- I have been completely captivated and in almost disbelief.


I was not a believer of channelers until I read a book by Gina Cerminara, "Many Mansions." This book was about reincarnation and channeling by Edgar Cayce. That enlightenment came to me in 1989. I am a man of strong spiritual beliefs and a follower of the 'ancients' who taught us of Love, Peace, Respect, Honesty and Tolerance/Forgiveness. I believe a Utopia may exist in another dimension, and there are others like me on a journey to seek it and return home. We can't lose hope or faith in who we are, and collectively we are all that is.

In love and light,


Two other channelers I remember on the subject of a cosmic federation of light: Marianne Francis, later known as Aluti Francesca. Also "Tuella." These channeled writings remind me a lot of the writings posted above.
But getting back to the subject, wasn't it von Braun (Saturn V rocket engineer/developer) who warned us to beware of a false flag "alien attack" as a pretense for space warfare? I believe military interests propagate the idea that visitors are a fearsome lot, worthy of combat operations, for the simple reason they have no other insight or alternative plan "out of the box." This rigid, narrow sticking-to-the-old-guard strategy is centuries-old, where the opponents gathered on either side of a strict line of demarcation and started shooting at the first sign of movement. Anyway, I think the military is one of many institutions providing the underpinnings of our fear-based civilization, and given the way it has traditionally handled the unknown, we have a lot to fear in the way the visitors may react to military intervention. This is probably the generally accepted opinion about why they are not openly interacting now, which will, in the end, ironically give us nothing to fear at all. On the other hand, if the visitors openly advance, say during a time of global catastrophe, I think the profound changes may lessen our yokes by a government in forfeit, but we'll be burdened by a kind of chaos the general population has never known. And it won't be a good chaos for us as a collective species, maybe only as self-sustaining individuals, if we can manage that. :) n

Such terror is a necessary stage of spiritual development, by which the self is opened wide to the onslaught of the unconscious. It is by facing such terror that we take our first conscious steps into the dark and troubling waters of the unknown. The first and most shocking realization about the unconscious, of course (and the one we never get over as children, which is why we shut down all communications with it), is that it is inhabited. Our parents tell us there is no such thing as monsters, and we choose to believe them even though we know better, because of the relief which the lie brings us. But the relief is temporary. Sooner or later the “monsters” will return to the surface.

The devils, vampires, faeries, gods, and aliens of folklore both ancient and modern are not merely products of an over-active race imagination. They are its keepers and guardians, and, at least until we assume that same responsibility, its rulers. The human mind does not create archetypes; it merely encounters them on its journey towards completion. Try telling a “gray alien” or a stalking Vampire, as it comes into your bedroom in the dead of night and drags you off to its lair, that it is all in your mind. Try telling the Great God Pan that He is a figment of your imagination. Children know what few adults care to remember, that (in the words of Blake), “Everything possible to be believed is an image of the truth.”

The truth will make us free? Only if it doesn’t scare us to death us first.

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