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And Now Boston

The conspiracy theories are already flashing across the internet, and who knows exactly what happened. Just at present, nobody except the perpetrators. What we do know right now is that an act of great cruelty was perpetrated, in the form of detonating bombs that appear to have been designed to destroy people's arms and legs. That is vile, but what is even more vile is that this was intentionally done to runners, in order to make the act seem as depraved as possible.

It seems that literally not a day passes now that we do not hear of a bombing or mass killing somewhere in the world. After Newtown, mass murder attacks in the US seem almost to have become a fad among the insane. Whether this one was perpetrated by home grown psychopaths or some terror organization remains to be seen.

There is a large question to be addressed in all of this. It is, how do we remain a civil society in the face of such assaults? We have already had to give up or curtail many of the rights that are precious to a free people, and each incident, whether it is domestic terror like the Newtown shooting or international terrorism, as it appears the Boston Marathon may be, the outcome will always be the same: more fear, followed by less freedom. But how can we do otherwise? If we sent the TSA home, for example, how long would it be before the next plane was hijacked? We cannot know the answer, so the TSA must remain in place.

I lead a very quiet, prayerful and meditative life. I spend a great deal of my time in thought, attempting to find ways of articulating the meaning of the close encounter experience, which I regard as the most important event in our time, and probably in all time. It takes a lot to distract me from this effort, but the suffering of others does that. I wish that I could put my arms around the runners lying in hospitals right now, facing the loss of their limbs. I felt the same way on 911, and in so many other cases. I think that we should all open ourselves to such feelings all the time, and to direct our prayers toward the red cloud of suffering that surrounds them.

I was sitting in front of my TV watching this whole thing unravel and a deep sadness overcame me. We are not safe! My 14 year old daughter performs in off Broadway productions and she's constantly traveling back n forth from Long Island to NYC. My wife & I are becoming more & more uncomfortable every day. There are times when we are not with her. She's never alone but whenever I'm not present I experience a healthy batch of anxiety to say the very least. This SUCKS Whit...

I think the WORST thing we can do is be fearful. "They Win" if we do.

Thanks Whitley, as always, for your insights. I deeply believe we should not lose sight of the wisdom that you and Paul Levy imparted when you interviewed him recently. So may we embrace compassion at this time, rather than giving into our fears and feelings of revenge.

Safety is an illusion; as is this reality. Trepidation and fear is the sign of an unprepared soul. Take head to changes that disrupt our comfort, for they are the harbinger of transcendence; if one will take input, you will be master of the output.

As a military dependant in Athens Greece in the mid 70's, we had car bombs go off every week. Europe has been living this hell for decades- get used to it America-they hate us. A sad day for Boston and our future civil liberties.

Everyone will be looking for solutions and answers in the weeks to come. But what is the solution to hatred and fear? All of our media reinforces the notion of "The Other ". Hate and fear sells. Advertising is a science which has learned to bypass the intellect and target the unconscious. We need to become more conscious which goes against the plan. Can we overcome?

I can almost see the anger and fear sitting here at my computer, that's what these acts do.
What it does is keep us all down, how will we ever unite? What is the force that brings this upon us? Is it the government looking for more control until there is a military presence in every city and town? Is there a force controlling our government causing this to happen? And if so why? We certainly need more positive thinkers like Whitley in this world, it just seems that we are so outnumbered, but maybe that's is also just a part of the illusion.

James' words sum up a great many feelings, especially for those of us in Britain. I'm very sorry to say that you do acclimatise to such acts of terror and having grown up with the constant fear of IRA bombs and having lost friends to terrorism in Northern Ireland, this becomes business as usual.

There are many entropies connected to having to treat such abominations as normality but I feel that by far the greatest is that perpetrators of such hopeless, soul destroying acts inevitably see the need to step-up the degree and intensity of their actions.

Other horror will come, it always does, but as Mr Strieber highlights, continue to walk one's path, clear in the sense of value of directing intention toward victims and of continuing to return to the path. The ability to return is key, for with this ability, the trials and searing disappointments of life become richer in contrast than they initially seem.


I remember growing up in the sixties hearing about the Irish and the British and other events in Europe and overseas. We did not have the internet and the "news" traveled much slower. When we lost the last true president our country ever had, JFK, I remember that we were a nation that was in shock not fear. It has taken many years since then with technology to assist in instilling such fear that some people are willing to believe anything.

You're asking some important questions Whitley.

Fear is a vibration, the more we try to control it's effects, the worse it seems to get, like the chinese finger trap.

I don't think we will ever escape this conundrum until we seriously look inward and help identify the source of the problem. The evil in this world, which has driven some person(s) to strike in Boston, is probably another cruel effect left by the wake of our desires.

Until we seriously address this, and open up a communication with the tormented souls perpetrating these atrocities, we won't ever be able to solve this horrible riddle, which seems to be destroying us from both sides.

"TSA must stay"? The "outcome"is only more fear by the media and engineered perception. I fear no hijackers, or bombers. And I never will. Those who sell fear are the terror agents. If we really wanted to win this bogus war on terror, true leadership would have given MORE powers to the populace, not take them away.

Well said Orson! "News at Eleven"

Who actually believes that is a well organizes group wanted to blow something up that the TSA could stop them. The technology outstrips the ability to detect it. Or a group could just use the time tried method of bribery. They mostly look for things that have feebly been tried before like lame attempts at exploding shoes or protecting us from that dangerous jar of peanut butter or shampoo. One could also rightfully claim that random street pat-downs and car searches by police would gather large amounts of pocket knives and other contraband as well. They really would just as the TSA searches thwart knitting needles and nail files. But it is just the Forth Amendment after all...seems it is only fashionable to stand up for the second. It is not that we shouldn't draw lines...it is that We the People have no part in drawing the lines we are merely forced to submit - be it unwarranted searches or the electronic total information mining. Are we really safer for it?

Living your life in fear is no life at all ...........

That said what drives me crazy about all of these horrible acts is that there has ALWAYS been 1 common element in all of them that the media and everyone overlooks. That is that ALL of the perpetrators of these horrible and evil acts have ALL been under psychiatric care. So why aren't they getting the help that they need instead of killing people ??

Answer----due to horrible abuses in the past (as shown in One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest) and more importantly saving $$, the psychiatric hospitals in this country were all closed. Now people that should be in long term care are the long term homeless you see on the streets or commit crimes and are in jail. The truly psychotic are serial killers (what do you think happens to all of these "missing" college students) or commit mass shootings, send bombs (Unabomber, maybe this guy), etc.

Instead of taking people's rights away (that really accomplishes nothing but spends more money and takes us one more step towards tyranny), our country should be talking about funding mental health care AND to set up a system where the truly dangerous get the help they need and can't hurt innocents.

You have a very good point JimmyPx. Reagan started California down that road when he was Governor.

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