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911 and the Pursuit of Happiness

It was on this day ten years ago that Unknowncountry.com became a daily news site. We found ourselves publishing story after story on that day, about the horrifying events that were unfolding. Since then, we have not gone a single day without publishing fresh news stories. We concentrate on science, but with a uniquely open-minded perspective about the unknown, and have, like the rest of the United States and western civilization, grown out of the violence and terror of that day, rather than been defeated by it.

Watching the remembrance, I have been deeply struck by the symbolism of the 911 flag, and what America's great battle for human freedom really means. Our country is not only a nation, but an idea and an ideal. From the beginning, it has been loved by human beings everywhere who see it as a source of hope, and hated with equal vehemence by those who fear freedom, their own as well as everybody else's.

Our constitution is the only governmental document in the world that institutionalizes the 'pursuit of happiness' as a basic human right. Our founding fathers drew this idea, as they did so much else, from the thought of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, specifically from his Nichomachean Ethics, which identifies the ethical foundations upon which happiness may be built.

All around us, and within our country itself, are those who hate human happiness. More than anything, though, identifying it as a right of man is what distinguishes our country from all others, and makes it the leader of the free world.

But what is this happiness that the founding fathers thought so important? In part, it is the right to pursue material wealth, certainly. But more than that, it is the right to seek within ourselves for guideposts that might provide meaning to our lives. This is why they also made ours a secular nation, not to deny belief, but to make room for all belief. It is why Thomas Jefferson memorialized in his epitaph what he beleived were his two greatest accomplishments, the authorship of the Declaration of Independence and of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, the first such statute in the world.

It was out of religious fanatacism and a desire to enforce religious dictatorship that the 911 terrorists acted against us. Two thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven people lost their lives on September 11, 2001, unexpectedly joining the beloved legion defenders who have given their lives in support of this nation. They came to their truth, every one, as martyrs on behalf of a country that has given its heart and soul and blood in proclamation to every human being on earth: you have a right to seek your happiness. We identify ourselves as its defenders, and we call to you to join us in its pursuit.

My father used to work in one of the twin towers, fortunately he was not there on 9/11. Whitley's comment about the motivation behind the founding fathers is key: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. " Interestingly, Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence) wrote his own version of the New Testament removing almost everything but the sayings of Jesus. Because of Jefferson's critical statements about organized religion, many fundamentalist co-opted school boards have removed Jefferson from school text books or made his historical significance less prominent. What an outrage!

It's religious fundamentalism/fanaticism that caused 9/11 and we are threatened by our own internal Christian fundamentalism/fanaticism that denies global warming, evolution, science, and wants to tear down the wall of separation between church and state. The U.S. has always had a puritanical streak which rears its ugly head from time to time. Freedom from religion is as important as freedom of religion. We should not forget that 9/11 is really about religious fanaticism and religious fundamentalism which is not limited to Islam.

What are you guys talking about? 911 doesn't have anything to do with sandal-shlepping, cave-dwelling, nag riding, low-tech terrorists on the other side of the world, or any religion.
This was clearly an inside job, and if you believe otherwise then explain the implosion of WTC 7 to all and sundry because that's a sidebar, and a key component, to the whole castastrophe that I would love to see once and for all clearly addressed. All digressions aside, the enemy is YOU. The American people. 911 was an excuse to have unending war and at the same time withdraw most or maybe all freedoms you have gotten used to over the last mere fifty years. The founding fathers knew well the potential of this situation coming to be but it takes a mature, attentive population to maintain a democracy. It's no more mister nice guy and the experiment of the middle-class is on its' way out. Religion is used as a tool, and to raise dragons, but has no real significance. When George Bush told Americans in the aftermath to "go shopping" I knew this was homegrown madness.

it is a great comment MARGARET, which any more i have to agree with your version. after all the intell and reading on this subject...the there is a "snake" in the wood pile on this one! (the government) it has its own agenda, we peos are not in it...nor any of a concern to them! any more it is believed the elections are rigged and outright lies! can it get any worse before all goes to h...

We watched Donald Rumsfeld on Fareed Zakaria's CNN program on Sunday morning, and when he began to talk about the plane hitting the Pentagon, he really sounded very strange. It was quite disturbing. Anne especially felt that he was lying. Personally, while I have listened to the ideas of people like David Ray Griffin and interviewed him many times, I have never come away with the believe that this absolutely was an inside job. Something is very wrong with the story, though, I think that is beyond argument.

I don't know what to think about 911... It still has unanswered questions. Namely, where is all the airplane wreckage outside of the pentagon. In even worst airline crashes the turbines & wheel assemblies are intact. Also the WTC 7 building that was pulled. It if it is an inside job, or some faction left the door open to allow for it to happen, then all else in this country is lost.

I can't believe that on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 no one here on this website is going to disagree with the view that 9/11 was an inside job?? OK, I'll be the lone voice of reason. To all you "truthers," are you saying that it was a coincidence that terrorists flew planes into buildings that also happened to be pre-wired for detonation? The terrorists just happened to decide to fly planes into buildings that the government (or some faction of it) had also decided to blow up? Were all the people who saw the planes fly into the twin towers in on the conspiracy? How about those on the ground who spoke by cell phone with those on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania? After that plane was hijacked, they spoke with people on the plane and were told about the hijackers. Were they in on the conspiracy also? What about the fact that Ossama Bin Laden took credit for 9/11, i.e., confessed to the crime? Al-Qaeda must be laughing at all you truthers for claiming it was an inside job. And if you're conceding that planes actually did hit the buildings, than who are you claiming hijacked those planes? Your theory would have to be that the government was behind the hijackers and plotted as follows: "We are going to fly planes into buildings but since we don't think the planes will do enough damage to bring the buildings down, we will pre-wire the buildings for detonation because its not enough to just have planes fly into them. Despite the fact that someone might find residual evidence that we wired the buildings for detonation, its worth it to engage in such a broad conspiracy rather than manufacturer a safer but just as spectacular event." Such a proposed government plot is absurd if for no other reason than the government is not competent enough to pull it off. What's the next conspiracy theory: we didn't really go to the moon?

Oh well. Once again, it's pretty clear to me that there are many unanswered questions about 911. Much like the Kennedy assassination, and many other incidents in out history, there will never be any sense of closure until those questions are answered, with a full and complete disclosure. I believe this is why the wounds never completely heal.

Lost Star, I think the point to be made about the "inside job" perspective of 9/11 is not that the US necessarily orchestrated it - but rather they knew about it in advance and could have stopped it but chose not to. These insiders saw the attacks and end result as an opportunity to roll out an agenda, which served their needs. Otherwise I would agree that the argument about insiders orchestrating the event from start to finish just doesn't seem plausible. I’m not sure what to believe. I’ve heard some pretty compelling arguments that hint at a cover up, also some decision-making on the part of the government after the fact that just sounds suspicious - but who knows?

Michael: When you say that the government “knew about it in advance” what do you mean by “it”? If by “it” you mean that the government knew that buildings were pre-wired to be blown up, that’s absurd for the reasons I stated in my last post. The only people who entertain the idea that the buildings were blown up are people looking to make money off a conspiracy book/movie and those with room temperature IQs. I will assume that what you mean is that the government knew that Al Qaeda was going to fly planes into the twin towers and did nothing to stop it. The way in which the Bush administration reacted to 9/11 indicates total surprise, not pre-knowledge. We need to distinguish between negligence on the part of the government in failing to act on intelligence and complicity – the two are being mistakenly conflated. The August 6, 2001 President’s Daily Briefing Memo entitled “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in U.S.” does support the argument that the government failed to act on intelligence but it also undermines the “government let it happen” argument. If the government really knew about the plan to fly planes into buildings, why would they create a memo one month before the attack which said “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in U.S.”? Your theory would have to be that the government knew about the attack and yet created this memo, gave it to Bush in August 2001, knowing full well that it would ultimately become a public record. That makes absolutely no sense. If the government was going to let this happen, they would have never let this memo be generated. But what the memo may show is that the government failed to act on non-specific intelligence. However, simply because the government may have been negligent in failing to act on vague intelligence does not mean they knew about it and “let it happen” or that it was an inside job. By analogy, if someone’s house is burglarized by a serial burglar, one could say that the police could have done more to prevent it such as by following up on anonymous tips, etc. But we don’t say that the police were “in on it” or “let it happen.” Maybe they were negligent in failing to research intelligence leads but that does not make them part of a conspiracy or complicit in the crime. I agree that the "government let it happen" argument is not as absurd as the "it was an inside job" conspiracy theory, but it is based on pure speculation. Remarkable claims should not be made in the absence of remarkable evidence.

If I haven’t convinced you yet on the fallacy of the 9/11 conspiracy theories, please see this article regarding why some people are predisposed to such theories: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/smart-takes/four-reasons-why-people-beli...

Lost Star, I'll make this my last comment. I'm not trying to debate you or anyone else on the subject. I'm open to several theories. I don't have a strong opinion either way (you obviously do) - just that the whole thing doesn't appear as straightforward as presented. Maybe for the simple reason that even ten years later the senselessness it is just so hard to reconcile - at least for me. What I was referring to as "it" was information (intelligence) regarding the hijacking and plot to fly the planes into the building in advance. As noted previously, I think it's more than a stretch to think this entire event was planned and executed by rogue members of the US government - or CIA - or whatever. Anyway, I'm not trying to convince anyone or talk anyone into anything here.

Obviously the point that the government was not competent enough to pull it off, is flawed logic for several reasons. One being that it happened, and two that they got caught, which gives more evidence to their incompetence not their innocence.

It's my perception that those who try so hard to convince others, are really trying to convince themselves. Convincing others is just a way of dealing with their own projections.

The government has a long hx of incompetance, and also of conspiracy, from the Bay of Pigs, to Gulf of Tonkin, to JFK.

They also have a problem with telling the truth.

I needed only to consider three facts, available to all immediately, to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that something much more evil than a bona fide terrorist attack had taken place. 1.The announcement by a female BBC reporter reading a script of the collapse of WTC 7 while we could see it standing firmly through the window behind her; coupled with the very abrupt way her feed was pulled off the air. 2.The small (small ?!) round (round ?!) hole that was first photographed on the outside wall of the Pentagon; coupled with the absence of debris. 3.The ridiculously small and suspiciously round crater that was officially declared to be the crash site of flight 93; again coupled with the absence of debris. So, inside of a few hours I just knew we were being taken for fools, all of us. I therefore stopped listening, since I was being lied to, and started considered only the facts (which would pour in for months and years), and thought for myself. (I have a brain, so why not use it?) My conclusions did not surprise me, but they saddened me greatly. 9/11 was not the day the world changed: that is just the greatest of all the lies about 9/11. It was rather the day the world was taken on its biggest ride yet. Not surprisingly, most of the world went willingly. What I hope to live long enough to see, instead of the liars' "war on terror," is the ultimate war on lying. What a glorious breath of fresh air that will be.

Very Nice Michel... a war on lies, and liars would be great..!

Thanks Gerald for the subtle rephrasing. And by doing so you got me thinking. By "lying" I really meant "secret agendas." A secret agenda is by intention against somebody else — the fabled "enemy," which is no more than the perceived present or potential competition. But sooner or later mankind will have no option but to wake up and fight as one against the incredible hardships it is bound to face, mostly due to the lack of regard we've collectively had for our poor, beautiful planet since the start of the industrial revolution. A no-brainer, really, since it's either that or extinction. So the war on lies and liars will happen. What is open is the form it will take, which might very well surprise us all. Necessity will decide that.

How hilarious! I'm the radical heretic here because I believe terrorists actually flew planes into the twin towers, the buildings weren't blown up by explosives, it wasn't an inside job, and the government didn't know about it in advance and let it happen. :) Let's end this maudlin charade on a comical note: http://incontemptcomics.com/2008/09/11/9-11-truthiness/

The thing I find troubling about this is the attempt to use ridicule, when reason fails.
This is a tried and true disinformation tehcnique, that has been used for many decades to try and discredit those in the field of Ufology.

I am amazed that anyone as a member here would believe the "official" story regarding 911. Lost Star, have you ever listened to Jim Marrs? He is one of several highly respected researchers. He documents what he writes, he does not write "theory" to sell books.

Two things to address: Whitley's post and Lost's comments:

Love ya Whitley, "U da bomb," ;), but I disagree with some of your feelings towards the Constitution. Just two notes:

I went back to school in 2003 and did a whole essay on how the alleged "Separation of Powers" doctrine is clearly not followed in the Articles themselves. But even more importantly, is the mess called "The 14th Amendment" in the Bill of Rights. Volumes could be written on the citizenship issue alone, and how free people were converted into something akin to slaves thru this amendment (ironic) but what everyone can note here and now with ease is the reference to the national debt; the 14th amendment, and it's reference to our debt, is now being used as "the" tool to destroy America from the inside, via the destruction of its currency, via debt loads that will ruin us that "shall not be questioned." It doesn't matter what the actual interpretation intended; all that matters is that it is now being used to run up a debt that will destroy the nation.

Lots of holes in the Constitution, and these days, we need to question and challenge the WHOLE system.

Finally to "Lost"...where do I begin? My friend, it is clear by your post you have not studied this topic to the degree that others have. For the record, and the first thing you MUST admit, is that NONE OF US knows what happened. Including you. What you CAN say is that you "believe the official story." And in doing so, you're believing a story that *even the officials* themselves who wrote it, have in large percentage, those that do NOT believe it. Don't you wonder WHY?

It's easy:

-Look up the response times of military jets to a highjacking. Note the standard response time, in comparison to the response times on 9/11.
-Look up the documented...factual...Bush family ties to the security company that worked the WTC. (This ALONE should concern the hell outta EVERYONE).
-Look at what government has done since 9/11, and used the excuse of "terrorism" to do it...Attorney General's interpretation of the aforementioned Constitution and suspension of Habeas Corpus. The Patriot Acts. The enormously profitable wars that Bush and other gov officials had corporate no-comptetition-bidding ties to. You have no issue with these families securing huge contracts after other family members used their position to declare "war," so that these opportunities would exist??
-Bin Laden never admitted to *anything* my friend. Think he did? PROVE IT. You can't. All you can do is cite third party media spin and alleged statements. There is a reason why he was never on the FBI most wanted list for 9/11. It's because there was never any proof he actually said anything about it at any time. It's the easiest thing in the world to use hearsay to make claims about anything.
-My God my friend...Building 7. Please explain how Building 7 crumbled to dust while having a mere couple floors on fire. No plane hit the building.
-The previous poster referencing the announcement of the fall before it even happened. Come on!
-The dang LEASE HOLDER HIMSELF, admitting on national TV (PBS) that they "pulled" the building. What do you THINK "pulled" means?!? Have you ever bothered to listen to Silverstein make those statements? COME-ON!! He ADMITS it on national TV, and people STILL believe the planes and fires caused the collapse (this fact alone gives me more concern about humanity than I can even describe).
-The towers fell at the speed of gravity...as if there were no underlying floors, no underlying structure. When do buildings EVER do that in HISTORY? (Hint: When demolition explosives are used).
-The "Fireman's Footage" of the first...FIRST PLANE...hitting the first tower. CNN deletes the footage from all records! Why? Why would a media outlet need to delete, rub-out, the plane flying into the building? Hmmm. Go look up the actual, raw, unedited footage of that plane hitting the building. Analyze it in slow motion; I promise you'll see something very interesting just before impact. (But please; WHY delete the footage if there wasn't something to hide?...remember who monitors and controls what is shown on the news?...Hint: it's a government-appointed organization).
-Wreckage at Pentagon? You've got to be kidding me. WHERE is the dang PLANE? I don't mean three or four PARTS...I mean the rest of the PLANE. Where the heck are the WINGS? What's up with the HOLE? The wings just folded into the hole and disappeared? And what about the footage? The COUNTLESS cameras in the area that recorded the event, that were confiscated immediately for "national security reasons."
-Who appointed the 9/11 commission? Since we KNOW False Flag events have been used in the past for political or corporate motivations, and the Bush family has ties to both Bin Laden and the WTC security, isn't it kinda "convenient" that Bush be in any way involved with the formation of such an investigative unit? Do you think there might be a conflict of interest?
-Have you seen the undercarriage of the second plane? And the video analysis of it?
-YES, "Islamic terrorists" were INVOLVED in 9/11...they HAD to be. But do you REALLY think that these people could overcome the most secure nation on the planet, and esp the Pentagon, likely the most secure area on the entire face of the Earth? Is our defense THAT incompetent? Since you believe bin Laden was involved, what about his ties to the Bush family?!? A non-issue for you?!? And if a non-issue, WHY doesn't it matter to you?
-Do you really believe the media (again, owned by just a few conglomerates) when they tell us about the bin Laden raid? Just cuz it's on TV? Awfully convenient how we can't see the body cuz it's too bloodied up, huh?
-Are these topics too scary?? You bet they are. But you had better consider them or this planet is DOOMED. The evidence above, alone, is just about enough to convict not via a preponderance of evidence, but by the higher standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt."

Forget other people trying to use "conspiracy theories" to sell books.

YOU bought what the media was selling hook, line and sinker.

Right Now, you make some excellent points. I too have studied this issue extensively and honestly have over the years gone from believing the "official" story to knowing that it is all a lie.

No one (outside those who planned and ordered it) will ever know everything about what happened. Anyhow, here is what I believe happened on 9/11:

First all of the Bush/CIA - bin Laden/al-Quida connections have never been denied or dis-proven--just brushed under the rug. Next, always remember in black ops that all information is compartmentalized and on a need to know basis only. 99.999999% of the people in the government had no idea about what was really going on. What I believe really happened is that they planned an exercise for that day (this is FACT and why the Norad response was messed up and the Airborne Command Posts (white jumbo jets) were flying that day. As part of this exercise, you have Arab men portraying Hijackers. You also wire up the WTC building with explosive a few days before --as you control the security company for the WTC--no problem (I believe they used thermite---which is why the fire was so hot for so long--Av fuel burning can not get that hot).

The passenger planes take off and ahead of time you have the planes fitted with the Drone technology that we have today (and was Top Secret back then). Once the planes are at altitude, give the pilots a low cabin pressure warning light. They will go on oxygen and the little bags will drop and the passengers will put them on too. Have the oxygen mixed with knockout gas/cyanide and crew and passengers eliminated (with no box cutters). Kick on your drone controls and you can now have an extremely experienced pilot flying the planes. Have Cheney order a stand down of Norad (which he did) as well as have TV cameras pointed at all angles of the buildings. Have the 1st plane hit and have your friends in the news media cut to story. While the World is watching, have the 2nd plane hit. Soon after you have a cruise missle hit the Pentagon and say it was a plane (this had to be done because Rumsfeld admitted the day before that $2 TRILLION was missing from the Defense budget and there was an investigation---guess where that missle hit and who was killed--all of the accountants and investigators along with most of the evidence).

Finally blow the thermite and drop the buildings on TV. They then were able to take away trouble-some legal obstacles to their planned Police State along with destroying the final vestiges of our Republic and the balance of powers. We would then have an Imperial President and never-ending war for the forseeable future and billions of profits for our Elitist friends.

Funny how a "conspiracy" theory is, by general understanding, certain to forever remain just that, a theory — no matter the quality and quantity of irrefutable evidence supporting it. Funny how a conspiracy theory, being a "conspiracy" theory, can only be, by general understanding, a faulty theory, or one that has no reason whatsoever to be in the first place.
Behind this state of affairs is the generally accepted notion that since in this perfect world there are no conspiracies, anyone theorizing about one can only be a lunatic or a liar with a dark agenda. All that the benevolent rulers of this world have to do to get the good people to view things the way they decide is to cry, "conspiracy theory," and immediately the good people, thus proving to themselves and the world how intelligent, rational, and just plain sensible they are, start laughing and/or screaming at those crazy and/or malevolent conspiracy theorists.

Thanks for expanding Jimmy with some really great possibilities, and Thanks Michel for elaborating on the next most important point that I wanted to make, but did not want to make an already-too-long post even longer. You stated it perfectly regarding the association of mockery with "conspiracy." We all know something is dreadfully wrong when even the leaders mock, without questioning or calling attention to any of the most important points. And of course, the reason why they do this, is because they can't touch any of those points...Ever.

The Constitution does not say anything about "the pursuit of happiness". That phrase occurs in the Declaration of Independence.

So what we have here is a major, major event in human history that we all saw unfold live on Our TV, well documented with HD cameras and eyewitnesses, in this "information age" which provides Gbytes of text, pictures and video storage and instant acces to worldwide news archives. It happend in the most famous city on this planet in a powerfull democratic country inhabited by 300 mill. free people who can vote and carry arms. And nobody really knows what happend.
I wonder if we will know the next time? I wonder if the people jumping out knew what had happend? I don't think so. R.I.P. What a terrible day.

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