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2013: A New World if We can Take It

It has now been 66 years since Kenneth Arnold's 1947 UFO sightings and the Roswell Incident, and we're still waiting. Or are we? I'm not. I'm engaged with the visitors and I have been since 1985. And I'm not alone. More people are discovering that it's possible to engage with them right now, and to take it deep. But most of us are waiting--for 'disclosure,' for 'the landing,' for some defining moment that most likely will never come.

In early January of 1986, I was in agony. I'd been beaten up on December 26, 1985, and I was just in the process of coming to grips with the fact that something physical had happened to me. (This was when I was writing the short story Pain, which is a chronicle of my anguish and agony at that time.)

In February of 1985, I made a crucial decision. Instead of remaining passive and waiting to see if anything would happen, I left my house in the night, and walked out into the woods, attempting to get to the place where my encounter had taken place. On that first night, I could barely manage to walk to the edge of our yard, let alone enter the woods. It was like walking up to a panther or a maniac with a gun. Or worse, walking into the unknown.

But I did not stop. Again and again, I went out there and I tried. Finally, by early April, I was managing to sit and meditate in the spot where the event had happened. If I had not taken action the way I did, I'd still be sitting and waiting instead of living in the state of engagement that has filled my life with such wonder for the past 28 years. (And fear, and danger, yes, but when you sign on to walk into the dark, you are going to get those things, too.)

Later, in a conversation with Col. Phil Corso, he related that one of the visitors had said that what was on offer for us was 'a new world if you can take it.' This means two things: if we can take action on our own behalf and go out there and get what we can of what is on offer; and if we can bear the results.

I am far from being the only person who has taken action. Almost anything you do, from something as simple as shining a light into the sky to focused meditation, can bring a response. But even meditation has to be done with care. It is not a matter of sitting and passively waiting for something to happen, it is a matter of surrendering yourself to the unknown naked, without protection, without expectations, but at the same time being actively engaged in the waiting. It is an active state but a passive stance, this type of meditation.

I know from reading emails from members of our meditation group, that many people are becoming engaged. Even as the US government continues to lie to the public while sending up planes in secret, more and more people are finding ways to come into accord with the complex, energetic and extremely strange presence that is offering itself to us.

In 2013, I am expecting that more people are going to figure this out, and start bringing themselves forward to the visitors. As that happens though, more and more of us will be asking the question: what ARE they? What am I opening myself to, anyway?

Living with that question--neither answering it with an explanation that must inevitably be inadequate, nor pretending it isn't there--is the key to stepping out of the trap of passivity. The next obstacle, though, is that when we make efforts, we expect results, and they are often slow in coming. But not always. To this day, I am on a marvelous journey with the visitors. It is both inner and outer, and I never know for sure the level on which any encounter is unfolding. Is it happening right in the moment, is it a memory I have previously repressed, or is it my imagination? The question is not answerable and I don't try to answer it. I just go on down the road, working and working on my side of the relationship, trying to find directions that will help me and interest them, usually waiting without result, but sometimes gaining a few seconds or minutes of exposure to their breathtaking mastery.

It isn't easy, though. I don't feel some sort of sentimental joy when there is interaction. What I feel is naked and helpless and afraid, but also enlightened.

The last time this happened to me was during the worst of my recent illness, when I was flat on my back and in agony. Suddenly, I had an encounter. It was not like the ones I was having in the eighties and nineties, but more like those I've been reporting in recent years, very ambiguous and yet also grounded in the physical. Suddenly the room, and my mind, were full of visitors, a racing mob who seemed to be running down a path that went through this reality but belonged to another one.

A moment later, I found myself back in my child's body, which was blessedly without pain. I was lying on the ground, gazing up at the night sky. But it was not our sky. High in the west, there were three bright stars in a north-south line. There were no recognizable constellations. I felt incredible, almost incapacitating loneliness. Then there was a sense of onrushing presence, as if somebody dangerous was racing toward me through the night. I reacted in an unexpected manner. Instead of feeling fear, I felt embarrassment. But they came anyway, surrounding me in what now felt like a vulnerable nakedness.

I tried to sit up, but when I did, I felt a fiery stab of pain in my back, and I was then in my adult body and bed again, the vision gone. I understood it though, almost at once. It had been a communication on two levels. First, I had been given the gift of something I have longed to see since I was a child--the night sky from the surface of another world. Second, I had been taught a lesson. When they drew nearer to me, I felt shame. I felt inadequate and unprepared.

Then I thought of our official reaction: sending up jets. In effect, shaking our spears at them. And why? Not because we fear the unknown, but for a deeper reason. We are ashamed of our poverty, and that's what makes us hang back and remain passive and not take real action on our own behalf.

I'm through being ashamed. I'm on my way  and nothing is going to stop me. Poor I may be, but I am able to walk. There is a new world available.

Come with me in 2013. Let's take the darned thing!

We ask the question, "Who are they?"
While we search and strive, we get closer to the answer to the question, "Who are we?"
Once we discover ourselves then maybe we will truly know who they are...but by that time the question will be irrelevent.

so often as a young boy I would gaze up at the stars and wonder what it would look like on another world ....often in my dreams I'm gazing at a night sky ,but they are not of this world ...night skies with two or more moons

What's it going to take to make forward progress? Is your current choice of location conducive to contact? Maybe they can't easily visit you at your current place Whitley?

Maybe they were living somewhere near the old cabin? Maybe have a look on that Vacation Rentals by Owner website? Rent a cabin and make something happen? I think you should.

I have been visited since 1978 that I know of. I think before that.
I am ready. I was fearful but with your website I have been able to add a sense of humor to my problem. And that is that I was locked in this fear. A fear of injury. But I trust your experiences and anecdotes. And I am ready. I know many of them. Now, it is time. I am ready.

I refuse to be poor.

That's the spirit Whitley! :) (no pun intended)

There's a line from The Key that's always haunted me, "...children with dirty faces...". I've slowly realized (I don't have another speed of realization really) that spiritual evolution is a dirty business; the rate at which you develop awareness of your flaws exceeds the rate at which you can resolve them. I think it's counter-intuitive, but profoundly true, spiritual enlightenment is not about perfection but co-existing with your flaws. We are Gods living in sin, if we collectively accepted the former and admitted the latter the world would change in an instant. If that's not squaring the circle what is? Meh, maybe this has been observed before.

Anyway this is all easy for me to say. In reality, I'm sure if I encountered an evolved being I would die of embarrassment.

I feel that learning, feeling, and engaging with the visitors has to work both ways. This is about mutual understanding and acceptance. We should not be in awe of them anymore than we are in awe of, well, anyone or anything else. The Golden Rule should be universal.

Never be embarrassed about who you are or what you are, but just always strive to be the best person you can be, and treat all as equals. I do not want to look up to the Visitors, nor do I want them looking down on me.

I have been involved with public speaking due to the nature of my work, and I also spent time working in the theater and also studied speech and drama when I was younger. For those with stage fright or fear of public speaking, there is an old axiom that to put yourself at ease in front of a crowd, simply picture them all naked! It works beautifully, and it has also allowed me to treat people equally, whether it is someone considered as 'high' status, or a taxi cab driver.

Judging others is inherently evil and we all do it on occasion because we are not perfect. Neither are the Visitors. With the Visitors, I prefer to treat them as equals, and my hope is that they reciprocate in kind. This is not an aerie-faerie concept to me, just common sense that I learned from my father. I think our notions about life and equality will paint the canvas of our experiences with the Visitors, just as they do in our day to day lives.

My own experiences with the Visitors has been surprising, and not quite the 'in your face' experiences of some others, but I do feel that my point of view has been the key.

Lol, Whitley, I was just thinking this last night! It was over ten years ago now, but one of my "friends" was glowing like a tiny red dot, the pixle of light in the back of his head, and that's all I could see of him, and he was standing there by the door, watching over me while I fell asleep, like a dad would do, but doesn't do. But if dads were better, they would do it.

So I was thinking last night, 'What are you? If you're gonna come in here, and glow like a tiny red dot, I don't know how to do that! No offense, but what are you?!?"

Thank God for people like you, Whitley. Leading the way for people who know about this new world, and want to take it. The "world without end" mentioned in Revelation 22 makes me think there are many new adventures ahead. The world may be made like new, renewed, or may even be new (to us), but the "without end" part of it is very promising.


We can take it , but as we are only in glimples! darn.

We got it girls and guys , no matter to the passivity! Love you!

Shame, and a crushing sense of futility brought on by certain disappointments in life (most of them very early in life, then repeated as patterns), have kept a lot of us dispirited. It could be that just as adults will spot certain children and pull these few aside to mentor because they more readily "see something in them," while the rest are left to sink or swim in the cruel world of childhood pecking orders more full force and on their own, so it may be at other levels. The mentored ones probably went on to their successes long ago, but the "left behind" ones usually find their way eventually too. Our "betters" may not have the sneering, lethal contempt for us that we think. Or if they do, maybe it's time to stop caring about it. Who wasn't told, in one form or another, "You make me sick!" by someone they respected when they were growing up? Perhaps it's time to stop feeling unworthy and time to stop fearing the ultimate ignominy, or at least to stop fearing it too much to move. So much easier said than done though, right? So well trained in our insecurities are we, eh?

Insightful, brilliant and true comments by Bryce, Whitley, and ScorpH! Thank you!

Can there be forgiveness for those who seek it? Many people are coerced into joining the evil energies or the Dark Side by threat of extortion, loss of livelihood, death, exposure or torture to them or their loved ones; fear! It is all one big cosmic dance! We need the evil energies to evolve. Paraphrasing Whitley as he once stated on the third of his Encounters mp3s for subscribers; ...in such a way as to let it kiss you and not burn you; and now is that time.

ScorpH...You saw through me. Many times as I teach at this university I see such young bright academic superstars and I think at that age I was such a floundering fool w/o mentorship. Many false paths wasted relationships and dead end jobs...mucho regrets. I guess it's a new age these days but teh studenst I have are so much more brillant at 23 than I was...heck I was still riding up & down the beach drinking beer and looking at girls- lol Indeed a rudderless early life. I owe to the times, the area, the enviorment, teh self loathing ,the longing for acceptence. Moving all around the world as a military kid I never fit in, and when I found acceptence it was time to move again.
To move 3 x's in High school had given me a 'slant' that I finally shook at 40yo. It's true it's patterns and early life mishaps.

In the new year let us fill our minds with uplifting thoughts, speak kind and healing words, and act in ways that lead us toward a better life, helping to lighten the burden of others, as was shown to us so long ago and remembered this past Christmas holiday...Thrive!

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