Were the Visitors Real, or Only a Dream

As part of our new Communion Letters, we present a letter from "Greg," who says: After really, really careful consideration, I've decided to write you. Recently, I read your book "The Communion Letters" three times. Though I have no recollections of abductions, the letters in that book have been eating at me for months.

Then I had realization: I've seen the beings you call the "visitors" in dreams. Thus my uncomfortable sense of recognition when I read "Letters." And now I ask myself, was it really a dream

The most terrifying nightmare of my life occurred in 1977, when I was a college student. As I drifted off to sleep after another night of homework and beer, I heard a light whooshing sound. This sound gradually built into a crescendo of intense wind. As the sound built, I saw myself in a living room talking with people I didn't know. I was sitting on the arm of a recliner. Suddenly, the faces of the people around me began to elongate, stretching into something that I felt was demonic. The faces I saw in this nightmare were the "visitors."

Then I fell through the floor into a whirling blue vortex. I began to scream something out of the deep recesses of my repressive religious background, "Get behind me, Satan!" I screamed this over and over until the blue vortex disappeared. As I frantically opened my eyes after this dream, my bedroom was thoroughly twisted and distorted, the furniture leaning at impossible angles and the ceiling canted in a gravity-defying slope. I screamed again. Then it was over. My pillow was soaked with sweat and tears, and I was shaken for months afterwards.

As I've pondered more on this subject, other weird memories creep up on me, almost terrifying in their unity. Throughout my life, I've had nightmares of oddly shaped black things in the skytriangles, boxes, spheresthat sometimes swoop down.. They all hold a strange and ominous threat, a threat I've connected with at least three major cities: Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis.

Unlike many people, I believe that the visitorsat least those of the past few decadesare hostile. In the nightmare described above, I felt that I was battling for my very soul. In that nightmare, the only one in which I recall the visitors' faces, I felt depths of terror, hopelessness, and despair that I've never felt before or since.

I grew up in an area that has been a hotbed for weird aerial sightings. When I was 12, during the summer of 1966, I saw an airplane emerge from behind a cloud. Then the "airplane" stopped moving and just hung in the air. That was when I noticed it had one of the classic UFO shapes, like two connected dinner plates turned to face each other. I also saw "windows," black squares running around the circumference of a somewhat flat "dome."

I remember thinking, "It's a flying saucer!" I wanted to run and tell my mom about it, but I was frozen to the spot, almost mesmerized. Then the object went back behind the cloud, I ran to get my mom, and it never reappeared. She chalked it up to an overactive imagination or just an airplane.

The next incident occurred when I was 14 or 15; I can't quite remember the year. I was riding with my mom, heading south, when suddenly a great orange ball materialized just about the mountains to the southeast. I was extremely excited and asked my mom, "What's THAT" I'll never forget my mom's words: "I don't want to talk about it."

Shortly thereafter, she didn't recall the incident at all, and I eventually thought it must have been a dream. Thirty years later, while researching UFOs on the internet, I came across a information about weird glowing lights in the same are that have been seen by hundreds of people over the years. The military has investigated them and a book was written about them. They were glowing red or orange balls of light, sometimes huge, so it wasn't a dream after all. And, now, all these years later, my mom has finally acknowledged that she saw something that scared her, so she pushed it out of her mind.

It wasn't until I read "The Communion Letters" that I realized that my various "sightings" and dreams formed a pattern. Have I been "abducted" I don't think so; no memories or even faint hints of memories about this surface. Yet, I have seen the visitors at least once, in a nightmare, and they terrified me. Or was it a nightmare

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