Visited by the Sun

Eric writes: My story is so much like the movie Communion, I was literally blown away when I watched it a few months ago. It has made me believe that we are being abducted and there is no chance of all of this being a dream.

Back in 1985, I was sitting in my deer stand in on my property. I was about 20 feet off the ground and I was there for five and a half hours. All of a sudden, I started to hear a sucking sound, a sound unlike any Ive ever heard in the woods. It sounded like air being sucked through a hose. I just sat there and listened. Soon it was apparent that whatever was making the noise was right over my head. It was a blackish, bluish triangular-shaped craft about 100 feet wide. It was so close, I saw every detail. I could see the air distortion in front of the craft. It was a delta shape: smooth and shiny. My sighting lasted about 5 seconds until it just took off and was gone is a second. It was then totally silent.

The next night I was in bed with my wife back home. We were asleep when we were both awakened by a electric humming sound that was deep and fairly loud. We both jumped up at the same time and looked out the window and saw a large (about 10 feet in diameter) orange ball hovering about 2 feet above the ground. It looked like the sun, but gave off no heat. It had every characteristic of the typical pictures of the sun, including flares and black spots. This object continued to make the noise for 20 minutes, then it lifted up and floated off into the distance. It was not ball lightning, Saint Elmos fire or anything else natural. The way it made its way off avoiding obstacles showed that it was under intelligent control. To this day, I never sleep past 4 am (the hour I saw it)I wake up and look for it every day.

The very next day something very strange happened to me just as it did to you in the movie. I started a small fight with my wife for no reason and ended up walking out the door. I drove 90 mph and got up to my cabin in about 2 hours (fastest ever). I saw owls up close and wild hogs everywherethey were walking right up to me and making eye contact with me. Thick white fog rolled in and it got cold in the middle of summer. I couldn't see five feet away, but I could hear the pigs everywhere. The hogs were under the cabin all night, rubbing and pushing it back and forth. They walked up and down the stair case all night (the stairs were coated with thick black mud in the morning). I sat in the corner of the cabin with the doors locked and I was up all night just sitting. I know this is a cover memory, and I am convinced something else happened and I was drawn there intentionally. It was exactly like the way you acted in the movie when you told your wife you were headed out for some smokes, and she said you dont smoke and you just took off.

Another night, I was alone in bed at 4:30 am, when I was awakened by a single bark from my dog. I opened my eyes and looked around the room and all of a sudden 4 or 5 bodies moved right through the bedroom walls. They were your typical 3 to 4 foot tall gray big-headed alien types with large wrap-around black eyes. They had on jump suits that were very close to the color of their skin, with a little sparkle to the fabric. I would probably discount this as a horrible nightmare but I came away from this incident with proof. One being was a little taller then the others and he opened my mouth and stuck something in it. I couldn't move but I was awake. He inflated my lungs about 5 times, then deflated them with such force that I remember saliva spraying and pain from the procedure. I remember a female was telling me to "calm down, we are not going to harm you." I began to get excited again when she said, "I told you he wasnt ready to meet us yet." Even though I noticed they were not moving their mouths, I still heard the sound of her voice. I could tell what sex they were even without seeing any difference in their appearance.

I asked, what are the differences between us She answered, "We are copper-based in blood and you are iron based, this makes us very different." My lungs and chest were very, very sore for three days after this, which proves to me it really happened. After 20 minutes, they left the same way they came. I affirm this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing else, so help me God.

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