UFO Update by Will Hart

I reported on the Mexican UFO case in an article published on this site, a couple of months ago. That case has been widely broadcast on the Internet and even circulated in the mass media. The facts pertaining to the event are solid and state-of-the-art detection equipment, eyewitness reports, and official investigators have corroborated them. In short, this past March, Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies over southern Mexico. Videotape footage of the event was released to the news media; CNN aired a brief clip in May.

What is of key interest and importance at this point is that the type of multi-object, visual display caught by the radar and film equipment on board the Mexican aircraft has subsequently been witnessed over a number of other areas. On June 14, 2004 more than a hundred eyewitnesses reported observing a strange group of stationary lights hovering over the Estrella Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona. Two formations were reported on June 14th, the majority of accounts said that the lights remained in a fairly stable position and spacing was described as nearly constant. Several people, including a local TV station camera crew, captured video images of the lights (UFOs).

Investigators have ruled out Luke Air Force Base and military flares as being the source of the lights for several reasons: 1) they were multi-colored and 2) when contacted Luke officials said they had not dropped any flares and were not responsible for the lights. Curiously, near the time of the sighting a power surge left 65,000 Arizona residents in the dark. The disturbance was large enough to force officials to shutdown all 3 units at the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. Near the time of the outage some people in the West Valley reported observing something strange hovering in the sky. It was more than a simple sighting because the light formation was captured on video. Astronomer, Steve Kates, known throughout the Phoenix area as "Dr.Sky" said he believed the video was legit. Kates told reporters that he had seen a lot of similar events over the years but THIS sighting was special, he even compared it to the "Phoenix Lights" sighting back in 1997. Area resident, Sheila Jones-Vega, said that she and her husband, Frank, could hardly believe their eyes while on a drive to the Estrella Mountains where they're building a home. After spotting the lights on June 14, Jones-Vega and her husband said they spent the next night watching the skies from their second-story bedroom window. They said they saw ordinary fighter jets and the Estrella lights not only on the 15th, but the following week as well.

"We saw jets come up from the airport, numerous jets come up, and it seemed as though the jets would approach the lights. The lights would turn off," she said. "It wasn't as though the jet was dropping something (a flare) and the light turned on. The lights were already there and the jets came up near them and the lights turned off. I'm a little embarrassed that people will think I'm crazy, but I know what I saw." The crew of the Mexican plane also reported that the lights would appear and disappear. We have another similar report from Chile. The following is taken from a report issued by ufologist George Filer: Llay-Llay -- Several UFOs flew and executed pirouettes before daybreak June 30 2004, some 60 kilometers northeast of Santiago, where they were photographs by Juan Serey, 37, who was driving a pickup truck toward the capital. The witness told La Cuarta, It was incredible. I was driving southward when I suddenly noticed several powerful lights moving swiftly and hanging in the sky. It was spectacular and lasted ten minutes, remarked the mechanical engineer so he had enough time to whip out his Sony Cybershot 3.2 megapixel camera, and take several photos. " The lights were suspended some 50 meters over the mountaintop. A large light opened up and seven or ten would gather, adopt various shapes, rearrange themselves and then take off rapidly, zigzagging and vanishing in a matter of seconds the witness reported. Once again, this report jibes with the UFO encounter that the military reconnaisance plane recorded over Mexico. These are not the only accounts of multiple UFOs appearing simultaneously this year. Reports have come in from the state of Washington as well. We seem to be in the middle of a different type of UFO flap, one that is characterized by multiple eyewitness accounts and corroborated by radar, video and/or still camera photos. The other type of recent sighting, most often reported this year, is of large triangular-shaped craft. The latter have been appearing around the globe since the early 1980s. In the U.S., the most well known case is the Worchester triangle. That case extended over a 7-year period during which time about 7,000 witnesses reported seeing the UFO.

What is going on and why is the mass media and the government withholding important information from u We are way past the point of engaging in the stale debates with debunkers concerning whether there is enough evidence to warrant an official, scientific study. We have been and are being manipulated and lied to for reasons that remain unknown and debunkers are part of the program.

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