UFO Over Portland

Dan writes: Recently I watched the video clip of the "Oregon UFO" and I noted that you requested to contact you if anyone had seen a similar UFO. I remember seeing a one over downtown Portland, Oregon thirty-six years ago. I was reading something at the dining room table of our apartment and I kept getting distracted by the sound of an airplane. It was not the steady drone of a passing airplane but sounded like the sound track of a movie scene featuring aerial combat. After hearing this for a couple of minutes, I got up and went to my daughter's bedroom where I had the best view of the downtown airspace where the noise seemed to be coming from.

When I got to the window I saw a strange sight. The sound was coming from a small, twin engine private plane which indeed was maneuvering as if in aerial combat. I immediately wondered why a pilot be wasting a lot of expensive gas doing something that would get him in a lot of trouble with the FAA maybe even cost him his pilot's license. After a minute, it became apparent that the reason for the stunt flying was that the pilot was trying to get close to an unusual object that was over the downtown area. The main feature of this object were several bright lights of three colors: white, red, and green. The exact placement of these lights would be hard to describe, as the object moved with a complex tumbling motion like the UFO in your video clip.

When the object was more or less in front of him, the pilot would try to rapidly increase his airspeed so as to get close to the object, but he got to within about 500 feet or so of the object, it would move away in a rapid sideways motion, which took only about a second. When this happened, the pilot reduced his engine power and banked steeply and made a sharp turn so that he was again close to the object.

This went on for about another two minutes then suddenly, the object suddenly moved away and disappeared. It covered a distance of 4-6 miles in about 2 seconds. At this point I assume the pilot gave up and left the area.

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