Sighting of UFO Mother Ship

As part of our new Communion Letters series, we received an e-mail from Shakura:

In 1987 I was driving from Sedona, Arizona to Laguna Beach on what is called the "Carefree Hwy." It was a newly paved two lane highway at that time, and it was mid-summer. Just after taking the turn onto the highway, I stopped to ask a trucker if I was on the right road. After he confirmed this, he cautioned me to be extremely careful should I have to get out of my car. He explained that rattlesnakes liked to cool themselves on the pavement at night and many truckers had been bitten when stepping out of their trucks.

I wondered why he thought to warn me about this, since I had no intention of getting out of my car while traveling across a lonely highway by myself at night. As I drove into the sunset, I noticed a "plane" circling my car. I first noticed it in the top right corner of my windshield, as it traveled across the entire windshield to my left. In seconds it came around again. I was traveling at 75-80 mph, so it was going very fast. It was obvious that whatever it was it was checking me out.

I decided to pull over. I saw the craft zoom off to the right rear of my car. When I started to get out to see where it went, I remembered the truckers warning, so instead of stepping down onto the pavement, I climbed onto the running board with the door open and looked towards the mountain. It was then that I saw, above the top of that mountain, a huge light with about 3 or 4 smaller lights like the one that had been following me darting all around it. It looked like they were almost playing with each other. There was no sound. I watched them for about fifteen minutes, then started my car and drove away. I swear that the above story is true to the very best of my recollection.

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