A Neon Orange UFO

Ben writes in our latest Communion Letter: I'm a college student in upstate New York who had an experience with a UFO when I was 10. I grew up on a 60 acre farm southwest of Rochester. In the winter of '88 my dad and I were walking up from the barn to our house. It was December around 8 at night and it was dark. Right outside our driveway, my dad said he had to go check on the cows in the upper pasture.

Across the road was a plot of land with a hill and a gully on the other side, where I saw a neon orange oval craft rise up. It moved at lightning speed until it was hovering 3 to 4 feet over our road. I had this feeling that whatever this was, was watching me. I got the feeling it was waiting for my dad to be out of the picture to present itself.

It made no noise and had portholes like those of a cruise ship. It took up the whole road and was about 20-25 feet wise. It was neon orange with a gaseous aura. It just hovered for 3 to 4 minutes, then took off between two trees in a southwesterly direction.

After this event occurred, I started having strange nightmares. In the middle of the night what felt like a long finger poked me on my side closest to the window. I tried to think of all logical possibilities for what was happening--was it my parents or little sister At first I thought maybe was sister but didnt hear any noise or giggling, which I would have if it was her. I was awake when it happened. I also had dreams where I felt paralyzed and tried to get words out, but couldn't.

It's tough being out here in the country and not really having anyone to talk to about these things. I'm not saying this stuff is alien, I just know nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

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