Mysterious Circular Graves in Ohio

In The Communion Letters, we collected some of the extraordinary letters we received from readers of Communion over 15 years ago. The letters havent stopped we get amazing e-mails every day. Weve decided to begin posting some of the best of them in our Insight section (with the writers permission). Our first one is from Patty from Ohio, who talks about a mysterious round grave found over 100 years ago in her area.

Patty writes: After reading an article about giant people with elongated skulls, I was reminded of an article I once saw which came from the Athens Messenger newspaper sometime in the 1800's. The article stated that when Athens, Ohio was still in its beginning, the town fathers were involved in making better streets. The current ones were dirt, so they were digging on the main thoroughfare to put in the first modern street at that time. That's where the towns first traffic light was.

The workmen were busy digging when they started coming upon boxes in what appeared to be a circular enclosure. Bosses were brought in to determine what should be done about this. In the end, the circular enclosure was unearthed, whereupon they discovered numerous very long narrow boxes in a rare wood that resembled ebony.

When they opened the boxes, they found very tall, thin skeletons. Also in the boxes were grave goods, and in the enclosure there were other artifacts of note. The circular enclosure had been methodically constructed and the boxes were laid out in a pattern. After much discussion, it was decided that the whole thing should be reburied the way it was found. The new street was constructed over top of it and that was that.

I was shown this article and some others in one of two thick photo albums that my step-dad had borrowed from his mother, who at that time was around 90 years old. These articles interested her, so she'd cut them out and saved them. I saw the articles in the 1980's, shortly before his mother passed away.

In Circleville, Ohio, there was another huge circular enclosure that was discovered when the area was beginning to be settled by Europeans. The Indians inhabiting the area inside the circular earthworks said they found them there when they decided to settle therethey hadn't constructed them. Not far from this area is Mound City, which is a state park consisting of mounds. Across the river from there are even larger earthworks, of which a very small part is set aside for preservation. I am told that the old General Electric property, over which quite a few UFOs have been seen in recent years, is very near this place.

One incident that occurred when I was about 9 years old is especially interesting in light of this. One day my oldest brother rounded all of us 6 kids up to go look at something a couple of ridges away from our house. My sisters bailed out before seeing what he was so worked up over, but I and my 2 other brothers traveled the distance and saw something very interesting indeed. Between our country road and the next one was a large expanse of woods. As we neared the top of the last hill, my brother told us to be very quiet. He'd brought his binoculars, and we could see trucks and vans down in the woods. There were a lot of men in white suits with feet in them working in a large area, which included what appeared to be 3 big mounds. The area was all tied off with strings like an archeological dig.

They were taking the mounds apart and bagging what they found. The bags were being put into the vans and there were armed personnel present, watching everything that was going on. On the side of the van were the letters NASA. My brother had been watching them for days, as they picked through every little bit of those mounds. One day we saw them pull out completely. We waited a while to see if they'd come back, but they'd removed everything. The mounds had been taken right down to the level of the terrain, smooth and clean. Away from the area were piles of dirt that had been thoroughly gone through. Nothing was on the news about it. What interest would NASA have in some old Indian mounds unless the Indians didnt make them

Large quarried stones were found by settlers in different parts of Ohio, including behind one of the hills where I grew up. According to the settlers who resided there, the Indians said they had no idea where they came from or who quarried them. As far as they could remember, the stones were there before their people first arrived.

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