My Daughter's Roommate was My Alien Child

In our series of new Communion Letters, we present the story of a woman who discovered she had a second, "alien," daughter, who was the college roommate of her human daughter!

She writes: I, too, am an abductee, having been "taken" countless times since early childhood and on up through the present. The last time was last week. And it's true that abduction is often a family affairat least in my case. In the course of any hypnosis sessions, I discovered that my role (contributing embryos for genetic manipulation and hybridization) resulted from agreements made for at least four generations back. My own agreement was made or just before my conception, a case of assisted reproductive and genetic engineering/hybridization, and it was confirmed when I was about 10 years old.

In one of my abductions I was taken aboard a craft to a huge, oval room whose walls were lined with tier of liquid- filled aquarium-like tanks containing hybrid fetuses in various stages of development. I was requested to help care for these grotesque beings and I refused. But I now feel that some of them were my hybrid children and I was shown them in order to assess my reaction.

In 1982, my legally-blind daughter, attending a junior college in Sacramento, CA, acquired a strange roommate, the "adopted daughter" of an Air Force colonel assigned to a black project much higher than Blue Book. He'd just transferred to Mather AFB from Four Corners in southern Nevada, a highly classified installation that didnt officially exist. On several occasions I met and spoke with the roommate, listened to her mechanical speech patterns, and noted her odd, greenish complexions, wispy reddish hair and the unusual set of her eyes. I also saw the only food that she was allowed to eat, which looked like gray/green chopped spinach that came in little white boxes, and her special drinking water than came in five-gallon glass jugs, both of these items delivered to the apartment door just as she was about to run out, the delivery person never seen.

Following a particularly close face-to-face encounter with her where I touched her cool, greenish skin that felt like mushrooms and looked directly into her avocado-green eyes with vertical black slits, I was convinced that she was a hybrid. At the same time, I sensed that she was extremely frightened that I might suspect what she was. A confidential investigation by a law-enforcement friend at the military base where I worked confirm my suspicions regarding this. Shortly after this incident, both she and her father mysteriously disappeared, along with her college records and all of his military records.

Perhaps the most traumatic and difficult-to-accept is something brought out in one of the hypnosis sessionsthat this hybrid was actually my daughter, the product of one of the embryos taken from me during an abduction. Shed been placed with my vision-challenged daughter in order to determine the degree of socialization she might achieve as ell as give me the opportunity to meet her.

I've struggled mightily with this burden and the rest of this very complicated story that surfaced during the regressions, and have finally come to grips with it as much as I can, but there's not a day that goes by that I dont wonder as to the reason for experiences such as this and the secrecy that surrounds them.

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