My Copy of The Key was Stolen by an Alien

"Steve" wrote us a new Communion Letter saying his copy of The Key was stolen--by an alien. He says: First I want to tell you that I have had visitor experiences since I was at least seven years old. I purchased your book the Key and Communion Letters approximately four weeks ago. I wanted to read the Key again, but I couldn't find it anywhere. My whole family searched the house to no avail.

On Monday evening March 15th, my son came to me and told me he knew what happened to the book. He told me that Sunday night he was awakened by a tall blue visitor with big dark eyes. This is what the being told my son: "The book The Key, I need to borrow it because there could be something in it that might be happening to both of our worlds. I need to borrow it for thirteen days. Then I will bring it back to this room. Do you have any other books that might be helpful"

My son replied, "I don't know, what are you looking for" The being gave him no response. My son says he doesn't remember anything after that.

We will see what will happen March 27th. I will e-mail you back to see if the book is returned on this date. Why us Why my book Why didn't he just go to you

He wrote us again to say: The missing Key has returned! My wife took me to work this morning, see called my extension to let me know the book was on our dining room table! When we left for work, I didn't look on the table, and neither did she, since that was the last thing on our minds at the time. P.S. Maybe my late fee threat caused an early return.

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