Multiple Sightings of a Strange Kind

As part of our new Communion Letters series, "Robert" writes: One of the most amazing discoveries I have had in the last few years was on the NBC broadcast of Confirmation. On that program you divulged a story involving police officers tracking not one, but three strange aircraft. If memory serves me right, it was in Warren, Ohio, about a half- hour drive from where I live. I remember being stunned about this, mainly because it had never been reported anywhere until then. Friends and family of mine have seen many strange things in our own area (Columbiana County, specifically the area around State Route 14 and its surrounding back roads).

Years ago, my mother and I were riding from a friends house and saw something amazingly bright in the night sky. We stopped to look at it, because it seemed so low (yet there was no engine sound, or any sound at all) and looked like reflective metal. As we watched, it moved towards us, so we got out of there quickly. We mentioned this to my dad, who told us we "were drunk." I must have been 8 or 9 when I saw that and am now 21. It stuck with me.

The next strange encounter in this area came when I was about 17 years old. I had told a friend of mine at work, John, who is interested in UFO stories, about that case. Another kid had started working there at the time and mentioned to John that he and his girlfriend were driving down the back road near where I had seen my UFO years ago and thought he saw a plane crash. He had said it was bright orange and lit up the area. They had seen it plummeting between the trees nearby, and he was frightened and slammed on his brakes. They heard nothing, saw no light, and drove by the area, but there was nothing there. He was clearly shaken by what he had told John. John told him to talk to me, since I had seen strange things there before. He told me his story and so many things were similar.

I then went to my grandmother (who is also interested in UFOs) and told her. She then told me how when she lived in the farmhouse located on the same road where I had seen my UFO. She had been getting ready one morning and saw a strange object in the sky.

There have been more cases, but I'll tell you the most recent event. This happened about two years ago. My ex-girlfriend and I were coming back from a haunted house in Canfield, Ohio and were coming through Columbiana, when I looked up and saw something streak across the sky (for all I know it could have been a shooting star, but what follows is interesting). I asked her if she saw it. She said I was probably messing with her, and I said, "No, I just saw something streak across the sky." Anyway, we drove on, got to a crossroad near a truck stop and drove through. Now we were surrounded by farmland on both sides. I looked over to my right to say something to her and noticed something in the sky that was bright orange and the size of a pea, over the woods. I did a double-take, but when I looked back, the light was gone! I asked her if she had seen that one, but again, she hadn't.

She saw how shaken I was this time and knew I wasn't kidding. I told her I was going to go down one of the back roads to see if we could find it and she agreed (I think I was really scaring her at this point, but I had to see if I could find it). We drove but saw nothing else. I don't know what it is about this area, but ever since I was a child, I've had weird dreams about spaceships and aliens and they all took place in this area.

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