Meeting an Orb on the Road

Scott writes, in one of our new Communion Letters: I would like to share an experience my mother and I had with what I would classify as an Orb. This was around 1972 when I was six years old. I lived in Phoenix in an area at that time was not fully developed, and is surrounded by range of ancient volcanic mountains (a very strong presence I might add). We were heading north on a dirt road about a half a mile from our small suburb early in the evening. I was in the back seat while my mother was driving, when I saw a light appearing on the left in my peripheral vision. It seemed to have popped in from nowhere. At arms length, it appeared somewhat larger than Venus, with an odd pale glow, sort of greenish or blue white. I yelled frantically out to my mother to look.

When I finally got her attention, she stopped and pulled the car off the road. We watched as it hovered about 20 or 30 degrees above the western horizon. The odd part was that we could tell that it wasn't far away; in fact we both could sense a presence. It did not illuminate the ground below or the three peaked mountain to the south. It sat there for a short time and then, without warning, it appeared to expand to the size of a silver dollar. It remained this way for a brief period and then shrank back to its original state and vanished. To this day, we still occasionally talk about that experience and what it could have meant.

Growing up in Arizona, I have always had a strong connection to the land and its ancient presence. About two years later, I was having a friend spend the night. I couldn't get to sleep, and while I was lying in the dark, a face appeared at the edge of the bed near my feet. I often have photoflash images appear while falling asleep, but the difference with this one was that it appeared as large as my wall and lasted for several seconds after I opened my eyes. It looked like an old, weathered and wise man with a light colored band around his head. I later thought, as I got older, that maybe he was a Hopi or Navajo elder.

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