Learning to Make Contact

In one of our new Communion Letters, "Nicholas" writes: I really don't know whether or not I had a so-called UFO sighting, but it has changed my opinion about what we are.

On Wednesday, December 3rd, I was traveling in a vehicle, deep in the countryside of Kent in Great Britain. I pulled over for a break as I often do, to read and meditate. The aim is to reach a point of stillness very quickly and feel oneself simply fall away. This did not happen that day.

I was reading Lysette Larkins' book Talking to ET at the time and I admit I wanted something to happen. After 20 minutes of reading about inviting so-called contact, I put the book down, closed my eyes and settled down for a nap. Within what appeared to be moments, I could 'see', vividly, a very happy, gleeful, attractive face looking out from the open back door of a store near Marble Arch in London that I recognized. I instantly recognized the location but not the face. This lovely, wide eyed, light complexioned twenty- something face looked totally human, even more human than we do: more perfect, with pleasantly rounded features. It was impossible to tell whether it/he/she was male or female but I sensed a greater female aspect.

The image of the doorway fell away, leaving just this face, looking at me. This was truly a happy sight and I realized that I was aware of something that was very out of the ordinary.

Next thing I knew, I was aware of what appeared to be a 'bus' glide silently past my side window. There was no noise at all and it glided very smoothly, despite the roughness of the road. This couldn't have been an actual passing bus.

My fleeting glimpse was of rows of windows and I knew there were people inside. This was what reminded me of a bus. I didn't see any wheels or flashing lights or anything like that.

One week before this, I was driving in slow traffic, passing through woodland, (also while reading Lysette's book) and there was an enormous flash above me, like lightning. The radio crackled momentarily (and stopped working altogether a week later.) I looked out to see if I'd been hit but there was no damage.

I believe that contact really is possible simply by intending it. Lysette's book aids the intent to make contact and I feel that this is what happened. It set me up for something to happen.

This was a very subtle experience and I'm convinced that it wasn't a dream. These beings appear to be around us all the time and are incredibly subtle. It's probably up to us to notice them.

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