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As one of our new Communion Letters, we present the adventures of Rick, who says: I was never really into UFOs. I always assumed they were possible but never really went out of my way to learn about them. That attitude continued even after myself and 3 other U.S. Airmen stationed at RAF Alconbury near Huntingdon, England in 1970 saw a glowing, domed saucer-type UFO sitting in the middle of a farm field only a hundred yards or so from the side of the road at about 2 in the morning. We were returning from a rock concert in Leicester. I had always assumed that someone had put something in the soda bottle we were passing around. We stopped, stood there in stunned amazement for awhilethen after some debate about whether we should go over to itgot back in the car and drove back to base. We all put it out of our minds and pretty much never discussed it again.

The next time I saw a UFO was in 1988. To get home from NYC, I was driving north along the Palisades Parkway. It was a warm evening in early May and to keep from falling asleep at the wheel after a very long day, I'd put the top down on my VW beetle convertible.

As I reached an area called Alpine, NJ, my eye caught an array of lights almost directly above me. It was maybe 1,000 feet in the air, but it was hard to tell because it was so huge. My first thought was: 'What the hell is that How did they get that up there' It was so close to the Parkway that if I hadn't had my top down, I'd have driven right by without even seeing it. I pulled my car over to the grassy side of the road and got out for a better look. I couldn't believe my eyes. This gigantic triangular craft, several football fields in size with multiple colored light patterns on its underbelly, was just floating silently in the sky.

After standing there for awhile in a state of pure awe and cursing myself for not having a camera in my hands, especially after just coming from a film shoot, a scary thought entered my mind. If I was the only one standing there looking up at them, then they could just as easily be looking down at me. With this thought a jolt shot up my spine, and I jumped into the car and headed down the hill to NY and home. I told my half asleep wife that I had just seen a huge UFO on the Palisades Parkway. She replied, "That's nice honey. Why don't you go to sleep."

Several days later at an Indian restaurant in the city, my wife, Jane, myself and a close friend, Robert, were having dinner. We'd known him for years, so I felt safe in bringing up what I'd seen. Until then, I'd mentioned it to no one except Jane. He laughed and suggested I was hallucinating although he knew very well that I didn't use any type of mind altering substances. We all had a good laugh about it. Later, I mentioned that I was going out to Arizona in a few weeks to visit my brother. Since Jane couldn't go, Robert said he had some free time and asked if I wanted company.

It's a few weeks later and we've arrived in the airport in Kansas City to change planes. Our connecting flight was delayed and we had time to kill. I went into one of those airport bookstores. I was about to give up when I spotted a book with a bug-eyed alien face on its cover that claimed to be a best seller. It was by some guy I'd never heard of before: Whitley Strieber.

Imagine my surprise when only a few pages into the book, I'm reading a perfect description of what I'd just seen a few weeks before. Not only that, but the book claimed these craft had been sighted in the area of the Hudson River and the Palisades Parkway. Even better, sitting next to me on the plane was the only person except my wife that I'd told. "Read this," I said to my scoffing friend. He read it and then immediately said I must have heard about it before.

Now the story gets weirder. While in Arizona, I stayed in Phoenix for awhile visiting another friend, Doug. I told him my UFO story but unlike Robert, he actually believed me. Soon I returned to NY and put UFOs out of my mind again.

Jump ahead to 1992, when he went on vacation to Hawaii with his wife, Sandy. A few months later, they visited us in NY and Doug related this incredible story about something that happened while taking a drive with Sandy in Hawaii. On a remote road somewhere on the Big Island, he and his wife had a missing time event. Doug was later able to remember much, if not all, of what took place. He said that he saw a white owl fly in front of his car, almost grazing the windshield. He stopped the car and got out. But instead of a white owl, he saw some sort of luminous human being standing alongside the road. As he gazed at this individual, messages began to be communicated directly into his mind in the form of images. They warned of a coming global catastrophe. The images included war, disease, environmental upheavals and starvation. He also saw scenes of people being herded into concentration-like camps. Doug thought he was looking back in time to the 30's. But then he realized the people were wearing contemporary clothing.

There were many other images, but the one thing that really struck me was that he was told by this being that the "grays" would make their presence known to all the earth. This would be at a time when the planet was teetering on global destruction. They would present themselves as saviors of the planet and be welcomed by most on Earth, but this would be a lie. At first they would assist the Earth's governments, including the U.S., to bring peace and order to the planet. Their ultimate goal, however, would be to eventually replace humans with a human/alien hybrid race with minds that were be locked into a hive-like mentality. If they succeeded, freedom of thought and the spiritual evolution of the human race would be terminated.

Needless to say, I was less willing to accept Doug's story at face value than he was mine. It's one thing to see a big triangular UFO over the PalisadesIt's quite another to see the human race being threatened with replacement my mind- controlled human/alien hybrids.

We discussed these ideas over the course of a year or two. Doug also attended a UFO conference or two at that time something I was always very leery of. At one, he met individuals who represented themselves as government agents. Later, they tried to recruit him as an undercover informant. They wanted him to continue to attend such meetings and report back on the attendees, lectures, discussions, leadersanything that might be of interest. He flatly turned them down. Threats were made against both himself and his family but he stood his ground and finally they backed off and disappeared from his life. The trauma of these events, however, eventually cost him his marriage, because his wife began thinking he was crazy.

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