Like Father, Like Son

After reading many Communion Letters, we've discovered that the visitor experience runs in families. Xavier writes: When I was eight and I lived with my father at my grandfather's house, I would occasionally sleep on the floor in my grandfather's bedroom. I remember very clearly to this day (twenty years later) that one night I awoke and I was unable to move my head much, as it was held in a vice-like contraption. I remember being afraid, but my mind told me I had rolled under his bed and I gave up trying to move my head and fell back to sleep.

When I was seventeen, one night my father asked if he could sleep on my floor because the people whose bedroom under his in the apartment below were up late being very loud. I said that it was no problem. It was fortunate he was present in the room because in the morning I had a witness to my surprise. I woke up early, a bit after dawn, and found my face was about six inches from the stucco ceiling. As I gained consciousness I felt myself lazily drifting back my bed until I had completely re-entered my body and could move again. I sat upright in bed and said, "Oh My God." This woke up my father, who said, "Now you know..." He had had his own experiences in the past.

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