ETs Changed the Way I Think

As part of our series of new Communion Letters, we present the experiences of Mort, who had childhood adventures with ETs that left him with a mind that works differently than other peoples brains.

He writes: [As a child], I was 'visited' at least 3 times that I can remember. I made the mistake of sharing and asking my parents after one of the visits. A very bad idea. They are both dead now. I remember that they went absolutely nuts The field or landing site was immediately outside my bedroom window to the north. It would never grow anything after these visitsWe had grown concord grapes, corn, tomatoes, squash, etc. during WWII in our victory gardenI [now] live about 25 miles from this property and it is still barren.

After I attempted to share and ask questions about what I had experienced, my 'visitors' made one more visit. They made sure that I knew that they would not be coming back, due to my indiscretion in telling my parents. The only thing I now remember is that they did indeed always communicate telepathically, but there was always the same 'person'. There were 3 or 4 others, but this particular one always seemed to be in charge and gave a familiar 'hello' to me.

One notable thing that was apparent to me was that they always came at night, and only for me, not for anyone else in the family, and that they were in control. All of their visits were punctuated with their amazement that I was not afraid of them. In fact, I was quite curious and fascinated with them. I can still see some of the visual images of them and their 'experimental facility' and its lighting in my memory.

I'm presently in my late 60s, have an Electronic Engineering degree, 2 Masters degrees and cannot find a job doing anything. This includes even selling vacuum cleaners, commercial or industrial insurance, or repairing computersMy mind works like Nikola Teslas when it comes to visualizing the solving of a problem or crime. I only need some of the 'facts' about a problem and to then have at least one solution in hand. I can 'visualize' the solution to the problem at times, without even knowing anything about some of the attendant details.

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