A "Classic" AbductionBefore Such Things Existed

In our new Communion Letters series, we present the experiences of "Dave," who writes: Before I relate my experience, I would like to preface it by saying at that time it occurred (in 1974) there was NO information or talk of abductions (other then the general awareness of the Betty and Barney Hill case) and there was no information anywhere in UFO literature about people being taken from their beds and through walls/ceilings and into a waiting flying saucer. I know because at the time I was continually monitoring all the book stores for any and all information about UFOs.

This occurred in October 1974, in my home in Rockville Maryland, after I had just turned 18. At the time the event was occurring, I knew I wasn't dreaming because I've since noticed that when Im dreaming, there is very little, if any sense of "is this just a dream" No, [in the dream], it usually all seems real. So I could tell this was not a dream. I was completely helpless, and could only watch.

I was sound asleep when I became aware that was suddenly above my house, lookingdown, I could clearly see the street, the top of the street light, the trees. Moments later, I looked up and could see the brightly polished hull of a classic flying saucer, not four feet away. There was no transition of going in, I just suddenly found myself inside. There was someone at each side of me, holding my arms and guiding me past a storage area on my left and further on, past a fully-uniformed air force officer. He appeared to be in his late 40's or early fifties, with dark hair, and seemed to be very angry at somethingpossibly at the fact that I was conscious Maybe I had said something to him, because he did not speak to me directly but was yelling at the others.

I was led (floated) around the perimeter of the craft, for it was round inside, and there was a low railing round the sides that cordoned off the lower center section, which was entered via one or two steps. This was a medical facility there was an operating "table" in the center with equipment of some sort around it. Suddenly, I was on the table, and there were at least 3, maybe 4 doctors in scrub gear surrounding me and surgery commenced. What was creepy was they were doing surgery on my head! I felt my whole head being opened up somehow and got a sense that my very brain nerves wee accessed and being probed. However, I felt separate from this and so overwhelmed by the process that I seemed to be outside my body and began to "float" off into a dark corner to cower in fear, while I watched them work. I could see 3-6 people silhouetted around the table, and decided to just wait it out.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning, completely aware that this took place. It was too incredible to recount to anyone and I was terrified to talk about it to anyone for fear they would think me crazy. During the next 6 to 10 months, I believe this occurred one or two more times.

In 1990 or so, I was reading your book Communion, and you closed one chapter with the words something like " and they implanted something into by brain" That shocked me into thinking that what I remembered could have actually happened, and for the next few months, I was a wreck. I was too scared to sleep.

Then I started hearing more and more in the general media about people saying they too had been abducted, some taken from their beds at night. I read this with much interest. In my incident, I saw no aliens; they appeared to be U.S. military personnel, although that could have been a disguise.

Sometimes I have "dreams" where I see flying saucers and other extraterrestrial craft flying all over in the sky above citiessometimes in battle and crashing. I had just such a "dream" of seeing these rooms containing rows of these vats or huge glass specimen jars filled with clear liquid and suspended inside was a portion of a cow head, mainly its eye and other parts of its anatomy floating there with bubbles while the creature was apparently alive.

How easy it is to label someone crazy. Oh, well, I don't mind anymore, it would make a great book.

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