Bedside Visitors

As part of our new Communion Letters, "Amy" writes: When I was about 7 years old (the year was 1961), I slept on the top bunk in a room I shared with my younger sister (who was 5 years old), my younger brother (who was 4 years old) and my older brother (8 years old). The boys slept across the room from us girls.

One time I woke up in the middle of the night (it was dark no night lights) and I saw the outline of an insect-like creature with a large head and 2 large black eyes standing over me. I was terrified. It was looking right down at me, standing on one of the ladder rungs of the bunk bed. I quickly pulled the covers over my head and lay there for the longest time, completely terrified. I must have eventually fallen asleep. After that, I was terrified at night and always pulled the covers over my head and would not look out if I woke up in the middle of the night. I never told my parents or siblings, but to this day I know it was real.

Later, when I was 10 (in 1964), I had another strange experience. I was sleeping over at our a friend's house for a pajama party. There were 6-8 children, all piled up in various beds in a large bedroom. Some of us were in sleeping bags because there weren't enough beds. I was sleeping on a king- sized bed I shared with 2 other children. I woke up for some reason about 5 am, while all the other kids were sound asleep. Something seemed strange. All of a sudden some of the windows opened and closed on their own and the wind blew in violently. There were strange sounds and I sensed a presence. I tried to wake up Tracy, who was sleeping near me, but I couldn't wake her no matter how hard I tried and I thought that was strange. I looked around and tried to wake another girl, but no one would wake up. Once again, I buried my head under the covers, terrified. The windows kept opening and shutting on their own. I've always felt that this was a paranormal and perhaps extraterrestrial experience.

I was so frightened that night that I never mentioned what happened to my friends or parents. The only people who know to this day about either experience are my husband and my sister, and now you know.

One more thing: before I had ever heard of crop circles, one of the girls from a nearby farm and I used to make our own crop cut-outs for fun. I'll never forget how I felt I was being dragged away from the wheat field to come in and have dinner. There is something magical about crop fields.

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