With Aliens, Keep Your Sense of Humor

As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, we present the adventures of Cecilia, from South Africa, who has used irony and humor to chase away unwanted Visitors.

She writes: My (remembered) encounters were not frightening, with one exception, in August, 1986. The intruder was 'female' and fierce and I was terrified until she started to communicate (mentally). What I 'heard' was, "First there were the sheep, then there was shepherd, then there was the black sheep. Which are you" I was unable to move or speak but somewhere inside something rebelled at both the intrusion and the 'game playing' and without thinking I mentally blurted out, "I guess it depends which members of my family you ask." Despite the fear of a moment before, I was chuckling inside as the thought escaped and with it went the scowling intruderright through my bedroom wall! I gradually regained use of my limbs and wrote the incident in my journal, noting the time as 3:04 AM. I was awake all through the experience and there was no 'lost time.'

On one other occasion I regretted using humor during an encounter. I seemed to be aboard a vessel with 180 degree view. I was standing but could not move my head or body. A 'being' was beside and slightly behind me, showing me some amazing images of the universe. I was entranced but a little 'suspicious' because it all defied the 'laws' of physics. Then from the left edge of my vision, a blue outline began to develop. When I could finally see it, I laughed. It was an enormous blue Angel and my response was "Oh, s--t! Don't tell me the Catholics were right all along." (I was brought up Catholic in an Irish family.)With that I found myself unceremoniously dropped back in my bed and I feared it would be my last 'nice' encounter. It was.

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