Aliens Beamed Me Up

In our series of new Communion Letters, we heard from Mick, who writes: Yes, I too have had an abduction/dream experience in the early nineties. It happened after seeing the Band "Psychic TV" at The Ritz (Studio 54) in New York City. They were using a lot of strobe lights flashing in time (sort of) to the music. I didn't drink a lotmaybe 2 beersand yes, I might have smoked a couple of puffs of grass somebody handed me, but by the end of the show when we went home, I was sober.

My wife went with me, and we were both tired when we got home and went to bed. When I awoke the next day, I felt really good and told her I dreamed I met aliens. It wasn't until later that I realized it probably wasn't a dream. As the memory came back to me, I realized that I woke up to a bright light in the next room. I thought burglars were coming in from the fire escape and I tried to wake up my wife by shaking her, but she had the pillow over her head and was lying face down into the bed. She made a "mmmmmm" sound and refused to move.

I hopped out of bed prepared to defend us when I experienced the strangest sensation. I was hyped-up and ready to fight, when I realized it wasn't burglars and that they weren't going to try to kill me. But almost immediately afterwards, I realized it was aliens, and the strongest, most animalistic fear I've ever felt came over me and I was paralyzed. The aliens communicated to me psychically that they wanted me to lie on a white disk they had placed in our living room. The disk was mostly round but had a rectangular protrusion about the size of a cigarette pack. The aliens "told" me that this protrusion enabled them to control the disk with their minds and that they were going to transport me to their spaceship. When they initiated the beaming or whatever you want to call it, I screamed at them, "I hope you guys know what you're doing!" By the end of the sentence, I had somehow been transported right through the ceiling and the fifth floor apartment above us and saw the clouds whizzing past. I blacked out soon after that and don't remember anything else.

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