An Alien Gift of Love

We received a Communion Letterfrom Sloan, who writes: This is a story which I haven't revealed to many people, as it seems incredible. In March of 1995 while asleep I was taken to a spaceship, or what I believe was a spaceship. I was sitting in a type of birthing chair facing a curved, very white wall with a bench along its surface. I was not able to move and could not even adjust my peripheral vision, but I felt that there were two large entities on either side of me, and that there was a large window behind me and I was somewhere in space. To my amazement, I wasn't frightened.

Then I saw a large glowing egg the size of a man in front of me. It gracefully split into two halves, revealing a man whom I would consider looked like Christ. I received immense love. He moved towards me and there and embraced me as he penetrated me (not in a sexual context, but as a kind of rebirth). At that moment, I felt intense love and protection and awe.

I woke the next morning to find myself in love with everythingthe ceilings, the carpet, pictures. I couldn't figure out why I felt love towards simple inanimate objects. It extended to every cell of my being and beyond. As I pondered these feelings, I became acutely aware that I had had a profound experience, one that had not been present before in my life. I was taking a bath, enjoying my new found love of water and ceramic tile, when I noticed on my right inner thigh two perfectly shaped diamonds, the color of a bruise. They were side by side so that if you added two more they would become one larger diamond. I was amazed and considered this a sign of validation.

I wondered why this happened to medid this make me special, was this a sign I have always been able to see spirits, have a strong sense of ESP and have seen my fair share of UFO and have had other unexplained marks on my body, but this was one of the show-stoppers. Several months later, I was almost strangled to death. During this strangulation, my deceased grandfather told me that I had two collapsed lungs and that I would die if I didn't [get] to the hospital.

I believe that abduction was to let me know I was loved, that I would live and that I would be changed forever. This was to set up to change the course of my life. And I also got a sense that all my negative karma was deleted in one fell swoop.

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