An Alien Diagnosis

As part of our new Communion Letters series, Coretta writes: Twelve years ago I woke up in the night to see three small, gray creatures standing to my right, near the foot of my bed. Though the room seemed filled with a misty, dim light, I could see the visitors clearly. One, a bit taller than the other two, seemed to be the leader and communicator. He/she/it held a slender, silver-colored metal rod about 15 inches long, bearing some type of markings, which they said had to be inserted in my rectum.

My body is strong, resistant to most common ailments, and resilient in recovering from surgery without the need of pain killers, but when it comes to internal examinations, I'm not an easy study. I felt no fear of the three visitors, only that rod. I was told to not be alarmed, that the visitors had come to find the cause of a painful physical problem that had bewildered medical specialists, and the visitors suspected a malfunction of my endocrine system. I was instructed to go back to sleep, and that I would have no memory of the exam the following morning. Being strong-willed, I should have been able to stay awake long enough to resist, but I went out like a light.

I slept longer than usual the next morningthe sun was up and it was a beautiful day. Totally forgetting the nighttime "dream," I padded down the hallway to the kitchen, made coffee and a small breakfast. When I sat down to eat, I couldn't open my jaws. It seemed they had been clenched so tightly for so long that the muscles wouldn't relax. Concerned that I had been infected through a scratch or puncture wound while working outside, I tried to remember when I'd had my last tetanus shot. Then I remembered the "dream," and was amused. Though I'd been "told" I'd remember nothing about the exam, my aversion to invasive exams is so strong, that even in a state of sleep, I must have clenched my jaw. Three hours passed before I was able to open my mouth enough to eat, as I pondered over the dream and what I'd been told.

The suspected endocrine system problem they had mentioned was something new to me. For over a year, I had been suffering excruciating pain in the back of my lower legs. It didn't matter what I did or didn't do, it would intensify on its own. The pain wasn't coming from the sciatic nerve, and I had suffered no injuries. I'd been put through every kind of test for nerve damage, vascular problems, x-rays, full blood panels, etc. Between specialists, I tried to learn the cause (and possible cure) on my own. I even tried an old Edgar Cayce remedy, wrapping my legs with wool cloth soaked in castor oil and going to bed with each leg in a plastic garbage bag (how kinky can you get)

After the experience with my nighttime examiners, I was hoping they would return with an answer, if only in my dreams. But maybe they had told me all I needed to know. The following week, while browsing in a health food store, I came upon a book on Body Reflexology. Flipping through it, I noticed a chapter on the endocrine system. I couldn't wait to get home and try it. Sure enough, the trigger points leading to my endocrine glands were extremely painful, as were several matching trigger points on the fronts of my legs. They were so painful to press, the tears rolled down my cheeks. According to the author, when pressed, if those tiny points were painful, that signified a blockage in the system. I was to keep working on them until the pain went away. Several times a day I massaged those points and cried, but from the very first time, I sensed some relief. It took three months, but each day was better. The problem was solved and I was saved from ending up in a wheelchair or having my vital organs destroyed by heavy doses of the pain medication prescribed by the last specialist.

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