Air Force Pilot Sees UFOs

As part of our series of new Communion Letters, we present the experiences of "Bill," an Air Force pilot who had a UFO experience. If anyone should be able to tell the difference between a secret military craft and a UFO, it's an Air Force pilot!

He writes: I had an experience a few years ago that was also witnessed by others. This has never been told before, outside my immediate family.

I live in Northwest Florida close to Eglin Air Force Base and I serve in the Air Force at Duke Field which is approximately 10 miles north of Eglin. At around 11:30 one night during the fall on a return trip to my home from my mothers' house in Dothan, Alabama, I noticed a triangle formation of lights just below the tree line from the drivers' side window. The lights appeared to the left and rear of my truck and I initially caught sight of them in my peripheral vision.

Slowing my truck down so as not to run off the road, I looked back and was able to observe the lights again. They started out very dim, then increased their glow slowly. Each was a spiral shape and glowed with a warm white light. They did not emit light in the normal way; instead, they glowed! At the time it reminded me of the spiral shape of an electric stove burner. I soon realized that I had my window closed and that the reflection of my instruments in the window may have given me some sort of optical illusion, so I quickly rolled down my window and checked my rear again. I stuck my head out the window and looked to the rear again. Again the lights appeared, and paced my truck regardless of the speed.

I pulled off onto a lonely two lane road that runs through the Eglin AFB test range, and ran up to the car of my mother and step-father who had followed me home for a week-end visit. My mother, who was in the passenger side of the vehicle, immediately asked if I had seen the lights. We talked about them for a few minutes and agreed we had seen the same thing. I got back in my truck and proceeded on our route. Not seeing the lights again for a few miles, I believed it was over, and then just as suddenly as the first ones had appeared, a second set of lights appeared on the same side of the road just below the tree line. Only this time they where in front of me so I had a better view.

These lights were different. They were a cluster of about a dozen or more pin-point lights glowing a deep red. I watched them for about 2 minutes, then suddenly each individual light came towards my truck, expanding the way a star burst would. The pin-points never changed in size but they rapidly flashed at my truck, then disappeared in an instant. That was the last I saw of them.

I've always wondered what it was I saw that late night, and in my mind wrote it off as some kind of weird experiment being conducted by Eglin. It was definitely something I haven't seen in my 18 years of service in the Air Force.

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