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Join Whitley's Meditation Group

Free Yourself.

Our meditation group meets online for group meditation. All members will receive an email with the theme of the mediation and the time the group will be meditating together. It is intended that we not meet through an internet link during meditation, but that we connect as a group on a nonphysical level.

- In general we will meditate together two to four times a month.
- Group meditation periods will last fifteen minutes.
- Subscriber members will also be able to participate in group chats where we will share our meditation experiences.

To join, you need only add your name and email address below - your details will be kept strictly private. Email addresses will not be shared with group members. You may use a 'handle' if you prefer not to use your real name.

Group members will receive emails discussing meditation techniques, but to keep up with the theme of meditations, please visit the Meditation Group page before beginning a meditation. If the topic has not changed, the previous meditation will be repeated. In order to explore topics deeply, they will not necessarily change with each meditation.

To visit the Meditation Group's page, click on Whitley's Space on our masthead, then click on the "Meditation Group" link on the secondary masthead that opens for this site area, or click here.

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