Nick Redfern makes his case that the Roswell crash did not involve an alien spacecraft but a secret test vehicle piloted by deformed and altered children.

But, as Whitley asks in this pointed interview, can that really be true in view of evidence that, for example, materials that came either from Roswell or another site have recently been discovered by Dr. Jacques Vallee to contain "impossible" isotopic ratios? (Dr. Vallee revealed these findings at the 2017 Contact in the Desert Conference.)

Or does this go even deeper? After all, the notorious Finders Case, covered up by the CIA, certainly involves some very strange things being done with children.

One thing remains true about Roswell: it is extremely controversial. Could secret government programs have been hidden behind a veil of claims about an alien presence? Or is something even stranger going on?

Dreamland at its provocative and challenging best!

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