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Friday February 24, 2012

Why all the End of the World Fears? Could it be that Something GOOD is Coming?

Barbara Hand Clow returns to Dreamland with an explosive new idea--that the end of the world isn't at hand at all, that we are actually entering a new period of creative growth as the human mind accelerates to a new level of consciousness. She tells Dreamland guest host Marie D. Jones how a series of changes that accelerated through 2011 opened many of us to new energies, while causing deep terrors left over from an extraordinary catastrophe that ravaged our planet over 10,000 years ago to emerge again in many others. This is just another outbreak of the 'catastraphobia' that has bedeviled our species since our last civilization was destroyed in a catastrophe that lasted more than two thousand years and left us so deeply traumatized that the terror is literally genetic.

Many Dreamland listeners sense that what is really coming is change, which is being misinterpreted by many people as disaster. Barbara Hand Clow and Marie D. Jones really hit the nail on the head here. 2012 is not about the end, but the potential for a new beginning for those of us with the inner resources to find it for ourselves.

Barbara Hand Clow's website is HandClow2012.com.

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Awakening the Planetary Mind

Barbara Hand Clow has been on Dreamland many times since our first interview with her in 2004, and on the show this week she offers insight into the great planetary trauma that destroyed our past civilization so completely that it is remembered only through trauma buried deep within all of us. Here, with Whitley Strieber, she tells us what this past civilization was actually like, and what we have lost. But then she goes deeper, explaining how there are new dimensions of consciousness opening within us, and how we can actually regain the level of consciousness that we lost during the catastrophe.

People are tired. We're tired of the endless 'end of the world' hype. Comet Elenin is an incoming space ship. Not! The strange sounds that were heard worldwide portend the apocaplypse. Not! But they DO portend change, 'for those who have ears to hear,' and change is always frightening to some. Not to people doing the kind of inner work of interest to Unknowncountry subscribers, though, and you will find this discussion energizing and useful in your own inner work. Note the moment toward the end when Barabara mentions sounds. Without being aware of the strange sounds that were experienced by so many in the past few months, she explains exactly why sound is a portent of change...for the better. Barbara and Whitley are very much on the same wavelength, and this program offers useful insights and positive energy that you can literally hear in their voices.

Barbara has been a guest on Dreamland regularly since 2004. Be sure to search the archive and refresh your mind with some of her earlier shows. Her material is well worth your while, and don't miss her new book, Awakening the Planetary Mind.

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These were fascinating interviews. One of the things that makes better sense to me now is all the stone monuments by which the ancients could mark the seasons. Perhaps the humans surviving the catastrophe erected these monuments in the knowledge that their civilization was lost, and their illiterate descendants would need a way to reckon time for planting.

Yes, very interesting interviews. Barbara may have hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that the sounds are forming a level of geometry in our dimension from another realm. It makes a kind of sense... with regard to the way certain sounds form physical patterns in sand. See a short example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9GBf8y0lY0
I wonder what new level of creation will become manifest. What an exciting time to be alive. Also, doesn't Marie's lovely voice sound similar to Marla's? Are they related?

I'm sure Marie Jones means well with her enthusiastic style as an interviewer, but I find her constant need to interject, to chuckle knowingly, and even to even complete the author's sentences an unfortunate distraction to the comments of the interviewee.

Would it be possible for her to restrain from stepping on her interviewee's words? It really hampers the flow and diminishes my ability to hear the content which is often truncated by her interruptions.

We are fortunate to have interviews with these remarkable guest, and I want to hear every word.


Sounds and geometry...Yes, and just in the last 24 hours, Unknown Country ran this story:


Also, a few years ago I was privileged to participate in a teleconference with a composer by the name of Stuart Mitchell, who used cymatics to decipher codes within Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland:


During the teleconference, I asked Mr. Mitchell if he had ever considered that the concepts he used in Rosslyn Chapel might also be applied to crop formations. He was quite surprised, and allowed that he had never given it any thought, but that it made sense.

The Music of the Spheres and tones as the source of creation and sacred geometry...Very cool!

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