Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday November 27, 2004

Whitley Strieber and Loren Coleman

Whitley Strieber returns to Dreamland this week with an explosive interview with Loren Coleman about his white-hot new book, the Copycat Effect. Loren's research proves that the media is one of the primary engines causing ultra-violence in our society. Loren will present case after case of ultra-violence that actually started with lurid media reports of other violent acts, reporting that set off a chain of horror that swept through our society sometimes for years thereafter. Loren's website is www.orencoleman.com.

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This show is right on target. But one thing that seems to be missing is that people don't have to imitate evil, now do they? Why don't we emulate the good, the moral, the kind, the compassionate, the empathic side of our natures? Why be cruel, distant, mean and angry? The bully side of people's personalities don't have to come out as often as it does. Things don't have to be this way and people have free will so why do we chose to be so awful to one another? I'll say this much that jealousy is something that people never admit to feeling. I think envy and jealousy is the root of all of these acts like murder, rape and war!!! Have you ever heard someone say right out loud how jealous they are about a person or something? No, it's a hidden emotion that should be discussed openly all of the time!!!

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