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Friday August 3, 2012

When Ghosts Go After You: the World of Earthbound Spirits

Mary Ann Winkowski knows why some spirits remain earthbound and others do not, and how to tell the difference. She will tell you how to find out if there is a ghost near you, and what to do about it. A lifetime of research has led Mary Ann to understand the incredible ways in which these spirits influence our lives. Here, she shares her discoveries and her extraordinary stories with Anne Strieber.

She has been communicating with earthbound spirits for most of her life. Her earliest memories include talking to spirits of the deceased as if they were living people and helping these entities cross over. Over the course of work as a paranormal investigator, Mary Ann's reputation has spread. She is a consultant to the CBS hit television show Ghost Whisperer, has appeared on numerous TV and radio news programs, and given lectures nationwide.

Mary Ann's website is MaryAnnWinkowski.com.

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How do You Deal with Earthbound Spirits?

Do you have an earthbound spirit in your house? How do you tell, and, if you do, what is to be done? Marla Frees asks Mary Ann Winkowski these questions and receives some very surprising answers. If you grant that we live in a world that is also shared by spirits, then this discussion is going to offer some of the most practical advice you will hear anywhere. For example, when people are oppressed by hauntings, they sometimes try talking to the ghost. They try splashing holy water. They may spread salt, as Whitley Strieber did on the advice of paranormal investigator Robert Bruce.

What works and what does not--and what role might funeral homes play? Funeral homes, you ask? Listen to the discussion!

Mary Ann's website is MaryAnnWinkowski.com.

Visit Marla Frees at MarlaFrees.com, and read her blog here.

This week, we also offer a new meditation from Whitley Strieber. Please visit Whitley's Room to find out more about it, and to download it.

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Would you please do a follow-up interview with Mary Ann Winkowski? She was utterly fascinating and captivating, and at the end of Anne's interview, I felt that there was SO much left unsaid.
Perhaps she could touch further on her advisory role with "Ghost Whisperer", with more examples of earthbound spirits who should be moving on - and even with how to deal with the dark entities that can turn up like the proverbial bad penny. (BTW, as a subscriber, I just listened to Marla Frees's interview as well. Brilliant!)
I also felt that she and Anne, and especially she and Marla (subscriber section), had quite a lot in common to discuss, so however you arrived at having both of them conduct the respective interviews, BRAVO! Keep up the excellent work!

I also found Mary Ann very fascinating, and she was so down to earth it felt like she could be my next door neighbor. It was the first time I had ever heard a medium say that the "white light" is only there for a few days and then it goes away and the soul can no longer go into it. Then Mary Ann said that she creates the white light for the earth bound souls, so they can go into it. I'm wondering how she "creates" it, she never described that.


It's not difficult to 'create' white light because it is already created. All you need to do is clear your mind and visualize it and direct it.

Based on my own experiences, I disagree with Mary Ann on some things (I think that Marla did too, but remained the polite host). You can see how her faith paints her experiences, but that is her reality and it works for her and those that she assists, and that's all that matters.


I thought MaryAnn was rather... disrespectful toward Marla, cutting her off, interrupting her, talking down... her talk with Anne was fine, but, her attitude toward Marla was uncalled for and diminished my opinion of her abilities during the subscriber only interview. Tsk tsk. And Pam T. - ??? unnecessary comment.

I don't know what was going on here, but let's see if we can get past it and continue discussion of what is a very interesting show.

"All they have to do is stand next to your computer and its going to crash."
Story of my life! :)

Used to happen to me as a kid also, not just from damn ghosts, I was banned by my dad and his boss from even going into their office, or even looking at my dads office at home as their computers would literally crash. But yeah, ghosts are nasty nasty on computers. I have found though that a lot of computer/electronic activity can also create safe zones if you will, it seems to disrupt spirits (Im an unfortunately partially sensitive IT guy (Yup im laughing also))

Really enjoyed these interviews and yes, it seems like both conversations may have ended prematurely. A "part two" is in demand, I tell ya. :)

Mary Ann & Marla...

Practical down to earth explanations that adds clarity to the entire unknown, great book! Makes me wonder about earthbound energy vampires...not putting out any energy and they need human energy. Crowds attract...

Great Stuff Reschedule!

Boy I am in trouble...I work in a hospital, collect antiques and play music in bars!

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