Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday October 24, 2009

Vibration IS Reality

Anne Strieber interviews Marie D. Jones about her work on vibration and reality. What does it mean that reality is vibration? What is the meaning of this, where is the science?

In this stunning interview, Marie D. Jones applies modern scientific knowledge to some of the most ancient human ideas about the nature of reality, and points the way toward a new human ability, which is to make changes in our world with our minds.

As incredible as it sounds, this is almost certainly going to turn out to be possible, and what today seems like magic will tomorrow seem like an ordinary and essential part of life, as we go beyond the technological era, and enter a new era of direct relationship between the human mind and the physical world around us.

Don't miss the wisdom and the knowledge in this interview. The new powers we need so urgently rest in understanding, and the Resonance Key is a powerful new step in that direction.

Marie D. Jones' website is MarieDJones.com.

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