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Saturday September 11, 2010

UFOs on the Record

Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has just published one of the most important books on the UFO topic ever written. UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record complies accounts from experts around the world that add up to proof that unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled and operating at a level of technological sophistication far beyond not only our abilities, but even the imaginative speculations of science fiction. And yet they are real.

Listen as Leslie tells Whitley Strieber about her experiences in writing the book, meeting and talking with the experts, and details some of the stunning cases that it covers.

The purpose of the book is to serve the effort Leslie and others are making to establish a small office within the US government that would investigate credible UFO reports.

Do not miss this important interview. It is time to take action. Inform your congressman and senators of the book. Demand that the office that Leslie is proposing be created?and that, as a matter of law, all of its activities be part of the public record.

Get your copy at your local bookstore or go to UFOsontheRecord.com.

Learn more about the Coalition for Freedom of Information here.

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Leslie Kean and the Media--Behind the Scenes

For our subscribers this week, Whitley Strieber and Leslie Kean have a frank and in depth conversation about the relationship of people like Gov. Ffyfe Symington, John Podesta, Jimmy Carter and others and other government officials who have taken an interest in the UFO phenomenon. What inspired their interest, and how much are they willing to do to further the cause of official recognition of the UFO as a valid subject for study?

They also discuss Leslie's experiences in the media, and the surprisingly serious and open-minded reception she has been getting.

How do we take the UFO debate to the next step? For sixty years, the skeptics have controlled it, and made sure that it never goes beyond the issue of whether or not UFOs are real.

But the evidence is now overwhelming. They are real, and they have been displaying extraordinary technology for sixty years. They are not secret weapons. They are a genuine unknown. Leslie outlines what we all need to do to help get the debate out of the hands of the skeptics and take it to the next level. They are here. So the next question is: what are they? We need answers!

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.

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