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Friday May 3, 2013

UFOs and Government: the Deepest Insights Ever

Last week, we begin a series on the hard facts of the UFO mystery. It has been clear for a long time that the US government has information about UFOs and possible aliens that it doesn't share with the public. But what is this, really, and why do they conceal it? Robert Powell is one of the world's leading experts on this subject, and this week, he's going to tell us the definitive story of exactly what is known about government secrets.

His is co-editor and author of UFOs and Government, a Historical Inquiry. The book is the result of a team effort of a group of veteran UFO researchers and historians who spent more that four years creating it. They present an extraordinary and powerful case, detailing very clearly just what parts of the UFO mystery the government has probably solved, and why we are not being told.

You can get the book online from any internet book site, or from your local bookstore.

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The Best UFO Cases from the Most Co-Operative Countries

Not all national governments are obsessively secretive about UFOs. In fact, the United States is probably the most secretive of all. Robert Powell specializes in cases from such countries, and here he takes us through these cases, which are very much better documented than almost all American cases. There have been scientific studies in many of these cases, especially the French ones, and learning about them is a real mind and eye opener.

Don't miss hearing about these cases. If you are a skeptic or on the fence, they will change your opinion. If you already believe that there is a UFO reality of some kind, they will help you to think more clearly about what you know, and understand more deeply.

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Can anyone provide any research that exists regarding radar observations that were obtained during the Betty and Barney Hill episode? I seem to remember there was some evidence of UFO activity that was correlated to that particular time frame.

I remember reading the book when it came out back in the 60's. There was a lot of compelling evidence presented in 'The Interrupted Journey'. I was pretty young when I read it, and it was at that time I started studying everything I could my hands on about the topic of UFOS. I even did a science fair project about UFOs. Oddly, my science teacher (an engineer) did not scoff, and no one laughed at me either! Quite strange considering I was in jr. high, and, Lord knows, the kids were making fun of me about a lot of other things at that time.

And how weird is this? Just today, The Huffington Post is carrying this story:


Bryce Zabel is planning a movie about Betty and Barney Hill! Whitley, it's time to have Bryce back as a guest.

Thanks for the reply Cosmic.
Yes, 'The Interrupted Journey' was a watershed moment for me too. That book plus Ray Fowler's book on Betty Andreasson and of course Communion were others.

I remember being at the library and looking at the NY Times bestseller list and seeing 'Communion' at No. 1 and I said to myself, "Ha, another book about someone's lousy Catholic childhood"! The next minute I went around to the new book shelf and saw the cover...

It is almost mid may and the early morning temperature on May 6 here in houston tx is 48 degrees farenheight, is this unusual? I know I"m a chilly Texan for this time of year but I'll live.

Please do not disparage the "wife" objecting to her husband's book collection, on any academic subject for that matter! The assumption that men are the only UFO researchers, and that every single woman wouldn't share that interest is bogus.
I wonder what kind of personal library Linda Moulton Howe has, and if she has a husband who doesn't like it!

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